My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 37

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“Whoa…Whoa…Whoa” Tyler said dragging us away from each other

“Who are you?” He asked staring at Gavin sternly

“Don’t show him that you are gay. I wanna punish him” I whisper to Gavin and he stares at me weirdly before smiling widely

I knew he was going to say something out of the way so I had to interfere

“Uhm Tyler meet my male bestie from high school Gavin meet my…” I was still trying to say when Tyler interfered

“Boyfriend.I’m her boyfriend”

I glare at him and he doesn’t even give me attention as he takes Gavin’s hand for a handshake

“Nice to meet you” Gavin says with a genuine smile

“It was nice meeting you too. We’ll be taking our leave now” Tyler says and tries to drag me but I snatch my hand away from his

So it’s now when he notices me.all this time he’s been holding hands with his lover. I scoff

“Your number please. I’d really like it if we catch up some time” I smile at Gavin

“Sure” Gavin smiles before taking my phone away

“F**k I thought the rumours were lies. You owe me a lot of explanations miss” he whispers teasingly and I laugh

“Whatever I need details from you too. Like any boyfriend yet or still the same old single Gavin” I whispered into his ear and we both laughed

“Skai” Tyler’s angry voice growls

“I’ll call you” I say taking my phone from him and he hugs me for a few seconds before disengaging the hug. We both wave and I sigh as I watch him walk away

I walk to Tyler’s side and he glares at me. I return the glare and the next few seconds we both spend it staring at each other

“Are you going to keep staring at each other or we are going to leave” Maddie’s angry voice yells

We both breath out heavily before walking away. This time Tyler holds my hand and I don’t shrug it away

We walk hand in hand to the black jeep and Maddie gives me a cold glare before walking into the front seat


We finally arrived at home and Maddie was the first one to get off the car

She made her way to the front door and for someone who’s seeing her daughter after so many years I’d say she cared less

Her eyes were looking all around the mansion with pure greedness or whatever look she had

But the point is that she had no remorse look in her eyes instrad she looked happy

“There’s something weird about her”Skai mumbles

“What ?”

I question acting like I didn’t hear her

“Nothing” she slips het hand away from mine

“Wait” I say and she furrows her brows.”Welcome back home baby” I kiss her tummy rubbing it gently and Skai laughs

“You can be dramatic sometimes”She smiles showing her dimples

Pregnancy makes her look more beautiful. I smiled to myself and looked at Maddie to find her on a call talking excitedly

I shrugged and lead Skai inside the mansion


“Addison he is now stinking rich” I say excitedly lowering my voice so they wouldn’t hear me

“So you are still gonna try to get him back” she squeaks and I roll my eyes

“That would be impossible cause he’s obviously head over heals about that b***h”i say with a frown on my face

“So ?” She drawls

“So I’m just gonna get to business. I’m going to hack his bank accounts then leave him dry. I’m sure it’d all be enough to pay our debts and give the both of us the life we deserve’ I roll my eyes

“So you are serious about not wanting your daughter back” she says and my frown deepens

“Here we go again. Why would I want that bas***d in my life. She was a mistake so my goal is to get every money Ty worked hard for. And maybe to make it more fun.I’m going to play with that Skai b***h’s accounts too” I say and she laughs

“That’s good. I gotta go. A client is at the door” She says and hangs up

I grin walking to the main door majestically. All this fortunes will soon be mine. All mine. I laugh inwardly

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