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ANCIENT PROPHECY (a life lived before birth) -episode 1

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ANCIENT PROPHECY********(a life lived before birth)- episode 1


“In the days when the Slayer shall walk the land,
The eternal kingdom shall fall.

‘ Wars shall be on every land
And the entire world will be in chaos.’

‘ He shall come from the untrodden lands,
The lands of the waiters,
Bearing soul slayer in his hands,
The eternal sword which kills even the soul.’

‘ To save mankind or to destroy it
Shall be his destiny.
But what shall be, will be decided by his free will.’

With the lives of many
Shall he gamble with him who walks in shadows.
Lessons learned along the way
Shall determine his victory.”
The Final Days by Jessica Duru.

It has been seven days now, since Wizard Bernadius left his small isolated village heading South with a band of three young people.
In the first four days, they rode hard as if they were being chased by an army of the dead but on the fifth day, their speed reduced as if the wizard had no pressing matters to attend to.

“Bernadius,” Joel began after they finished eating their afternoon meal.
“Don’t forget the wizard part young man.” Bernadius mentioned as he fetched for his waterskin to take a drink.
“Alright wizard,”
“Now you have forgotten Bernadius,young man can’t you address a gifted properly?”
“Fine, wizard Bernadius,it has been seven days now since we left home. And if my mind serves me well, you told us that we were just escorting you and once your travelling companion joins you, you were going to let us head back home.”
“Your point being?”
“My point being, who are you meeting, because me I want to go back home.”
“Homesick already boy?” The wizard asked.
“That doesn’t answer my question wizard Bernadius.” Joel said
“Let me worry about who I am meeting, saddle the horses, we ride.” Wizard Bernadius said as he stood up preparing to leave.
“Well, I am afraid I can’t go any further. As far as I am concerned, this is how far my horse can ride South. I will sandle my horse,yes, and ride back home.i can’t be moving blindly, with all due respect wizard.” Joel answered with a stubborn look on his face.
“Nelly, talk some sense into your brother, his stubbornness will not help him one day.”
” I am afraid wizard, my brother’s stubbornness always comes at the right time.”
“James, do you …..”
“yes wizard I support Joel too.There must be something you are hiding from us? James answered without waiting the old wizard to finish his talk.

Wizard Bernadius has lived quite a long time, and he has seen the passing of time. He has watched the fulfillment of prophecy, events happening in their expected order. But he has never expected to live long enough to see the final days come upon them. Two weeks back , the sign that was prophesied to herald the coming of final days happened. A heavy blood rain, the last of which was only experienced during the Wars of Extinction as the world cried for the lives of those that were lost during the War.

The blood rain caught the attention of the gifted in Sibusu village and around the world because of the sure words of prophesy spoken thousands of years ago……

” when it rains blood, know that the Slayer lives and the final days are come. Lives shall be lost, and the land will bleed. Man’s salvation lies in him born true, seek for the Slayer for he alone will wield the great sword, Soul-Slayer , in his pure hands and enter the final battle to defend all mankind.” The Final Days by Jessica Duru.

Now because of that prophecy  the wizard was taking a journey to find a place that he didn’t even knew if it existed. He was not supposed to lie as a wizard, but the things that were happening were not for the small ears to hear and hence he couldn’t tell them what was happening. The little they knew the better for them.

“nothing is going on, I just asked for your company until I meet my travelling companion. And once she is here, you will be free to head back home. The are really important matters which demands my attention, and it is vital for the human race that I take this journey.” the wizard answered with all sincerity.

“well that is , I don’t know. But I am sorry wizard we can’t go any further, the plain of ashes is just a day’s ride from here and to tell you the truth that is the last place we can ever enter, of course not forgetting the wilderness of death.”

“ guys….” James called their attention.”I think we have company.” he said pointing North where they were coming from, having spotted a rider on a horse back riding at a full speed.

“ is she being chased by the spirits” Nelly asked,”because the way she is riding it’s like she is running away from the Dark One himself.”

“dear ancestors, isn’t that sorceress Chichi?” James answered wondering why she was riding like that.

“i guess she is, though she is still like two miles away,” Joel said,”this better be good.” he added.
The four waited patiently for the young sorceress to reach at their location without saying a word to each other.

James said once she arrived,” are you being chased by demons sorceress Chichi?” gazing the young sorceress up and down, her travelling dress was all sweaty and she smelled like a horse, though that was understandable as she has been riding a horse for like a month now, well that is from the look of things.
“ no offense meant, but when last did you take your bath?” Nelly asked with a small smile on her face.
“happy to see you too Nelly” sorceress Chichi answered
”sorceress, I wasn’t expecting your presence,” wizard Bernadius began,” what news do you bring from home.? Is everything okay?”

“ four days after you left, Seer Chani, received a vision. Though she didn’t reveal what she saw,she sent for me and ordered me to follow you, saying I am important in this mission.” the sorceress said.
“well, Seer Chani has been having troubleous times since the blood rain and you are much welcome to travel with me sorceress Chichi, it’s just that I never expected the turn of events.” the wizard said

“ she also sent a message for Joel,” the sorceress said turning her attention to him
“what message?” Joel , who has been quiet finally asked.
“ in the hills of ashes, there you shall find your path.” those were her exact words.
“what does that mean?” Nelly asked, “Seer Chani better not start playing games with my only brother.”

“you are being over protective of your brother. I guess you will find out what that means and the path he has to find once the time comes. These are difficult days my children.” the wizard spoke. ”prepare your horses, you head back home and I guess you will find out from her what that means once you reach the village. Sorceress Chichi and I will continue from here.”

The three without saying anything went to their horses to prepare for departure back home. And all that Joel was thinking were the words of the Seer, “in the hills of ashes, there you shall find your path.”


© Danny Hakalima 2021


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