Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Chapter 8

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Chapter Eight
Claire stayed long with her sick brother before leaving the ward for home. Just as she got home, Nancy called her from the other house. Asking her to stop, she moved closer to claire and smiled.

“Did the doctor say anything about him condition again?” Nancy asked Claire.

Claire bent down her head before raising it up again. “No, he didn’t say anything about Jason. They haven’t start any treatment on him yet.” She responded, holding up her tears.

She shouldn’t be shedding tears suddenly like.

“Ohh! Okay, I got you some money. At least, I tried my best. Here’s $30. You can add yours with it.” Nancy stretched the money to her.

Claire couldn’t help but let the tears fall freely to her cheeks. She was so grateful. Having a friend like nancis kind of rare.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate.” Nancy pulled her into a hug and patted her back.

“It’s okay. Just wanted Jason to be alright and go back to school. He’s missing so much.”

Claire added her own money which was $50. She could use this money for deposit. The doctors need to start treatment on her brother.

Nancy and Claire chatted for sometime before they both entered into their room.

The next day, Claire went to work but before that, she went to the hospital to deposit the money in her hands and pleaded to the doctor to start treatment on his brother. The doctor assured her that he will do that.

When she got to work, she took her cleaning tools amd began work. Cleaning all the offices, toilets and others before stepping into Hunter’s office again.

She was the only cleaner in the company and it has been stressful for her but she can’t complain. But she prays someone will join her soon. So, they’d share the work together.

Hunter’s heart leap when he saw her coming. Truth be told, he was glad to her.
“Good morning, Sir.” She greeted her and turned to continue her work.

As Claire began, she suddenly stopped and faced her boss.
“Sir, I need your help.”

“Go on.” Hunter replied, keenly.

“I was thinking if you can borrow me money. I promise to pay back.” Said Claire.

“How much and what do you want to use it for?” Hunter asked cause he saw the way she looked serious.

“I need the money for my brother’s treatment. $150,000. I promise to pay back. You can deduct it from my salary.”

“Come before 3, I will give you the money you asked for.” Hunter smirked.

He knew what he was doing. Nice target for him.


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