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The. Diamonds – S2 Episode 8

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(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)

Episode 8

By: Faith Lucky

Naomi’s Pov:
I smiled as I walked into the room and met him on the bed – Zack.

He sat with his legs crossed and drank from his bottle

“Naomi” he beamed
“What a pleasant surprise.
Although, I’d already informed him of my coming.

“Yes, yes, yes. Do you want me to leave?” I asked as walked closer to him – stylishly.

“Of course, not. You know you’re always welcomed, Naomi” he chuckled and drank from his bottle.


I got to where he was and took the bottle from him – slowly.

He watched me as I teased the head with my tongue before drinking from it.


He gulped hard.

“ what do I owe this pleasure, Naomi? Why’re you here?” He asked and I chuckled and kept the bottle on the floor.

“Actually…” I smiled.
“I just wanted us to seal a little deal”.

I lifted my hand to the tip of my light top and started pulling it down..

“What deal?” He asked curiously and I smiled because I was getting him exactly where I wanted.

“Hey, relax okay? First things first” I replied as I pulled down the shirt, exposing my b*a

“And the first thing for now is giving you a little pleasure”.
I grabbed his face and kissed him and already becoming hard, he turned me over on the bed.
Miquel’s Pov:
I leaned on the chair as I watched her sleep peacefully on the bed, looking so innocent and pretty.

A part of her long hair flopped over her face and I left it that way cause I liked it.

Recalling how she had held onto me for dear life few hours ago struck my system and made me have this crazy urge to love her with my whole being.

She was so scared and innocent as she wept and moaned my name. Never have I f**ked a lady that gave me so much vibrations – making me long for more.

I felt like turning her over and fixing my d*ck into her again. But thinking of the pains she might probably be going through, I guess I just needed to be patient.

Yes, patience. She needs to heal.

Well, this was the problem. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop if I started it.

That’s the f**king reason I abstained from s*x for years now. But not until she came into the picture and resurrected the urge.

And now….all I can feel is hunger.
My phone vibrated on the table, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I reached for it and discovered it was him.

Well, I’d actually been expecting that.

A smirk touched my lips as I picked it up.

“Gotten my package already?” I asked and he scoffed.

“You had the nerves, Miquel” he growled.
“You had the nerves to kill one of my gems, huh?”
Hm. I loved the anger I heard in his voice.

“You messed with the wrong person, Mykel. I’m sure I warned you” I said as I went to face the window.

“F**k you, Miquel! What’re you trying to prove, huh?” He snapped.

“You know me, Mykel. I don’t joke with what’s mine. You touch her and you die. There’s no option”. I answered, calmly.

He grunted and didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“Why don’t we have a physical combat?” He asked.
“If you have the guts, Miquel, face me. Let’s meet at the bridge. 30 minutes time”.

“Miquel” I heard my name from behind and turned to see Cali turning on the bed.

She was awake!
I know it’s short, guys. Been really busy.

But I’ll try to make it up to you guys tomorrow.

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky✍️
Love you all💋💋💋

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