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Slutty mom season 2 Episode three

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Happy sunday,
Slutty Mom….18+🍑🍑
Season 2
Chapter 3

I started riding him like usain boat, i was screaming in pleasure and at the same time i am enjoying it.

He used his hand to hold my b–t to allow full penetration of his d–k.

“ouchhhh…… is……ouchhhh….sweet…..arrgghh….harder” I kept moaning and manko lift my butt up and he started f—–g me mercilessly.

“damn……it…..ashhhh….you….ouchhh….ashhh….arghhh…..hitting…..the…spot” I keep on moaning. Then I stood up

I hold the chair in my room as manko stroll his d–k and finally penetrate.

“hmmmm…..uchhh….omg….i…wanna..f–k you” manko said as he was penetrating with force, I can help than crying

“mankooo…..uhmmmm…..ouchh….ashhhh….please” I kept pleading but the husband whom i loved turn deaf and continue pounding me.

He will removed his d–k and insert it back and then he will start f—–g me alongside with his hand on my boobs.

It kept going no until he cum and we fall down on the bed breathing heavily.

“thank you baby” Manko said and i was surprised. Does such man still exist that after sex he give thanks to his girl.

“wow baby, you’re welcome” i said as we lying down looking each other eyes.

No dinner, i remembered and check the time which says four minutes after five. I am really tired but meal is important.

“baby, go and have your shower. I want to go and cook up something” i said as i was wearing a gown that covers my body.

“okay, i will do that later” manko said as he was still lying down.

I dressed,w walking around the room searching for where i kept my phone.
“OMG!, where do i keep my phone” i asked nobody in particular but it seems manko heard me.

“check the living room. It seems you left it there” manko said and i become frightened. What of if kiara or danny checks my phone message.

It is not that i am hiding something but, Robert is crazy and he can send nonsense and threatening message.

“Living room!” I said as i walked out of the room.

I got to the living room….lo and behold, I saw danny operating my phone. I was annoyed that I quickly snapped my phone from him.

“what are you doing on my phone?” i asked and he smiled.

Danny stood up and was laughing, hope danny haven’t see any message about Robert.

“Nothing, but mom can you tell me who is Robert?” Danny asked as he changed his mood.

“Robert!, hmmm…I will tell you everything about him” I said as I am looking worried.

“do you promise mom?” danny asked looking serious. “yes, i will tell you” I answered.

“Okay, no problem….I happy then” danny said and he sit down. I was still standing but many thoughts were running on my minds.

“Oh God, what’d i put myself into”

“because of this, my sex urge that always rise”

“now, danny want to know about the badass boy”

“should i tell him!!!, but he can use that to trap me”

“then should i lie to him?”

“No!!!, he will surely get. Even though i lie to him. What about the threatening message”

“danny!!, Robert!!, Threatening message!!”

“Oh God Of Mercy, teach me on what to do” I regained back to my sensation and i remembered that i am still standing in front of danny.

“mom, still standing since why can’t you just sit down” Danny said and i composed a fake smile.

“mm, promise that you will not tell anybody what i will tell you tonight about robert” I consoles him but literally.

“why, promise?” Danny asked.

“that is what i want. Just promised” I consoled him again and he sighed.

“well…..i promise not to tell anyone” Danny said and I am very happy. The blockage is having hole on it already.

“Okay thanks. Where is Kiara and the other two girls” I asked and he looked at the centre of my cloth. He must be starring at my b–bs. Oh God, what a naughty boy!

“Stop staring at me like that.” i said and he laughed.

“Mummy, anyway Kiara is in the kitchen but….” Danny answered as he shook his head.

“But what?” I asked him. “But sandra and cynthia are not yet back!” Danny answered and I’m relieved.

“wow, they gat a nice name. Let me go and join Kiara inside the kitchen” I said as I Am walking out shaking my huge round butt. I face back and i saw Danny staring over my butt.

“Danny!!!!!” I shouted and he smiled.

“mom, I am sorry” Danny pleaded.

I opened the door and i meet kiara slicing onions into jollof rice.

“Thanks for the other time” I said and she chucked

“mom, thats not a big deal. Come and taste the food” kiara said and i walked over.

And have a taste of it. Ch!, the food is toasting the whole world and you wouldnt want to miss a spoon of it.

“The food is interesting and sweet, who teach you that?” I asked and she smiled.

“my holy school mother!” kiara said as she throws a wink to me. I am lost! Who is the school mother?

“who is that” I asked again, “Sandra!!!” Kiara answered.

Sandra? That girl must be something else. How come she is cooking nice and she was still mis using her body.

I love you all…….take care


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