Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 2

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Billionaire’s Cure

(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 2

Bella POV

I quickly rush in my food before any of them could eat theirs finish, I find it as a competition.

“It’s delicious mom.” I said licking my lips as I chew in more with my eyes closed.

” You should stop eating too much food by now, you becoming too big.” My sister said making me frown.

” You should start eating more cause you are getting too thin.” I said taking another bite.

” Mom, did you just hear her say that am getting too thin. “She said pointing at me while I roll my eyes.

She is too childish, I should be the one calling Mom to stop her but see, it’s the other way round.

“You should grow up and not call mom into your fight. “I said making her eyes turn red like she wants to cry.

” Don’t tell me you are going to cry.” I said mocking her the more while laughing.

” Bella, that’s enough! “Mom yelled hitting the table.

” She is your senior sister for Christ sake. “Mom said.

” Then tell her to act like one. “I said hitting my fist on the table angrily.

“I said you shouldn’t insult her and you are doing it again!” Mom yelled again.

” You also know she started it!” I also yelled.

She shouldn’t always have to take her side Everytime and blame me for it.

Can’t she see am trying to hold myself back from crying like she’s doing, she just shape shamed me.

With that, I drag my seat to the back then took my dog and leave.

“Where are you going to Bella?” Mom asked fearing I going to leave which already know am doing so.

“Somewhere they don’t care about how many pounds I weighed, somewhere which understand me better than where I call home. ”

With that, I took my phone and left the house without looking back.

I inserted my key then drove of to my friends house Cole.

You might be wondering why I hated my sister so much.

The reason is because since when we have been in painting school that I was told about my dad, I started eating both my food and his.

Saying dad said I should for him but my sister as usual has been against me eating this month.

Or I should say in everything, she has never supported me aside my mom.

I told her about my crush who is in their class when we were in junior year, she recorded it and show the whole school.

Saying the big fat girl is inlove with the number one bad boy in our school, Emily Lockwood.

That’s his name, I adore him and can kill to be with him. Knowing she is my sister classmates, I decided to tell her so that she can help me.

But unfortunately, she told the world about this and mock me infront of the whole school then she broke up with her boyfriend and hit up on him…. TBC

What can you say about the sister?

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