My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 36

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“Open this damn gate” I yell at the security guard who seemed to be a robot or something

“Have your ears gone rotten. I said open damn so open the gate” I yell hitting his shoulder slightly

“The f**k dude I’m talking and you are keeping a serious face like you are at a funeral open the gate b***h” I yell

I tap his shoulder and he didn’t even move. I the bite him but he didn’t even flinch

I then remember that Tyler once said I got plastic teeth so I groan frustratedly and pick up a chair near me

I climb the chair to match up his height cause damn he was so much taller than me

“I just wanna leave dude. So unlock the gate.” I start crying fake tears

“I’ll pay you dude. Can’t you see my tears” I say still faking my tears

“F**k you I’ll just climb up the gate ” I say and try to climb off the chair but I fall

He catches me before I could make it to the ground

That’s when I look to his face to find him smirking

“Oh my god thank you dude. By the way you are really cute. Can you now open the gate for me?” I say hopefully and he laughs

Someone drags me away and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me who it is

“What the f**k Skai” he yells and I roll my eyes

“Unlock the gate” I say watching him fume in anger for unknown reasons

“You know you are so unpredictable. Like really flirting with a mere guard”he yells

So all this shouting for unserious matter

“At least he is not rude” I scoff and watch as his fists tightens

“You called him cute and you never called me cute!” He yells and I roll my eyes

“Cut the carp we both know he is cuter than you. He makes me wish I was pregnant for him. God knows how my baby would look” I lie with a dreamy face

“F**k” he curses and I chuckle

“Yeah. Mr f**k. Can you unlock the gate. I remember you said you don’t care if I leave” I say boredly with the I don’t care look.

“No way. Who knows if you’ll go around flirting with everyone around with my baby inside you. I don’t want my baby to be unholy” he rolls his eyes

“Whatever” I roll my eyes boredly

“Steve. Take the bags in” he says to the robot guard referringto my luggage

“Your name is cute like you” I say after Steve who only smiles

“Ahhh” Tyler’s scream echoes around the whole mansion before he finally runs upstairs


After one frustrating week we are finally going back to my little Kim

Tyler and I has been on each other’s necks till today

It’s like it gets worse day by day.

I frown looking at Maddie who’s busy flirting with Tyler who’s stupidly smiling

Yeah the devil is with us claiming that she wants to patch things up with her daughter

They are both seating two seats away from me and I’m busy munching my apple while listening to music

You know If killing was legal. This b***h would have been dead she needs to thaught some manners

She acts like a whore. With her short clothes and artificial things. I’m sure even her soul is artificial

I close my eyes and drift to sleep with a stressed mind and a heavy heart

I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and open my eyes to find Tyler looking at me with a straight face

“We have arrived” he says rudely and walks out holding Maddie’s hand

Are they back together? They look cute together though.I shrug the thought off after convincing my self that is non of my business

I walk out and inhale the fresh air. Home sweet home

As I roll my back walking behind Tyler and Maddie who are still holding hands together I hear someone call my

I look behind and joy crept inside my heart because of the wonderful sight before me.a huge smile spread across my face as I let go of my bag ruining to him

“Babe” we both yell loudly while hugging each other catching people’s attention . Good thing there’s no paparazzi or crazy fans here

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  1. I'm sure Tyler would be very jealous and will feel like strangling whoever you hugged😂

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