Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 9

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Pregnant For The CEO
(From a stripteaser to a wife)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 9

** Tanner **

She can’t just get pregnant for me like that. It just once and that’s all.

F*ck! I should have known and used protection but I didn’t cause I was really impatient to have her.

I took the telephone on my table and dialed a number.
“Elena, i don’t want to see anyone in my office today. Send me my schedules for today and tomorrow.”

“Okay, Sir.” She replied and I hung up.

I boarded the cab him and dropped my bag immediately, I sat on the floor to cry my eyes out.

Oh no! I’m such a fool. First, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and slept with that monster that calls himself human.

He denied his own baby. I knew he wasn’t going to accept it. Just that, I tried my best to but I came back with sadness.

What have I done to myself? I should have been careful. I can’t blame michelle cause she just wanna make us enjoy the day.

“Hayley, you’re back already? How did it go? What did he say?” Michelle came out from the room and moved towards me.

“Mich, he denied the pregnancy. I don’t want him to know about it before but somehow I wanted him to know. He did but he isn’t ready to take responsibilities.” I answered.

“It’s okay, Hayley. He will come back to his senses one day and take what he denied.” Michelle assured and I nodded.

I know he will surely come back for the baby. I really know.

At night, I cooked dinner with Michelle. We laughed and gist ourselves before Jackson met us there.

“Hey darlings.” He drawled and giggled like a high school girl who got kissed by her crush.

Seeing Jackson in a jean trouser and a pink girly top then two inches heel shoes.

“Jacky girl, how are you today? Did you find any crush on the way?” Michelle teased and winked at him.

Jackson patted his short curl hair and adjusted his clothes girlishly before answering.

“No crush today. I really need to fix my nails and hair. God! I wanted to buy an eyelashes and red lipstick but I forgot. I’m going on a date with some tomorrow.” He slapped his forehead slightly while I and Michelle widened our eyes.

“What!? A date?” I blinked.

“So, what are you wearing?” Mich chipped in.

“A gown.” He replied non-chalantly.
Huh? A gown? For a boy? Who’s this guy?


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