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My SuperHandsome Crush Episode_2

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My Superhandsome Crush
(The badboy i crush on)

Episode 2

✍️Written by Patience M. Redd ✍️

Simone pov:
“Look who we have here, the nerd”. The girl said. I hate her so much. Amy either. But we don’t want to make her mad.

Because she can destroy you in just snap of her fingers. Ofcourse she can, her dad owns hotels. So she’s one of those snobby rich b***h.

You must be wondering who she is. Her name is Genevra Gonzalez. Andrew was beside her holding her hand like couples do.

But I can’t blame him. Because that’s his type. Yuck!. My heart clenched seeing those two holding hands. But I ignored it.

In school they see me as a nerd. Because I love reading books. And don’t know how to have fun. I didn’t know I was looking to long at their hands.

When I heard a hand snapped in front of me. I got my senses back and look back at them. And only to see Andrew smirking at me.

“What do you want b***h”. Amy said. She can be an evil person when someone is trying to make fun of me. She always stood up for me.

“What did you just call me”. Genevra said in a high pitch voice. Ughh how I hate her voice so much.

“I said what do you want b***h”. Amy said. Going closer to Genevra. I looked at her and she had her chin high up. And gives Genevra an piercing look.

I looked at Genevra and her eyes held the same. If looks could kill. Amy and I would already be 6 feet under the ground.

Andrew was just chill. Looking at the two. Curious what’s gonna happen next.

“Did I ask you?”. Genevra asked. She looked at me from head to toe like she’s disgusted by me.

“What are you wearing nerd?”. She asked. She just a spoiled rich b***h like Andrew.

When I didn’t say anything she continue with her snobby remarks.

“Trying to hide your fat stomach by wearing baggy clothes?”. She asked. I looked at her and she wore like she’s a prostitute.

Closing my eyes, then silently count to ten. Before opening my eyes.

“At least i’m not wearing b***hy clothes like you, that is barely covering your ass”. I snapped. This is the first time I stood up for myself. And i’m proud of myself.

She looked at me angry. Amy looked at me with wide eyes and held a shocked face. Andrew just smirked like always.

And then I felt a hard slap on my cheek. Did she just slap me. Not even my parents slapped me.

I looked at her with wide eyes. I tried not to cry in front of her. But I can’t help it. I looked at her she had an evil smirk on her face.

How I want to smash her face. Andrew’s eyes were wide. He looked at me and came toward me. Ask me if it hurts.

I winced when he lightly touch it. And felt the spark when he touched me. But I ignored it. He looked back at Genevra who held an angry face.

“Why did you slap her!”. Andrew asked in an angry voice. I mean why does he care.

“Why do you care anyways Andrew?!”. Genevra asked. I agree with this sentence.

He looked back at me and his eyes softened then asked. “Does it hurt?”. I nodded.

“Come on Andrew I have to shop for friday night”. Genevra said. Making Andrew glare at her.

Genevra pulled Andrew along to go shopping. He gave an apoligic smile.

When they disappeared Amy looked angry. Like she wants to punch someone or something.

“I’m gonna kill that b***h”. She said. And looked at me with soft eyes.

I looked up at her and said. “It’s okay. Karma is a b***h. Let’s go home Amy”. I tried. Keyword tried to smile at her that i’m fine.

But I winced at the pain because it hurts like hell. I bet its gonna be blue tomorrow morning.

We went home. I took a shower after putting ice on my cheek.

‘I can’t sleep’ I thought. My mind was drifted to Andrew and Genevra holding hands. I picked a book and read it. After reading it I fell asleep dreaming about Andrew.

What did you guys think about Genevra?

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