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I Want A Home – Episode 119

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I Want A Home – Episode 119
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Charles let out a terrible scream as the man dropped dead with his skull exposed and blood spat on the floor and on Steve.

The other men began to shoot from the other side even though the gate was taking the bullet yet Steve had to back down as well, he quickly ran to Margaret position and held her hands, he beckoned on Charles to follow him as well as Margaret whose heart had skipped and froze in fright.

Just as they ran towards the bushy part in the compound, Sunny and the seven men appeared right at the front of the building and they began to shoot at the running mates.

Steve held unto Margaret firmly and squat immediately they got near a darker side of the covered area. He looked at Charles and took a sharp glance at Maggie face. “You’d have to climb”

“What!! Margaret exclaimed.

“You have to be fast, it’s now or never” Steve warned and turned at the other direction. The men were now approaching tactically and the men at the gate had entered.

He turned to Charles and nodded to him, “it’s a blue Camry at the left side of the road, take it and head straight for the safe house”

“What safe house are you talking about man? I’ve been kidnapped three days ago and I have to report to the cops” Charles interjected as Steve made a move to turn, he had to take a quick action and distract the shooters from their position or he and the lads get hit with the flying bullets.

“You’d be directed once you get into the car, the police can’t help you man. Trust me and just do as I say” without revealing more, Steve navigated out from the dark side immediately and fired two quick bullets towards the approaching men as they took cover quickly.

He ran across the other side as bullets were directed at him while waiting for Margaret and Charles to get out from the compound through the fence from the concrete polls he had used as cover.

He watched Maggie climb first before Charles followed and he didn’t navigated from cover till the lads were completely out of the compound. He stepped out and began to shoot.


It seemed like magic when Steve navigated out from cover, two men dropped dead in six seconds. Another two dropped dead almost instantly making it 5 men in a row and the rest had to take a serious and immediate cover, including Sunny himself who was laughing like a crazy man from the position he was shooting watching Steve navigate tactically just like old times.

He burst into a loud laughter for a minute as gunshots filled the entire air and he watched three more men get down as Steve had more hand than them.

Two more men from the jeeps fell dead and he watched how Steve attacked one of the men who charge at his position, his rib and left fingers were broken and Steve had smashed his head on the wall of the poll.

He knew none of the men could match Steve intelligence and skills but he felt assured they were gonna capture him soon and give him a terrible shock of his life. He rose up at once and fired two quick shots then navigated from cover.

“Get the lady out of the room, he’s going inside to get her” Sunny shouted to instruct one of the men and changed his position to fire at Steve.

“Where do I take her to boss?” the man asked.


Vivian began to breathe heavily as she heard distance and loud bang of gunshots from the room she was kept. She knew Steve was somehow going to find her and he was going to engage the abductors in heavy fire.

She tried again to recollect the question asked by the man who seemed to be their leader but it didn’t appear like she knew him anyhow or anywhere but she realized quickly they were using her as bait to get Steve.

Just as she was trying to remember if she knew Sunny, the door to the room suddenly opened and two men stepped inside.

“Get up bit..ch” one of them commanded with guns in their hands as Vivian froze in fright.


“Boss, you can’t do this alone. You can’t get out there alone” Steve heard the chief maid worried voice as he tried to catch his breath. There were more men than he had expected inside the building and they had directed heavy fire on him.

“I found her and I’m going inside” Steve informed him.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you, they’ve cut off all security cams inside and outside”

“I know my way in, do not worry. Just give the lads instructions and guide them to safety” Steve assured as he peep from cover. Five men were fast approaching him and he was almost at the entrance of the building.

He navigated back quick and began to shoot again. He fired one man at the forehead and another at the chest, he took cover again and opt out some seconds later, therein, the gun exchange continues till he had the chance to get into the building with sunny hiding right at the entrance of the house.

He took cover and Sunny took cover as well they tried to study their movements simultaneously. Suddenly all at a point, Steve navigated out of the cover and Sunny did tactically as well.

The gun was pointed directly at Steve chest and directly at sunny’s forehead to make a good score when Steve saw a terrible shock with little gaps between them.

“Sunny”!! He exclaimed and called out with surprise.

“Steve”!! Sunny called out the same way and made a smirk.

“You are dead, I killed you”

“That explains how I’m alive Steve Jones. How many times have you tried to kill me huh?”

“You are behind all these? I’m gonna make sure you die for good this time man” Steve propelled out in anger.

“Know why I hated you this much?” Sunny asked and parted his lips after a short smirk like he expected Steve response, he made a chuckle and continued.

“I’m way better than you man, you are absolutely nothing but a worthless pig” Steve surprising answered in a stern tone before he could utter a word. He maintained his gaze and either of them took eyes off another regardless of sounds and distractions.

“I brought you into this game Steve, I made you one of the brotherhood, help you know one of the esteemed drug Baron and you had help, everything you needed but you are one motherfuc..ker son of bit..ch to blackmail me”

“You can tell that to the lord of hell Sunny”

“Then shall we motherfuc..king diaper changer?” Sunny spitted and point to the gun in their hands.

“Let’s take this in fists” he suggested.

“You sure can’t beat me Sunny”

“We shall see about that” Sunny enjoined and parted his lips slowly. Ofcourse he knew he was no match for Steve but he had other plans for him.

Slowly both of them began to drop their guns without taking eyes of another till they dropped their weapons to make it a fair fight. Steve stepped back and tipped his gun aside as Sunny likewise, he made his fist and positioned himself to fight.

The first each punches Sunny made at a glimpse were blocked by Steve and his kick as well, he made another quick move instantly but Steve had quickly moved backwards.

He followed Steve immediately and swiped a punch on his right face but Steve had swiped sideways and blocked another punch on his belly with his elbow, he retaliated instantly and swiped two quick punches on Sunny who quickly dodge as well and moved backwards when Steve rushed him with fists.

The first three minutes of the fight continues with the blocking and attacking from both sides till Steve landed a punch on Sunny’s chin. He followed it with two quick punches on Sunny face successfully and landed a kick on his belly.

Sunny staggered backwards as a result of the kick but he maintained his stands. He made an evil groan and charged forward in anger immediately, he flipped at once and rolled up a strong kick on Steve neck, he followed it instantly with another kick and sent Steve straight on the floor. He tried to make another kick immediately but Steve had stand almost before the next seconds.

“Oh common man” Sunny shouted and charged forward with full strength, he swiped both fists right and left as Steve tried to block his attack just as he tried to flip again and blocked the attack from his knee. Steve blocked his knee and grabbed it, he rolled towards his shoulder and landed a sound blow on his chest with his elbow, he grabbed his arm alongside and turned his wrist around, he twist it and landed a kick on his leg to send him off the ground.

Sunny let out a very loud noise as he landed on the floor back-side, he held unto his arm and screamed in terrible pain.

“Huh ahh,… motherfuc..ker” he cursed and remained on the floor as Steve looked at him with confusion. He must have sustained a terrible injury that had caused the pain when Steve grabbed his arm.

“I’m gonna kill you” he shouted with rage as Steve only stared at him in shock. He stepped forward and nodded to the threat and head to pick his gun on the floor.

“I wish I could spare you Sunny but you’ve gone too way from that” Steve phrased and cocked his gun after checking he was left with two bullets. He stepped closer to Sunny and point the gun directly at his forehead.

“Yeah, make it fast motherfuc..ker” Sunny cried out and held unto his own leg as Steve smiled and nodded with gladness. “With pleasure” he told Sunny and held unto the trigger to shoot when he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

“Drop the gun” he heard a loud commanding voice and the cocked sound of a gun before he could shoot.

“Drop your gun or we shoot” another voice sounded behind him and when he tried to move, another sounded instantly.

“Don’t move, do not move” the voice sounded repeatedly to caution him as Steve obeyed silently. He was left with a bullet and there was no contrary move he could make. Hence he reluctantly dropped the gun slowly.

“Go on your knees” he heard the first voice commanded and he obeyed too, instantly.

“Now turn around with your hands on your head”

“I said your hands on your head” the voice sounded again as Steve slowly obeyed and turned around to meet a more terrible shock. Someone head out from the building as he obeyed and it turned out to be Lord Nathaniel, an unrecognized man dressed in a blue suit was standing beside him and Valentine with four more men came out from the building.

One of the men was holding unto Vivian with a knife on her throat as Steve froze in fright. He had made a terrible mistake, he thought.

“Finally here you are Steve Jones” Lord Nathaniel spat angrily and stepped forward. He landed a slap on Steve face.

To be continued.









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  1. Damn!
    What a f**kup.
    Sunny must have alerted Lord Nathaniel and I guess Sunny intentionally engaged in the fist fight to buy time. Damn!

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