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My Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 30

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We both laughed wholeheartedly as we walked around my new clothing building

It is so beautiful and Tyler is busy making fun of the designer

He can be childish most of the times and about our date yesterday

It went on so good as we chatted about almost everything. He actually took me to a five star resturant and after that we went to watch the latest movie

I had cried so bad because a girl died while saving her mother and we ended up going home early with the angry Tyler who kept telling me it’s just a movie

“Okay sir and madam how do you see the building” The designer turns and Tyler adjust himself quickly

“It’s great. Super great” Tyler says like he wasn’t the one who was making funny faces

I hold my laughter “And on the bright side you’ll get the payment before month end so yay” Tyler says and drags me before the designer could say anything

“You know you are definitely crazy” I say to Tyler as we finally get outside

He just chuckles as we both wear our masks

We make our way to the nearest coffee shop chatting about random stufff

“So ?” Tyler drawls as we set in a VIP park

“What?” I ask staring straight into his eyes”Can I?” He smirks

“Can you do what?” I ask confusedly “Kiss You?” He finally says and my cheeks heat up

He laughs and then give me his boyish smirk “I guess that’s a yes then” he says and leans closer to kiss me.

We kiss slowly and then break the kiss breathing heavily

“Now we should go get ice-cream” he says putting his coffee mug aside

“Are you crazy we just drank coffee and I think I’m full” I say rubbing my stomach

“But my baby is still hungry right baby?” He squats and put his ear on my tummy

I blushed really hard cause I think it’s really cute

“Baby you need ice-cream right ?” Tyler asks and then smiles to himself

“Yep that’s a definite yes” he kisses my stomach before standing up properly making me laugh

“You are looking your mind ?” I tease him and he laughs “As long as you are happy” he kisses my cheek and I blush

We make our way to the ice-cream truck holding hands

We get one huge bucket of ice-cream and sit around a table

“Okay this is going to get coldly” he says mischiviously

“So spooky. Oh my gosh that rhymes” I say and he laughs wholeheartedly

“You are so childish” he says and I roll my eyes with a smile plastered on my face

“This is giving me brain freeze” I say shutting my eyes tightly and Tyler laughs

“That’s it we are ending this little party right now before you kill my baby” Tyler chuckles and I pout

“But your baby still needs ice-cream” I say and he laughs

“Don’t pin this on my innocent baby. He doesn’t even know how to talk” he says and I fake a frown


He puts his finger on my mouth and uses the other hand to close the ice-cream bucket

He gives the ice-cream to a kid passing by. The kid smiles wildly and thank him before running off to what seemed to be his family

We walked outside holding hands and before we could get outside I heard a high pitched voice calling Tyler’s name

The girl ran to us and Tyler looked at her like it’s the first time he’s seeing a girl

The eyes he usually gives me but today he’s giving them to another lady. She was wearing a mini skirt and a crop top

She really looked beautiful and it made me feel so jealous


“M-a-d-d-i-e” he stattered staring at her

She threw herself on him kissing him. I expected him to push her off but no he kisses her back

The tears I’ve been holding finally fell from my eyes

I walked away and decided to look back if they were both still kissing but unfortunately they were still kissing

He didn’t even notice that I was nowhere to be seen. I flagged a cab with many tears blinding my sight

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