A Golden Future

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In the hustles of life,
The search for a better future,
A walk down the thorny path,
The way to a better tomorrow a hard path.

Before us the path open for exploring,
An empty road stretching miles away,
To walk it is to travel to the future,
A future where we gets to decide our own lives.

But to the future is a long way,
A walk alone is a futile attempt,
Those that we meet along the way we shall join,
For though having different destinations,
We all heading the same way.

A lone walk is a lame walk,
For discouragements arise along the way,
And one way or another,
We may need the help of those others,
Who are heading the same way.

We all fighting for the same thing,
Though in different ways,
A better future and equal opportunities,
For every one on planet earth,
And our goal can only be achieved fully,
If we are to walk to the future together.

For someone had said back in the days,
“Either we stand together and fight
Or die individually like fools”

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