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STORM {Live or Die??}

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👼STORM {Live or Die??} 👾

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⚡Chapter 1-Arya Facci⚡
Hamburg, Europe
“We will take over the international airline ranked third in the Country. Within five years we will grow it into the airline, the best in the domestic market and within the best 10 in the global market. As soon as the decision is made, we will actively start taking orders from USA, India, Vietnam…In order to expedite the aviation business, if you will look at the financial statement, you will see that the current asset is 2.024 billion dollars. And the current liabilities are 940 million dollars. The current ratio is about 275 percent. ”
“It’s 215.319149; Arya Facci, the president of Facci Group; one of the best or let’s say the best and leading company in the whole Europe; interrupted the Financial Manager with a sinister smile on her face. ”
“If the current asset is 2.024 billion and the current liabilities are 940 million shouldn’t the current ratio be 215.319149; Mr. Arison? Arya said which made all the people present in the meeting to turn their glance to her though Arya had a bright smile on her face, they all couldn’t help it but hold their breath unconsciously; the smile on her face was too scary. ”
“Well, you are right. Why do the numbers… Mr. Arison said, bringing out his phone from his pocket, to do the calculation again; his hand were trembling as he was typing on his phone; oblivious to the sweat falling from his face. ”
“Arya kept smiling at the man in front of her; I never thought that I hired fools to work for me? I’ve you always been this dumb; Mr. Arison? Arya asked but it looked more like a statement but there was still a smile on her face. Her secretary, Krystal Lee had a stoic expression on her face. She wasn’t a bit surprise with her boss behavior ; Her boss was trained to be who she was by her grandfather; a strong, independent, scheming and cunning woman. ”
“I hate dumb people like you; I would love to fire you but… You are still a bit useful, I guess? Arya said still with a smile in her on her face. ”
“Mr. Arison sighed in relief after he heard that he won’t be fired. He knows that she was capable of doing it but he was thankful that his stars was lucky that day. ”
“You have three days; three days Mr. Arison and I want a perfect report on my table. ”
“But… Mr. Arison said to cut off by Arya. ”
“Oh, three days is much! I knew you are a competent worker that’s why I like you; Arya chirped in which made Mr. Arison’s face turn pale. ”
“Arya stood up from her chair followed by the people present in the conference room; First thing tomorrow morning Mr. Arison I want a clean and perfect report on my table; Arya looked at the man in front of her who was quivering. ”
“Fool! Arya muttered under her breath but loud enough for Krystal to hear. And that’s if you love your job. “Arya said and left the conference room with her secretary while the people present there bow down their head still they couldn’t hear are footsteps and sighed in relief. ”
“Arya Facci, the granddaughter of George Facci arrived at Europe 8 years ago, as a weak, helpless woman betrayed by her loved ones. She was dumb, dewy, shy and weak but her grandfather made her to what she was today; brave, fearless, cunning, scheming and a smart woman who cannot be defeated in the business world. Facci Group was at the peak of collapsing 7 years ago but it was Arya that brought it back to its feet and made it the number one company in the whole Europe. Women are known not to partake in business or let’s say women are rare to be found working in business because it was believed that business belonged to men only but all that changed when Arya came into the picture and turn the whole business world around like a storm.”
“Gosh, that was intense.”
“Isn’t she too intense?”
“My life is going to get shortened.”
“She scares me to death.”
“Poor, Mr. Arison.”
“Arya walked back elegantly to her office with Krystal who was talking to a client on the phone.”
“She’s been invited to a private party at the Spanish ambassador’s party.”
“So would it be okay, if I call you back tomorrow.”
“To reschedule?”
“Arya got to her office; sat down on her chair and starts working; she needs to put her brain to use; one thing she loves a lot is money and for her to have that; she needs to work.”
“Ma? Mr. Erick is here to see you, should I ask the security to escort him out? Krystal said with a blank expression on her face, waiting for Arya’s order.”
“No, don’t! Arya said with a wide smile on her face which made Krystal a bit scared.”
“Send him in; I’m a bit bored; Talking to him should be fun; Krystal said with a bright smile on her face; too bright.”
“Okay Ma’am; Krystal left sighing inwardly.”
“How could you! Erick yelled, barging in. He felt more angry when he saw the wide smile on her face.”
“You can’t just call off the engagement!”
“Why? Because last I remember you are not my boss! Arya said still smiling at Erick. One of the things She’s learned from her grandfather is to make your opponent underestimate you and then strike back which is what she’s doing.”
“Do you think your grandfather will be happy with you when he finds out about what you are doing; Erick said hoping Arya will have a change of mind after hearing him mention her grandfather.”
“I’ve you always been this daft? Arya said staring at the man in front of her with a sinister smile on her face, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.”
“Arya opened a file in front of her and brought out some pictures, throwing them at Erick, who looked at the pictures and his once fury expression turned into a scared one.”
“How… How did you get this? Erick asked squeezing the picture in his hand; The picture was a picture of him and his stepsister kissing each other. They have been secretive with their relationship, so how did she end up with this; How? He returned his glance to Arya, who still had a smile on his face which made him feel irritated.”
“What do you want? Erick said glaring at Arya with nothing but hatred in his eyes.”
“A good question, Mr. Erick; Arya said bringing out some files. I want you to sign those papers; Arya said with a sinister smile.”
“What are these? Erick asked, as he go through the files and his scared expression turned into anger. Arya wanted him to transfer the ownership of all his companies in Italy, this is equivalent to making him poor.”
“Is something wrong, Erick; Don’t tell me you can’t read?”
“Why are you doing this to me? I was ready to marry you even though you have a son! Erick yelled angrily at Arya who still had a bright smile on her face.”
“No, no Mr. Erick; you only wanted to marry me so that you can get access to my company, right? Arya commented with a smile on her face.”
“How… That’s not true! I loved you and I was ready to accept you the way you are! Erick said; he was a bit surprised that Arya was able to see through his facade. How was she able to find out?”
“You are really stupid for underestimating me Erick and that was your biggest mistake; Arya said smiling at the man in front of her. ”
“I won’t sign this; you can’t do this to me! Erick said with full determination in his voice. A woman can’t be this heartless, right?”
“Arya stared at the man in front of her; 12 hours Erick; I’m giving you just 12 hours for you to sign the ownership of your companies in Italy to me or else… Arya paused for a while and stares at Erick; who couldn’t help it but lower his glance; Those pictures will be the latest trending news and I’m sure the public are bored.”
“You… Erick said to be cut off by Arya; “Unlike you I have a meeting to catch; Arya said and left her office with a wide smile on her face.”
“Evil? She was worst than that and deep down she knows. She was having a lot of fun; seeing people like him helpless is one of her specialities which makes her happy.”
So what do you guys think of Arya😊😊😊


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