Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 8

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💋🤰Pregnant For The CEO🤰💋

💝💦From a stripteaser to a wife💦💝

Written by Uche Lawrence ✍️
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 8


“Cool down girl you can do this” I said to myself as I rubbed my palms together nervously

“Good afternoon ma’am”

“Good afternoon”

“How can I help you ma’am” his secretary asked

“Am here to see Mr Tanner” I replied

“Okay gimme a minute he said as he walked into to his office”

I looked down to my feet nervously hoping he let’s me in

“You can come in now”

“Thanks” I said walking in

I walked in to the most fanciest or should I say the only fancy office I have ever been to in my entire life

I couldn’t help but gasp this is affluence

I saw a lady standing in front of his table with him backing her

She shot me daggers as I entered but I just ignored her

I cleared my throat to gain Tanner’s attention and I see that he was shocked to see me

“Good afternoon Mr Tanner” I said with a professional fake smile

“What do you want”he said coldly but I didn’t flinched like he had expected

I just composed myself and look him straight in the eyes as I gave him the results

“You’re pregnant??” He asked shocked and I heard the girl gasp

“How dare you gold digger….” The girl was saying when she was cut off by Tanner

“Stay out of this Janice infact get outta here” he yelled angrily


“Just get out” he said and the girl scurried off

Now back to the both of us

“What the hell is this” he tell banging the result on the table

“I am pregnant and you are the father” I said

“No I am not and I won’t accept it”

“Really?? you didn’t think of that when you were raping me huh” I yelled back at him fighting back the tears threatening to fall

“I don’t want this baby get rid of it I don’t want it”

“I won’t get rid of it I’d take of I am not a monster like you okay” I said

“Good day Mr Tanner” I concluded leaving the results on his table and before letting the tears fall as I walk out of his cooperation

💕💕 Janice 💕💕

I felt angered that Tanner didn’t want me back like before

She didn’t crave for me like he used to”

He completely ignored me

Now a lady is pregnant for him

That will be over my dead body

I will have to get rid of her she’s an hinderance to my success

I won’t allow it never!!

💕💕 Tanner 💕💕

I felt my heart seize when she entered

She’s the one

My favorite stripper

The Same lady I raped that night

She was standing in my office looking all radiant and beautiful like never before

Her sight aline made my d!ck twitch

But my head sprang when I heard the word pregnant

That’s Soo not in my dictionary

I know pretty well I own the pregnancy but ain’t accepting it

She should rather get rid of it

No I don’t want it

First it was Janice that showed up in my office now her

I didn’t even get to know her name

One thing is I don’t want that pregnancy


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