Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Chapter 21

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️
© Youngicee Stories.

Chapter twenty-one

Claire giggled at Mrs Walter’s words but stopped when he felt Hunter’s questioning look on her.

“Good morning, ma’am.” Claire said, ignoring his face expression.

“Good morning, my pretty Angel. Oh! Hunter really have a good taste. Awwn! Come here and hug me, daughter-in-law.” Mrs Walter stretched forth her hands and hug Claire like she’s her daughter.

Hunter scoffed at the words his mother said few minutes ago. ‘Daughter-in-law’.
If only she knew they were just pretending. Argh! Mrs walter won’t take it seriously.

“So, can we settle down now? Enough of the hugging.” Hunter distracted the two women.

They disengaged. “Don’t mind him, okay? Come, I got something for you.” His mother ignored him and dragged Claire away.

“Is my mom liking her already?” Hunter whispered to himself, tilting his head in questions. “Oh well, everything is going to end after two months and we’ll separate from each other.” He added.

But will he let her go after two months?
The question came so sudden.
‘Yes, cause i have nothing to do with her. I just needed her body and to be my ‘pretending’ girlfriend for two months. No strings attached.’

He shrugged and walked to the dinning. He stared at the food set perfectly on the table.
He couldn’t just wait for them to come downstairs so they could eat.

He was supposed to eat alone but once Mrs Walter is around, he can’t eat without his mom with him.

Claire gasped at the gold jewelries, necklace and earrings filled with diamonds. Real diamonds.

Everything was for her.

“Is…is everything for me? Like, you’re giving all this for me?” She gasped again in shock and surprise.

She couldn’t just believe her eyes. She haven’t been given this type of gifts before.

“Yeah, sweetheart. I can see how you’ve been taking care of my son. Oh! See, I still have more for you.” She stood up and walked to the bags which the maids had brought in earlier from the car.

She brought out shoes of different colors and bags that are so much expensive for Claire to afford.

“Take these too. They are yours.” With a broad smile, Hunter’s mother gave them to Claire.
“I need to go freshen up now. You can take this to your room. Wait! Do you sleep in my son’s room?”

Claire mustn’t say no. Else, she’d suspect something among them. So, she nodded.


“Good. I bought two sexy nighties for you. Omg! Hunter is going to go gaga when he sees you. I know my son loves sexy things” The middle age woman laughed.


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