Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 7

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(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 7


The day went by quickly and my room was renovated before 12 hours.

Although, the day didn’t only go without me burning something or someone to death which isn’t my fault.

I just can’t seem to control myself whenever this anger of mine resurface inside of me. All I do feel is to release it.

Cause if I don’t, I would be the one been held as hostage by the consuming fire inside of me which causes pain whenever I try to stop it from coming to destroy.

I have no choice but to release it that why I just hate been outside of my room at this moment.

But unfortunately, those unfortunate ones in the mist of my maid would still come and use their tongue anyhow.

“Your majesty, we are here to bathe you.” Four ladies in nothing but panties and a top which bearly cover their stomach said.

“Humm.” I hummed then nodded for them to lead the way while I followed.

I sat inside the bathtub then close my eyes as they bathe me and my own hand walk around their breast, honey pot and their belle botton.

In just few hours, I was done been bathe and dressed up and they were gone also.

I came into my room to find my breakfast awaiting me so I started eating thinking how today would turn out to be since am getting my answers today.

Walking out of my door, I was escourt down to my throne room.

“All hail the king of MEGASTIA!” Yelled the commander.

” All hail the king of MEGASTIA, the one who has purity in his hand! ”

Yelled all my subordinate as they all bow aside the priest who only nod his head and shake his staff as a sign of respect for me.

Well, he isn’t meant to bow like the others cause he is the second in command to our goddesses and god.

While am the first in command to our gooddess and god.

And also,am not the one who appoint him to that post,he can’t bow to must give me his his respect.

Walking to his throne, he sat down and used his and to gesture for them to arise and they did.

“Where’s my cure?” I asked with authority in my voice and my hand already forming flame of fire.

Even though I tried to control my power and emotions, I couldn’t and that’s why I am looking for a cure to it.

“In the human world your majesty.” said the priest as the bow his head.

” In the what!!!!” I yelled but fire came out and burn all the slave massaging my leg to death.

The cure was once in their kingdom which keeps the king excess power at check but something happened and it wasn’t with them again.

Because of the war that wash off almost all this kingdom….TBC


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