Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Chapter 6

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Chapter Six
The lady passed and Claire couldn’t help but pity her. It’s a good thing that the boss didnt talk to her in public.

Shortly, she did her job outside and inside the company but she was yet to leave the company cause it’s not time yet.

“Claire, you’re called by the boss. He want to see you.” Claire jolted out of her thoughts when she heard her name.

“The boss want me?” She cocked her head to the side as she stared at the secretary.

Why will the boss want her? Did she do anything wrong? Or maybe there’s a part she didnt clean very well.

“You won’t like it when you make him wait longer.” Alice whispered and walked back to her position.

Claire adjusted herself and made her way to Hunter’s office. Why did he need her? To do what?

She knocked on the door twice before he heard his hoarse voice telling her to come in.

Claire walked in gently and saw him working on his computer. “You called me.” She spoke softly that Hunter had to raise his head up to see her.

“I want you to clean this windows for me. After that, make sure you clean this couches here. I don’t want to sit on dust” Hunter spoke, his eyes not leaving Claire.

Why would he stare at her so much? Her body was perfect, yes. So perfect.

Then, he knew amd realized that he wants her. He wants her body. He couldn’t just imagine how it feels to get their body contacted to each other.

His d*ck twitched at the thought of that. He’s really a flirt. A pervert and he knows that.

Claire got back to her senses and quickly, she went to bring a bowl and a small napkin.
She dare not say she had cleaned the couches and windows before. She’s afraid of being fired.

She cleaned the couches, there was no dust. Not even the windows but she had to do it. To Hunter’s taste.

Hunter watched her bend down to dip the napkin into the water. Her ass made his d*ck to twitch the more.

‘Is there a way to get this girl?’ He asked himself.
There should be a way.

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