Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 7

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Pregnant For The CEO

From a stripteaser to a wife
Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 7

** Hayley **

I can’t believe I got myself into this

Michelle’s words kept reoccurring

“You have to let him know”

What am I going to do??

“There is no point asking what you are going to do cause you are going to do exactly what I said”

“But what if he rejects the baby”

“At least you’d know you informed him”

“I am scared”

“Don’t be darling let him know and take the next step after that okay??” Michelle said and I nodded

I think she’s right I will just have to tell him

There’s nothing bad in it right
I bursted into another round of tears before sleeping off again

That has been my routine

At Tan-tanner cooperation

💕Tanner 💕

“What do you want Janice” I growled at the whore walked into my office

“I want you back” she said confidently

“And what makes you think you can have me back just like that

Ain’t a commodity you can have anyhow so shuu” I said

“C’mon Tanner I missed you and am sorry about what happened in the past it was all a mistake”

“Really?? A mis… mistake” I said avoiding to make my voice shaky as my present emotions

“Yes it was really” blinking her fake lashes

“Sleeping with my best friend on my bed you fúcking called that a mistake huh” I yelled banging the table and she flinched

“Telling you how it Hurts and you shoving it to my face you call it a freaking mistake Janice”

“I am sorry”

“Sorry for your slutty self”

“Please tan”

“You make this way Janice”

“Please take me back tan”

“Get out of my office”


“I Said get out” I was saying when the door open and my secretary walked in

“What do you want”

“A lady is asking for you”

“Let her in”

“Okay sir”

💕💕 Hayley 💕💕

I finally made up my mind to let him know and I am prepared for the worse

I can’t keep disturbing myself over two people’s responsibility

I stare down at my belly rubbing it slightly

“I will take care of you no matter what”

I braced up and went to my room to get dressed

Mitch wasn’t around she has gone to work

I got claded in some smart pants looking very cooperate in my suit and 4 inches high heels

I packed my hair into a messy bun and did a light make up

I picked up the pregnancy results documents and kept them in my bag

I finally shut the door as I went to the road to flag down a cab

“Tan-tanner cooperation” I Said to the cab man

After ten minutes I was standing in front of the gigantic building I do see on TV

I breathe in and out as I step into the building of the cooperation as I walked in professionally

What if he doesn’t allow me in?

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