Clifford's Dancer

Clifford’s Dancer – Episode 79

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Clifford’s Dancer.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 79


Flash back <–

The little girl was in her room sleeping peacefully but the sleep was cut short by the cry and yell of her parents.

She was so scared of what happening to her parents who were cuddling each other before she slept.

She yelled their names in her little tiny voice but no one hears.

Due to the commotion happening downstairs in her house.

Taking her teddy bear with her, she finds a way to get down of the high bed.

Walking through the dark corridor, she was scared of darkness.

But was determined to save her parents from whatever it’s making them scream and cry.

As she stepped on the staircase, she started seeing light coming from their sitting room.

She quietly climb down the stair case but stopped at the entrance to sitting room.

Peeping from the curtain, she saw a man in black suit sitting on her favorite spot and chair.

While the other men in Black stood holding big guns.

Trailing her eyes down, she saw her mom on her knees same as her dad with their head bent and s gun pointed at them.

She was angry that someone is in their house sitting on her favorite spot then pointing gin at her parents.

She wanted to match in but due to how her mom told her how dangerous gun can be, she didn’t.

“Your life or all your wealth?” The man demanded in a hard voice making her parent shake.

“Please don’t do this Andrew, I strive for 10 years for this. If you take it, there’s no way I can make life better and easier for my daughter. ”

Her Dad pleaded making the man roar in laughter. But one could say it’s an evil one.

“That’s true maybe I should take her and use her for my desire instead of your wealth.

You know someone like her would fetch me more billions when I sell her to the Mafias. ”

The man said giving out that evil smirk.

The little girl cringe at the thought of her been taken away from her parents.

Unknown to her of the work they will use her to do if they take her.

“No don’t, I will give you every wealth I have and you won’t bother us again. “Her father said.

Signing all he has work so hard to acquire over to the evil man, he gave him the papers.

” That very good of you but before I go, I must have your wife. ”

The evil man said and they held down her father even he try fighting but those holding him are more than what he could fight.

Right before that little girl, they molested her mother and that has become her truman.

Her parents didn’t know what caused the truman till date but they believe it might be a movie or something.

Flash back ends <–

General POV

Doctors where running around as her breathing became heavy.

No nurse or doctor could sit as they kept attending to her until she open her eyes… TBC

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