Clifford's Dancer

Clifford’s Dancer – Epilogue

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Clifford’s Dancer.

Written by Feathers.


General POV.

Her stand a man and a pregnant woman holding their hands happily as they watch their children.

“I can’t believe you are my wife and the mother of my children. “The man said smiling down at his pregnant wife.

” Don’t bribe me with that Clifford, bring me my ice cream or no s*x for the next one week. ”

The lady warned making Clifford smile nervously while scratching the back of her head.

“But the doctor said you shouldn’t take it for the next four months till you give birth to the baby inside you. ”

Clifford said Making the woman roll her eyes angrily.

“Then no s*x for four the next four months.” The lady said.

” Okay fine Alma, I will buy you but it would be small.”Clifford said.

” Then it would be only 30 seconds. “Alma replied looking do innocent.

” Fine you won. “Clifford said frustratingly before leaving to get the ice cream.

“I love you too.” Alma shouted after him.


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  1. Finally!
    I wont say i totally love the summary but happy ever after is all we want and we got

    Thanks Author more ink to ur pen

    And more great ideas

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