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ANCIENT PROPHECY ( a life lived before birth) -episode 2

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ANCIENT PROPHECY ( a life lived before birth) -episode 2


The three without saying anything went to their horses to prepare for departure back home. And all that Joel was thinking were the words of the Seer, “in the hills of ashes, there you shall find your path.”
After Joel and his company left, the wizard and the young sorceress took off too in search of the city they have never seen. When the wizard too off from his small village , he had no idea where to look for. It was like being sent to wander across lands until you reach where the earth touch the sky. But the coming of the young sorceress brought some hope and narrowed their search too. The Seer had given sorceress Chichi some clue through the words, “Hakam lies where comes the light. Far across the virgin lands, in the mountains thought inhabitable. Find the city , find the Slayer for mankind shall burn to ashes without. Protect him with your lives until he enters the last battle otherwise mankind stand no chance against the coming evil without him.”

“Does these words make sense to you wizard? She knows we have to find the Slayer and it’s important that we do, looking at all that is at stake. But what I don’t understand is why she had to speak in riddles concerning the location of the city.” sorceress Chichi complained.

“I am afraid I may have an idea on what that means and you won’t like it.” the wizard said.

“ what does it mean, wizard?”

“the virgin lands,have for so long been associated with the lands beyond the Plains Of Ashes. They are termed the virgin lands as they are believed to have never been inhabited before. There is also a prophecy which associates the Slayer to these lands ,” from the untrodden lands shall the Slayer come to fight a war already lost.” the wizard quoted with a distant look on his face.

“i don’t like any of the things you have said.” the sorceress said with a troubled look on her face.

“for thousands of years no one has ever crossed the Plains Of Ashes and here we are, cursed to do what even the powerful gifted during the Wars of Extinction failed to do. This mission is impossible wizard, we have to accept that or we will die and I don’t want to die young, I still have a lot of things to do and see. This woman has sent us to our own graves.”

“no one is going to die sorceress , we will just have to find a way to cross the wilderness. It’s important that we find the Slayer, mankind depends on him.”

“wizard I have studied history for my last ten years and one thing I know for sure, it’s not possible to cross the Plains Of Ashes. This wilderness covers thousands of hundreds of miles without any water bodies. If we don’t die of hunger, thirsty will definitely kill us.”

“i understand all that you are saying sorceress and especially the fact that you don’t want to die young but at times impossibles are done to prove the failure of man. But if we don’t find the Slayer in time and this world falls into the hands of the enemy you won’t have any life to live. We can do this , you and me, and so we have to stop wasting time and find out a way on how we are going to survive as we journey across the Plain Of Ashes. The earlier we find the city and the Slayer the better for you who still have longer lives to live.” the wizard said with a determined look on his face. “the Supreme One has placed this burden on us for He know we can carry it and if we sit here all day mention why we can’t do it then it will be very unwise of us. All we need is one reason why we must do what is thought impossible, and that is the lives at stake. We can’t think our lives precious and let the whole world die. We must cross the Plain , the Supreme One will guide us unto our destination. But you have to choose to do this, will you help save humanity sorceress?”

“fine wizard, let’s least I will die pursuing a good course.”
For the past four days Joel and his company rode at a steady pace as they journeyed back home. They were happy from the look of things but deep down each had a lot of different thoughts running through the mind. Each had inwardly concluded that these were different times. Their lives were about to change forever and the days of peace and happiness were to be forgotten. The winds of change were blowing and mankind may not be able to weather the storm that is coming.

From all the corners of the world , evil seemed to be giving birth to evil swallowing every land like the great flood. The very smell of the air was heralding danger and everything seemed in a state of unrest. There was no need of a prophet to warning someone that something great was about to happen. A deciding moment in the lives mankind. And when James couldn’t hold his silence any longer he,” surely something is going to happen. I can feel. I think we are in the last days.”

“ I can’t agree less , it’s like we all are about to take a long adventure and things may not happen our way. But one thing that is scaring me is that I have this feeling that the three of us are somehow connected to what is happening.” Joel said with a troubled expression.

“ what do you mean connected? Don’t let what Chichi said misguide your thoughts Joel. there is no connection whatsoever. We are nobody in the eyes of the world and ignorant of the outside world. The only world we know is the one within the boarders of our isolated village and the is no where we can be connect to what is about to befall mankind. The smell of this evil is so great that I don’t want any part of it” Nelly answered her twin brother but one could tell that the thought of that has sometime crossed her mind.

“ Nelly I know you. You can’t tell us that the thought of what Joel is saying has never crossed your mind. If we are to look back and reflect on everything that has been happening in our lives we can’t deny that our lives are for a purpose and that purpose may just be somehow related to what is happening now. We don’t need the wizard to tell us that there is some evil that is growing somewhere but the most important question should be what role are we going to play in all this. And there is also the part of Joel finding his path in the Hills Of Ashes.” James said

“whether I have thought about it or not is not important. But all I know is we are going to live our lives free of influence from and growing evil. Someone can not just wake up and fashion our lives after his own pleasure. “

“ fine have it your way Nelly”,James said ”Joel do you by any chance happen to know what those words mean?” “in the hills of ashes, there you shall find your path”

“ no , I am afraid I don’t know. whatever that means I guess we will have to find out once we get home.” Joel answered. But there is something he didn’t say and Nelly noticed that.

“ and what other thoughts are you having in that head of yours boy?” she asked

“ I am just wondering why Seer Chani had to send that message to me when she knew that I will be coming back. Why didn’t she just wait for me to return and tell me the message herself.?”

“unless that was the only way for you to hear the message.” James answered

“so what does that mean? Are you saying she is also going out to some place too.?” Nelly asked

“we all know the seer is not in the condition to take any journey and that leaves us with one answer.” Joel answered

“ what are you guys taking about? If that was the only way for you to receive the message and we know that the seer is in no condition to leave the village then that means there is…….? no,no,no” Nelly’s facial expression began to change as it dawned on her what Joel and James were trying to imply. “ are you guys for real suggesting that our village……” Nelly couldn’t even finish the thought as she took off galloping her horse at full speed back home. She needed to be sure if everyone back home was safe and she can only know that once she is back.

“ wait for us Nelly, James shouted from behind as their horses began galloping too.”
But Nelly couldn’t wait for a second. There was no time to waste, if they couldn’t catch up with her they were going to find her home. If what the three were thinking was true, then she needed to be home as she was among the best they had.
The rising dust was all that any reasonable man needed to see to stay away from her but Joel and James knew that, if what they were thinking was true, then the greatest mistake they could ever make was to let Nelly arrive first at the village and that made them increase the speed of their horses too. They needed to make sure that everything was okay.

But what if everything was not okay.?

© Danny Hakalima 2021

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