Clifford's Dancer

Clifford’s Dancer – Episode 78

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Clifford’s Dancer.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 78


“One rule is that no one is allowed to get into anything romantic between each other even me. ”

He said making my heart drop.

“Especially you Alma, stop seducing my brothers and me. ”

Clifford added making me look down with embarrassment.

I don’t know what is wrong with him right now, it’s just a few minutes ago we were starting at each other with love and passion so what changed?

Did I make him angry for him to say such a thing to me,I thought.

No,I must be dreaming. Maybe I haven’t woken up yet,I thought turning around.

I should go back just like the way I entered and wake up.

“You take one step out of that place,then count yourself gone.

And your parent will pay up all the millions I have spent on them since in just a day.”he said.

” Or what?”I asked not getting the kind of game he is playing at.

“Or you stay and listen up poor fellow,you don’t talk to me like that.”

He said eyeing me while giving me the disgusting look .

I gulp down nothing because I have no choice than to listen to him.

Looking up into his eyes,, some emotions flashed in but as it came, that how it went quickly.

He couldn’t even meet my eyes as he started giving out orders.

My head started spinning as I watch him yell out orders.

I couldn’t hear anything he is saying but can see his mouth moving.

The more he yell at me,the more my head spin even though I didn’t hear anything he is saying.

It was like my body suddenly go numb aside for my head that’s spinning.

He started making his way towards me while my vision started getting blurry.

I wanted to scream for help but couldn’t, I wanted to use my hand to calm myself down but I couldn’t.

It’s coming back, I whispered but no one hears. I wish I could shout louder than that but couldn’t.

Help me!!!! I yelled in my mind but it came out like a whisper.

And for the first time, I regretted using my dance to earn money.

I should have taken part-time job and accepted my fate that I can’t earn.

I wouldn’t have left my mom and wouldn’t have fallen for a manipulative devil like him.

This wouldn’t have happened to me again and if it happens, my mom or dad knows how to save me.

I dearly missed my parents and the time we always spend together.

In just a few minutes, he is already in my front yelling angrily

Because of the way he looks like this minute, I know he is angry.

“Stop yelling please help me.” I said again but this time, I couldn’t open my mouth to say it.

One shake from him, my legs gave out and I started going down with my eyes closing.

Almost colliding with the floor, two large arms held me then darkness engulf me… TBC

What did you think it’s happening 🤔

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