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Fall In Love With Me

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{I hate love,It’s too complicated }




By Faith Godwin








I came back from the restaurant looking so exhausted from the day’s work. Mr Frederick wasn’t even helping at all. Always commanding someone to do this and do that mtcheeeew.


“Hey mum” I said as I step into the living room.


“Amora dear,you’re back” mum said


“Yeah mum, I’m back” I said


“Go freshen up and come let’s have dinner together” mum said and I smiled. My mum is the best


“Alright mum I’ll be back to a jiffy” I said and went to my room. Our house is just a bungalow my father left for us before he died. Yeah, my dad is dead but life has to go on. I took my bath and put on a purple handless gown before heading to the living room with my phone. Dinner was already served


“Wow mum this taste yummy”.I said smiling


“It was specially made for you my dear” mum said


“Thanks mum. Um..mum can I take some of these to Robert? It’s been long we spoke to each other and I was thinking if I should use this food to make up for we being apart for sometime” I asked


“Sure” mum replied


“Thanks mum, I’ll just hurry up with my food so I can visit him” I said happily. Can’t wait to see my Robert…




I walk into Robert’s living room and saw clothes littering everywhere both on the couch. How can Robert leave his sitting room so unkept like this?. I started picking all the clothes and then I eyes caught something. I went to pick it and found out it was a bra. What the hell is going on here.


“Robert! Robert!! Robert!!!” I yell his name,walking to his room. I started hearing moans. OMG let it not be what I’m thinking. I opened his room and saw what made my whole world grumble. Robert was making out with my best friend, Moana.


“Robert” I yelled in shock


“Robert what is going on here” I yelled in tears. I was already shaking inside. Robert wanted to say something but moana beat him to it


“Well in case you don’t know,I’m Robert’s new girlfriend so look elsewhere my dear amora” she said


“Moana, how could you do this to me. I thought you were my friend” I said in tears


“Yeah we were friends but you keep having everything good so I had to react” she said


“Moana, you’re so shameless and as for you Robert its over” I said in tears and ran out of the room to the sitting room to get my phone. I didn’t bother carrying the basket of food I brought.


“Amor wait please I’m sorry” Robert yelled after me but I’m not turning back.


Why is my life so filled with heart breaks. Why I can’t I live my life like every other lady. Am I cursed to always have heart break at the middle of every relationship. I just hate my life. Love is just so unfair to me. I was so deep in my thought that I didn’t see a moving vehicle coming my way. It happened so fast,the car knock me down. I felt blood gushing out of my nose,mouth and my clothes were wet. See what love has done to me. I fall in love so easily.


Love is so unfair to me and from how henceforth,I promise myself not to love again. I HATE LOVE!!!




Her name is Amora Stones,twenty-one years of age and a beautiful lady. She has a nice figure eight shape. She has always dream of being a singer. She has a nice voice but there was no one to see her through. She then met Roger Matthew who promise to put her through the line of music. She later fell in love with him and Roger use her and dump her without helping her. Her second boyfriend who also promised to helo her,raped her and cut all tiles with her and then She met Robert. Robert promise her heaven and earth but she caught him having sex with her best friend. She promised never to love again.


Who will change that her statement?


What happens when she finally became a world known singer?


Will she ever love?


Find out in this intriguing story.




Don’t miss out.


Β©All Rights Reserved


By Faith Godwin


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