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I Want A Home – Episode 120

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I Want A Home – Episode 120
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Lord Nathaniel landed another slap on Steve face when he tried to struggle the grip held on him by the two men just as the drug lord let out a smirk. He stepped backwards for a moment and began to round-circle Steve in a pitiful manner.

Valentine who was dressed in a casual wear removed his eye glasses and stepped ahead the man in the blue suit who signaled to two of the men to help Sunny up.

“You are the bast..ard I was told about” He told Steve and smiled, he pocketed his hands at first but showed his right thumb just as Lord Nathaniel continued speaking.

“I’ve got no time to waste Steve, we both know what I need so give it to me right now” the drug lord spat angrily. He stepped more closer to him and squat directly to his face.

“I’ve stopped working for you Lord Nathaniel” Steve voiced out.

“You and I are done a long time ago” he added and stared directly at the drug lord face.

“You owe me for the rest of your life Steve. You hear that? You are never going to pay me off till your death. Do you hear that?” Lord Nathaniel sparked in extreme annoyance, he grabbed his cloth at once and shouted repeatedly at his face.

He was really furious and he tightened his grip immediately on Steve neck, shocking life out of him drastically while Val and everyone else including Vivian watched on silently even though her freeze state was already out of normalcy.

“Please you are going to kill him” Vivian cried as the men holding her tightened his hands firmly on her neck with the gun pointed on her forehead.

She tried to move but she was no match for the man as she struggled to free herself.

“That’s enough Nathan” Val pointed out almost after a minute. He stepped forward and looked at Lord Nathaniel who reluctantly free Steve neck after giving a devilish look.

“I ask you where the device is or you love to see her die” Val threatened and point at Vivian, looking directly at Steve.

“What you mean? What device?” Steve asked Val nonchalantly and turned his face to look around him. He quickly calculated the men with guns around them with the men behind Lord Nathaniel and the men that joined the scene after Lord Nathaniel slapped him.

He began to sight read his movements if he was to fight his way and the possibility of rescuing Vivian successfully or met their possibly death as he was not ready to give what the Lords were demanding whatsoever. He thought if he was to get hold off himself from the men holding him, how would he attack the men from behind and attack the ones standing ahead as well as rescue Vivian simultaneously?

He was still sight reading without listening to Val’s response when he felt a more firm grip on him.

“It took me years to find what you simply took at your disposal, years of tragedies, years I had to run and run therein for my life. I hate to see loved ones die Steve, what you have in your possession isn’t yours and you have no idea what sacrifice was made for it. Hand it over and lets simply go our different ways, I’d make sure Nathaniel stop disturbing you for good” Val simply input.

Vivian looked at Steve face with extreme urge, she wished he could look at her face and accept Val’s offer but he didn’t, he was staring directly at his face as everyone watched in silence. She had to make a mumble sound and made it loud for Steve to have noticed and looked at her direction.

She made eye contact with Steve who inwardly knew she was trying to tell him to accept Val’s offer and let them go in peace. He turned back to Val and faced him.

“Let her go, I’d give you what you want” he told Val.

“You know I can’t do that Steve, tell us where it is and you’d both go free”

“How do I know you’d guarantee our lives?

“You have to trust me’ Val assured.

“I trust no man” Steve answered immediately.

“You don’t give the terms here Steve, you tell us where it is or she and her family would pay the price, I already sent men to their place” Lord Nathaniel joined with a devilish and serious looks.

“Your threats do not stand a chance, if you get us killed, you get nothing and if you touch any of her family, you’d get nothing as well”

“You don’t want to see what terrible tragedy await you Steve, we don’t have to do this, what you have in your possession isn’t yours” Val spoke again.

“It isn’t anyone’s as well. This property belongs to the seth and I..” Steve was saying when a punch landed on his cheek from the right side, he staggered with the effect of the punch but the men holding him held him tight.

Sunny who had gave the punch made a painful groin as the man who helped him up earlier held him from falling off his leg, he was breathing profusely and he wished he had the strength to give Steve a better beating, he held unto his leg as the man helped him stepped backwards.

Steve spill out the blood that weave out from his mouth as a result of the punch, he took a long look at Sunny who stared at him in a terrible manner and turned to Val who squatted right in front of him.

“I’d guarantee your safety and her family, just tell us where it is” Val was also saying when a loud screeching sound was heard somewhat distance away, beyond the gate of the building. It sounded like an accident had happened behind the gate because of the shattered sound that followed. Each of them listened attentively as their attention was now on the gate and before 10 seconds, they began to hear voices and sounds of cars opening, footsteps and as well approaching sounds.

The whole men in the compound instantly positioned their guns at the gate with confusion just as immediately the gate opened and some men began to enter the compound.

“Halt your weapons” one of the men shouted loud just as they stepped into the compound.

Val immediately made a signal to the men and stood up at once. “Do not fire” he announced loud when he saw the first four set of men that entered the compound.

“Who are these strangers?” Lord Nathaniel asked feeling confused as he saw Val’s gesture, more men were entering the compound and each of them were armed, they were all dressed in blacks and they were entering one after another. However as they entered, one among the men looked and dressed different, he was putting on a shiny Italian jacket, a black hat and a different gold-like shoe and he was the only one unarmed.

“I am Michael Mill, the real owner of the said device” he shouted out loud to answer Lord Nathaniel question before Val could respond just as the men were pointing their guns on the unknown intruders.

“Lower your weapons, we are here on the same page” he added just before Val made another gesture at the men who were still confused but didn’t obey Val directly till the man standing behind lord Nathaniel gave his consent, he was the one dressed in suit.

“I was tipped what I want is here, whoever has it should hand it over and I go in peace” Mill voiced out again, he stood at a point as well as the men who were entering, by then more than 11 men were inside the compound.

“And who the hell do you think you are?” Lord Nathaniel shouted out.

“Let me take care of this Nathan” Val whispered to the drug lord behind and turned, he stepped forward and take a glance at Steve face.

“You’ve got to let me handle this Mill”

“No Val, I handle this my own way. I heard one of Nathan’s men has it”

“You do not get to do shi..t in here Mill” Lord Nathaniel was still saying when two different people entered the compound, they were dressed in different wears and they were unarmed like Mill, one of them was the minister and the other was Frank Kennedy.

Mill began to walk forward and some of the men followed him just as Val made a smirk on seeing Frank.

“You don’t want to see yourself in a pool of blood Nathan, one of your men has what belongs to me. Who the hell is he?”

Vivian froze more in fright as she looked at Steve immediately, for a moment she felt lost, felt uncertain and unsure of her fate. She knew Steve was intelligent and he must have realized what to do but her life was at stake. All the while Mill approached, she was fixated on Steve and she wished he could turn to her again but he didn’t.

“Step aside Mill, you are at the wrong territory” Lord Nathaniel warned and stepped forward as Mill was way too close to them.

He stepped ahead Val and stood right in front of Mill almost instantly the men behind Mill raised their weapons as well as Lord Nathaniel’s men, most at each other faces.

“Step aside Nathan” Val quickly stepped forward and whispered out to the drug lord. He waited for a moment and touched the drug lord just as he and Mill stared directly at each other’s faces.

He waited and hesitated for a moment before stepping aside just as Mill sighted Steve on his knees.

“This must have been a bit off” he made a smirk and remarked in regard of the dead bodies everywhere as each sides dropped their weapons.

Val looked at Frank as he likewise began to approach them, he tried to recall if he had calculated unsure circumstances like this but he hadn’t except if he had told Frank his plans of getting the whole thing for himself.

“I couldn’t let everything I’ve worked for destroyed right in front of me because of your greediness Val” Frank ascertain as he and the minister stopped walking. He faced Val directly without a blink and confidently.

“I couldn’t let you have me destroyed when you are upright and it’s better to deal with the devil than you” Frank stated.


“Are you sure of the information you gave me?” Inspector Kelvin asked to be certain he heard what his caller said right. He was seated inside a police van with agent Mary at the passenger seat.

“I am certain sir, I confirmed the information accurately from my source”

“Good, request for backup immediately and resend the address as given. We must nab these perpetuators today” the inspector said and kicked the engine back to life while the agent took out her phone and navigated to the dial pad.


Val stared at Frank with disbelief and shock hearing Frank. He had truly made a grievous mistake by telling Frank his plans but he was glad he knew almost little out of all. However his plans are gonna change now that many are involved in such a way that wouldn’t come easy.

“I guess this is him, the brilliant man who found it” Mill asked rhetorically and turned to Steve.

He turned to Lord Nathaniel and made a smirk. Things are gonna get bloody soon, one of them thoughts.

To be continued…



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