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Narrow Escape – Episode 5

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Episode Five:


Kofi Ansah: Welcome back guys, my special guest for tonight is Captain Kwame Adjei if you just tuned in. He is a former commanding officer at the 64th Battalion Infantry Regiment and one of few human beings who have cheated on death and escaped narrowly from the icy hands. Captain Adjei so where was the funny voices coming from?

Captain Adjei: As I entered the hall the television was on with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses on the center talk. Pop corn was scattered on the carpet with the foam in the chairs lying on the floor in a messy way. I wanted to yell for attention but my instincts told me to relax, I dropped my bag in one of the chairs, brought out my sidearm and took some steps towards the staircase and to my utmost surprise I saw my brother chasing after my wife in his boxer shorts and my wife in a piece of cloth wrapped around her. They were both terrified to see me because none of them expected me in the house around that time. My wife and brother were drenched in their own sweat because I assumed they had been running around the house foolishly like school children on break. I wasn’t so happy with what I encountered because I expected both of them to act like two matured people. I came back downstairs for my bag and quitely climbed the staircase to the bedroom as I saw my wife in a picky state as she tried to clear the mess they had created in my hall. To my greatest surprise, my matrimonial bed had also been scattered by those two idiots which got me raging with expediency of coal anger. I dropped my bag, undressed and went straight into the shower to clean myself up. After that I went to my study to map out some strategies I and my formed team will use to approach our undercover mission. Sitting in my swivel chair a lot of thoughts came to my head which was weighing me down, in just a single day, my mentor or role model had allegedly committed suicide and I come back from a mission to meet my brother half naked chasing after my wife who was only wrapped in a piece of cloth. I immediately opened a small cabinet, brought out a glass and poured for myself half glass of dry gin and with a single gulp the entire content was down my throat, I screamed as the content rushed into my intestines with a burning sensation inside my stomach, I smashed the glass into the way and started drinking the rest of the dry gin from the bottle, for the very first time since I joined the army, I weeped like a child who had been flogged by his parent or teacher. I sat on the floor as a playback of the unfortunate things I saw that day flashed through my head.

Kofi Ansah: Captain so all this while where was your brother and wife when you smashed the glass on the wall and were screaming on top of your voice?

Captain Adjei: I think they were downstairs by then. I didn’t like it for anyone to enter my study if I had not personally invited you over to that place and with the face my brother saw earlier on, he dare not come close to me because he knew I could beat the holy crap from him if he did. My brother I drunk to stupor and went off, it was around 20:00hours when I heard someone calling and tapping me, I managed to open my eyes and it was one of my junior officers who was trying to get me off the ground. Apparently I had emptied the dry gin from the bottle, slept off, passed vomit and was lying in my own vomit. He carried me to the shower where he opened the shower on me and left me to clean myself. I managed to get myself back on track as he went back to my study to clean the mess I had created. When I came downstairs he was with my wife and brother at the hall watching television, he had informed them of the demise of our senior commanding officer and I guess those idiots thought my actions was because I had lost my commanding officer that is why I was misbehaving in that funny way. As a matter of fact I was kind of suspecting the two people to be having an illicit transactions going on between them behind my back because just some months back, those two were not meeting eye to eye and now all of a sudden they have become tight buddies, well that was a secondary matter to me where I was going to deal with them later. Now I had a tough mystery or puzzle to solve. I told the young officer to follow me as I didn’t utter any word to my wife and brother. We left in the car he brought to my house to our hideout, on the way he asked me why I of all people could drink to stupor and I lied to him that it was due to the untimely death of our commanding officer, to me his death wasn’t making any sense to me. The junior officer looked at me very confused and kept nodding his head as I spoke. We got to our meeting point and the others were already seated waiting for my arrival. We had a very fruitful discussion that night and I allocated the roles everyone was going to play in our undercover mission. I made them promise me that whatever we discussed should stay between us and not a single soul on earth must get to hear what we discuss when we meet even at gunpoint. They swore and affirmed their allegiance to me that, our meeting was going to remain discreet forever and no one outside our cycle will hear a word from our discussion. My role in this undercover mission was to first go to the crime scene which was my commander’s office to gather every relevant information I could lay my hands on that will enhance our undercover mission. I knew because of my rank and position in our base, I could easily be granted access to my former bosses office very easily without any difficulty. When everyone was clear on the assigned roles were going to play, I rescheduled the meeting to another day for us to converge at the same place and time. Everyone was to bring his or her findings so we know where we are heading to. I told them I will try and get to our bosses office early before any investigation team comes around to run their investigation so they should do well to come to work early the next day. I was taken back home by my junior officer and I went back to my study to get somethings down as we had a herculean task ahead of us. I couldn’t sleep that night because anytime I closed my eyes, pictures of my commanding officers kept flashing in my head and it got me so distressed. I went to sit in my balcony to enjoy the breeze as I reflected on the things I shared with my former boss. Oooh that man was an intelligent, approachable, reliable, easygoing and distinguished personally whom I learnt so many things from. I went back to the bedroom to prepare for the office and task ahead of me, as I got to the office, I saw two men from the military police mounting or guarding the door of my boss which was now a crime scene and a no go area for anyone except you have been given clearance or permission to go in. I introduced myself and tried my luck, favour gave me grace and without any hesitation from them, they granted me access to my greatest surprise and pleaded with not to keep long in there. As I got to the office, I felt terrified looking at the place my former boss use to sit in his office and how he related to anyone who walked in there. I went round his desk and looking at the blood stains on the wall behind his desk, it dawned on me that there was something more to the death of Brigadier Oblitey Commey. Indeed something was not really making sense because I gathered some facts and clues there.



To be continued…

✍🏾An Akoto Adjei Alexander Imagination
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