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Slutty mom season 2 Episode two

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Helloooo, we can have some fun here.
🍑🍑Slutty Mom….18+🍑🍑
Season 2
Chapter 2

Some sounds from the living room alerted me and I woke up.

That means Kiara and Manko must have arrived from their fun outing.

I yawned, I am very hungry. It is God that save me today if not Danny’s big d–k should have make me cry today. I started thinking about what Danny said.

“Is Danny right?”

“Kiara to Manko, her father. No! Kiara can’t never try it”

“but it is possible. I am also sleeping with Danny so no one can say Kiara and Manko are not having anything in common”

“Manko!!!!!!, i will just die if I can catch you having s-x with Kiara”

I stopped thinking and I stood up; I opened the door and i met Manko, Danny and Kiara watching a movie.

I hugged him and he have me a kiss. I was very happy that my property is back and routine night of s-x will have to start.

“baby i really missed you!” I say and he was still holding my neck.

“I missed you more Darling, it is over 2hours that I am back but i didn’t meet you at home!” Manko said and i was lost for a moment. But i quickly revised and refreshed my sensation.

“oh, that is true. I went for a shopping but unfortunately i couldn’t get what i want so I have to the hospital. That is what really delay me!” I said like a wife and husband in honeymoon.

“That is serious. You don’t have to stress yourself, you should have send Danny….well, I missed you” Manko said kiara stood up.
“ha, mom at least let us have some fun with daddy” Kiara said.

“Kiara, don’t be upset…. Let me quickly see your mom” Manko said “Love, let us go”.

He hold my hand as we are walking into the room….immediately we entered. I pushed him on the bed and I landed on him.

“I missed your body a lot!” I said as i was smiling.

“I am also ready for your now” Manko said seductively.

We started kissing ourselves. We are really putting force in our kiss assuming it is the first s-x in a century.
Manko move his hand to my back as he was really giving me a massaging, we continue kissing every part of our body.

“hmmmmmm……Goahhhhh” I m0aned out as his hand walk down to my beneath. Thank God i am on pant today if not he will start calling me a slut.

The romancing scene was still on, I move my hand to his trouser and i briefly start rubbing his long d–k through his trouser. I was doing this as Manko was m0aning and also giving me a hot kiss.

“oh…….sh………you’re the best” as he continue saying.

He suddenly grabbed me, and Manko set me on the centre of the bed then he move his hand to my breast. He folded and pressed it, romancing it. I was really in another world.

He continue pressing it and was also kissing me on my lip, tongue, cheek, forehead and even on my neck.

It is unbearable, so I was giving him attention that i was moaning loudly and i believed that my children must be hearing us.

He finally grabbed my b–bs out of it cage. Manko started Sucking one of the breasts.

“Oh……m…..y…God….that is amazing…….ouchhh h” I moaned out.

He inserted one of the nipples into his mouth and continued sucking the hell out of it. He moved from b—ts to another as i continue moaning.

My cup have round full and I wanna be dip wet under so i pushed him down.

I unbuckle his belt, as i grabbed his long d–k out and i suck the head and I smile. “what a come back”

I started sucking the hell out of d–k as he he was moaning and grinning hard. “baby…….love…….yes….you suck the hard” Manko keep on moaning out.

I will lick the head and swallowing all the d–k even though it is big. I suck and at the same time, i will remove it and also stroke it before returning the d–k into my mouth.

Manko held my head with his both hand and he started f—–g my mouth. He kept doing that until i started coughing.

He quickly stopped, “I am sorry for that…….” Manko begged.

I was fantasized so I couldn’t talk, I grabbed his d–k and i continue sucking him. Sooner, he cum into my mouth.
“fantastic, It taste nice” I said and he laughed.

He grabbed me, then we started kissing again. It was so sweet that i don’t know when he sifted my p–t and inserted two finger into my p—ycat.

“hmmmmmm…..lovely……ouchhh…ahhhhhh” I owned a moan. He now took off my pants and also my skirt. He started kissing me from my head to my private.

Manko set his mouth on my p—ycat and he started kissing me a hot pleasure. He will sucked the lip and also his hand to widened my p—ycat as he roll his tongue on it.

“Ahhhhhh……ouchhh h….baby…..ouch…i am enjoying it” I moaned out quickly. I am enjoying the pleasure, so i use my hand to pressed his head to my p—ycat which allows full penetration of his tongue.

I can’t believe, i cum so fast and sooner. All his mouth was full of my p—y’s juice. I pushed him on the bed and I stroke and suck his d–k to make it hard.

According to my wish, the d–k stand up, then i widened my butt as I sit on his lap.

Making his c–k penetrated. “arrghhhh…….ouchhh…..ahhhhhh” I moaned hard as i put my two hand on his chests and continue riding him well…..
Hmmmmmm, my fans, have a superb weekend.
I loves you all………….


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