Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 10

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Pregnant For The CEO
(From a stripteaser to a wife)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 10

Jeez! He’s a boy for goodness sake and we are still thankful he doesn’t wear skirts else, we’d call him a mad boy.

“I bought a blue gown yesterday and two pairs of white heels. It gonna be fun” Jackson Whirled around.

“You’re going to wear a gown to a date? What’s wrong with you, jackson?” Mich seethed.

“Hey! Don’t blame me. I love girly things.” He stated.

“Anyway, you can wear a gown to this song called date. You’re going to help you chose some clothes you’re gonna wear cause you will be like a gorilla if wear that gown.” I spoke.

“Even with that muscle of his.” Mich chuckled but the glare Jack gave her made me laugh.

Jackson showed us the gown and it was indeed beautiful. Jackson gave Mich the gown and promised to get me mine.

Finally, Jackson asked about my pregnancy and what happened in the office today with Tanner.

He swore to break his jaws and cut off his balls but I told him not worry cause we are both at fault.

The next day,
I woke up feeling so weak. Being a pregnant woman isn’t easy at all. Quickly, I came down from the bed and ran to the bathroom to vomit the content in my mouth.

Gosh! I just hate this morning sickness.

I just need to get a new job. I lost my job and I can’t just sit home and watch my friends give me money for feeding. I need my own money.

After takingmy bath, I dressed up and wore my clothes with a pair of sandals and handbag.

It seems I’m the only one in the house cause I didn’t hear any footsteps or music in the house to show someone is in there.

I checked the time, 11:56am. Gosh! So late in the morning.
Am I going to see any job this morning? Maybe I should better stay at home. Tomorrow, I can continue.

💔💔 Michelle💔💔
“You’re breaking up with me again? What did I do to you?” I cried when Stanley told me he was breaking up with me.
Last time I checked, I didn’t do anything wrong.

“I’m tired of you! Just get out of my house now!” He fired and I nodded.

I walked out of the house and cleaned my eyes. I knew this was coming.

I’m just so unfortunate when it comes to love relationship. Maybe I was just born to be single.


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