My Crazy Baby Mama

My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 28

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Stupid hormones. I roll my eyes and go back to my sleeping position

“Tyler I said make love to!” She yells and I groan

“Skai it’s your stupid hormones that are taking control of your body so don’t start with me cause i wanna sleep peacefully” I say and she sniffs

Come on not again.!

“Are you saying that I’m stupid ?” She asks as a tear drop falls from her eye

“No I didn’t say you are stupid” I say and she rolls her eyes with tears still in her eyes

“Is it because I’m now fat and ugly ?” She asks with a shaky voice

“No you are not fat and ugly you are just pregnant Skai get that into your damn skull” I say already getting frustrated. I’m so sleepy

“Oh and that disgusts you so much right ?” She still asks and I run my hands through my hair slowly

“Argh Skai stop putting words in my mouth.”i say while seating up

She just stared at me with a sad face. “You know Tyler it’s fine I don’t care anyway. I don’t know why I asked you that like jeez I’m so stupid” she says and gets into the blankets backing me

Argh.! Why am I always the one to make her angry

It’s her stupid hormones and the reason why I don’t want to touch her is actually ridiculous

I can’t touch her because I am too scared i might get attached while she will still see me as her stupid baby daddy After she gave birth

What if I totally go head over hills for her and she leaves me for another man who is better than me

I mean she doesn’t even love me so I’m definitely not touching her

“Skai ?” I whisper and try to touch her but she pushes my hands away

I sigh frustratedly and decide to let her calm down first. Maybe we’ll talk it through in the morning

“I’m so sorry if I hurt your feelings but it is for my personal reasons” I say and peck her cheek quickly giving myself goose bumps before falling deep into my sleep


Am I that disgusting to him.? I thought he would have caught feelings for me

But who am I kidding ? Maybe he is being all sweet because I’m carrying his baby and after that he’ll leave me

What am I even thinking. He has never been mine so he has every right to get a better looking girl

I cried my self to sleep with many thoughts in my head


“Selena hurry up please.We gotta get to the airport in the next 20 minutes!” Tyler yells from downstairs and I roll my eyes

I look at my self in the mirror. My baggy tracksuits made me look like I wasn’t pregnant one bit

My lip gloss and the little powder I added on my face really did a great job

I smiled confidently and carried my purse before heading outside

Tyler looked at my face and smiled before pecking my lips gently

I didn’t smile and that made him frown. Even though the kiss gave me a lot of butterflies in my stomach I should still show him that I’m angry

I walk past him and entre the car that was already opened. I tried to close the door after I say in but Tyler beat me to it

He winked and I just gave him a straight face but after he walked away I blushed really hard

He entred the other side and I quickly made my straight face again

The whole drive to the airport was so awkward as Tyler kept on making jokes and trust me when i say it was hard to keep a straight face but I managed though

We got into the jet and sat facing each other

“Skai ?” Tyler calls and I keep quiet keeping my attention on my cellphone

“I said I’m sorry though. Baby mama I’m really so sorry” he says running his hand on my thighs slowly

I wanted to moan so badly cause it turned me on but I just kept a straight face

“Okay how about we go on a date when we get there” he says and that’s when my face looks at his to find him smirking


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