Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Chapter 9

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Chapter Nine
Claire’s head spun. Hunter asked her to come before 3 for the money?
Is he joking? Definitely not joking. She knew the boss though not so well.

“Oh my! Thank you sir. God bless you. I really appreciate. I promise to pay you back or you can deduct it fron my salary.” Claire bowed her head so many times to Hunter before she continues her work.

Later, she went out of the office jumping for joy. She was so happy. Her brother will get well soon.

Hunter was typing on his laptop when hid phone rang. He saw the caller and drowned. It was his mother.

He’s in for trouble again. Marriage. Marriage. That’s what his mother will preach to him.

He pressed the green button and placed the phone on his ear.


“Hunter!!! Don’t tell you’re in the office when I asked you to come home right away.” His mom yelled over the phone but that didn’t move him cause he was used to her yelling.

“Mom, I’m not coming okay? Fine, I ditched the girl but that’s because I have some important things do. And you’re the one who set the date. I don’t even know the girl you wanna link me.” He sighed.

“That’s a blind date. You need to see the girl, she’s beautiful and you gonna love her dearly. You told me you’re gonna attend the date for goodness sake but you didn’t. You disappointed me.” Hunter’s mother spoke with sadness In her voice.

“I’m sorry, mom. You just don’t need to waste your time cause I’m not ready to get married now. I have something to do, so maybe I will call you later.” Hunter said and hung up.

He just needed space right now. He’s ready to get married not with his nightmares that needs solution.

It was 2:45pm when Claire knocked on the door. She walked in gingerly into Hunter’s office amd greeted him politely.

“I’m here like you said.”

“Good, I’m giving you the money on one condition.” Hunter started.

“Condition? What condition?” Claire asked.

“Be my girlfriend and warm my bed for two months.” He blurted and she gasped loudly.


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