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This is a pure imagined fiction story which has names and characters in it, any resemblance of name or character has no personal attributes to anyone, forgive me for any dent or castigation this story might bring to your personality or name.

This is a sole property of the author/writer and under no circumstances must this story be published, alterationed or acted anywhere without proper authorization from the author/writer, anyone caught trying to do otherwise will be prosecuted in the court of law.

Now enjoy the story as it unfolds episode by episode.





Episode One:


Captain Adjei: (taps the police officer to wake up) Sergeant! Sergeant wake up we have gotten to the Nsawam Prisons.

Sgt Odoi: (rubs his hand on his face) Eeeeeiiiii so I over slept like that? Driver drop us right in front of the prison entrance. (both men alight from the car and walk towards the prison gate)

Captain Adjei: Sergeant so why do you take such risk? You were instructed to bring a convicted person to the prison and you fell deep asleep knowing very well that I was not in handcuffs and you are not equally carrying any rifle or weapon on you to protect youself?

Sgt Odoi: Sir I know you are a honourable man and even though the judges didn’t believe your story at the court, I for once believed you the very day I heard your story. A well decorated military officer of your calibre wouldn’t escape from an old police officer like me who is waiting for my retirement letter from the Police headquarters any moment from now. For me to sleep like that in the car is attributed to my new young wife, she wouldn’t allow me to sleep at night. Hmmmmm that 25 years young lady is a sex freak and I suspect she has some form of sickness in between her legs because she is never satisfied with what I do to her in bed.

Captain Adjei: (releases a loud laughter) Sergeant you are a one hell of a comedian, why would you go in for a wife who is young enough to be you daughter?

Sgt Odoi: Captain you see, I lost my wife and children through a fatal motor accident and I tried mourning them for over ten years but as you already know, body no be firewood. I couldn’t only urinate through my thing and I didn’t want to continue masturbating when the feelings came, that young lady was given to me by her mother to marry because she was chasing after every guy in their neighbourhood. I decided to accept the offer her mother brought on board because that lady is endowed both front and back, Captain the sight of her alone will make your thing in between your legs nod its head several times as a form of appreciating the good handy work of God. I also heard getting a fresh blood on your bed makes you much younger than your age.

Captain Adjei: Well you chose to play the drum meant for the gods so do well to dance to the tune you are playing. All I can say in a form of advice is for you to becareful of her because she can push you to the wall which might not auger well for you just like my story. Women are creatures that can never be predicted and as you already know, up till now no one knows the conversation that transpired between Eve and the serpent that deceived her to pluck the fruit from the forbidden tree.

Sgt. Odoi: I know I have the same problem with the farmer who plants corn by the roadside but I swear no man born by a woman dares come near my wife. (they get to the first gate and the police officer goes through the necessary process which enables them to the enter the yard of the prison)

Captain Ansah: (looks around) God so I am finally never going to see outside the walls of this great prison again? I would have argued vehemently with any mallam or man of God if the person predicted for me to be here some day.

Sgt Odoi: Sir all hopes are not lost, try and let you lawyer appeal for you at the Supreme Court. I believe the judges there will understand you if your lawyer makes a good appearance there.

Captain Adjei: Hmmmmm I don’t know how I can persuade my lawyer to do this appeal on my behalf because I know he will demand for payment to file my case before he takes that step. As at now my bank account is dry and all my properties has been confiscated by the government and I don’t know anyone who would lend me money to make an appeal in my current state.

Sgt Odoi: Don’t give up yet sir, this is not how your story should end. You are not going to be executed like a chicken after all you have done for this country. I will take your lawyer’s telephone number and mount pressure on him so he files a motion of appeal to the Supreme Court on your behalf even without money.

Captain Adjei: You are indeed God sent because all you have done for me in the past weeks beats my imagination. You are the only person and officer who understands me in this difficult time of my life. You bought food for me and allowed me to receive visitors even at odd times when you were on night duty. I am not scared of death though but if this is how my destiny was created, who am I to oppose it. All the same I won’t give up since no matter how dark the tunnel is, there is certainly light at the end of it.

Sgt Odoi: You are now talking like the captain who once commanded a battalion. (knocks on the main prison gate)

2nd Prison Officer: (watches through the spy hole) Who is there and how can I help you?

Sgt Odoi: I am bringing in an inmate.

2nd Prison Officer: (opens the gate) Please fill this book there and sign at the bottom then after that, use the corridor on my right, it wil lead you guys to the reception where the details of the inmate will be taken before you proceed to the prison clinic for a little checks to be done on him.

Sgt Odoi: Thank you very much comrade. (leads captain Adjei to the reception and follows the laid down protocols)

3rd Prison Officer: We will take it from here Sergeant, he is now our responsibility.

Sgt Odoi: Very well then corporal. Captain this is where I path ways with you. I leave you in the capabale hands of these prison officers. I know this is not the end of the road for you and God in His infinite mercies will get you out from this place even before they plan for your execution. Silver and gold have I none but what I have for you is this bible, let it be your friend and guide throughout your stay here.

Captain Adjei: Sergeant Odoi may God richly bless you for your impeded promotions to locate you.

Sgt Odoi: I receive it in Jesus mighty name Captain. May the good Lord be with you. (shakes the hand of Captain Adjei and walks away)

3rd Prison Officer: (follows up) Excuse me Sergeant, you have been using an adjective to qualify that convict you brought, who is he?

Sgt Odoi: He is a service man just like you so please try and treat him with a bit of respect. I saw how you were giving him stern looks and raising your voice at him when you asked him to sign the inmate logbook. He is here because of a circumstance that can befall any of us. Throughout my 38years of service, his case is the only case that got to me personally and I won’t pray for such a mess for even my enemy. He has been smashed with a death sentence but I know God is still in His miracle business and his story will one day be a testimony for others. (walks away)

Prison Medical Officer: (calls the prison officer) Corporal the results for the test I conducted on the new inmate is in and he is clean so you can take him to the stores and then proceed to his block now.

3rd Prison Officer: Very well then doctor, please sign the documents on the file so I can escort him to the stores before I take him to the condemn cells block.

2nd Prison Officer: Sergeant I can see you are on your way out erh?

Sgt Odoi: Yes my work here is done and I am heading back to my station.

2nd Prison Officer: Mmmm I know this doesn’t concern me but as a fellow service man I can’t sit and watch unconcerned, I watched through the book you signed and I discovered that the inmate has been convicted with a death sentence and you brought him here without any handcuff on his wrist, neither are you carrying any rifle on you. What if the guy tried to attack you or tried to escape as he looks strong and young?

Sgt Odoi: (smiles) That youngman is noble and too honourable to think of doing any of the things you outlined. Yes I know I made a mistake by failing to observe any of the escort protocols but you will understand me later. That youngman is Captain Kwame Adjei and he was once a commanding officer at the 64th Battalion Infantry. Treat him with respect and dignity as he spends the rest of his life here with you guys. I will see you the next time I visit you guys with an inmate.

2nd Prison Officer: Did he sell any of the rifles under his watch or he tried to plan a coup d’etat against the sitting president?

Sgt Odoi: Is that all you guys think of military personnels? I don’t have much time to spend here, but all I can say is not all people who are brought here are criminals as we always perceive.


The story just begun!!!!


To be continued…


An Akoto Adjei Alexander Imagination.
All rights reserved worldwide.


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