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Narrow Escape – Episode 3

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Episode Three:


Kofi Ansah: Captain what did you come across in your car that shocked you that much?

Captain Adjei: My brother, as I finished washing my car and decided to clean the interior part of the car, I opened the letter box and I saw a red pant in there. The red pant was not a new one so you could tell something went on in the car some days ago that is why the pant was hidden there. I went inside and asked my wife what her pant was doing in my letter box and she seriously denied knowing anything about the pant. She later told me to ask my little brother who once a while used my car if I was not around or not using the car. What she said made sense because I know what youthful exuberance could do to the youth once a while. My brother was by then not around because he went looking for an accommodation as his posting was in finally and mobile phone was by then not in the system for me to call and reprimand him for that disrespect and gross misconduct. I disposed the pant off and forgot to ask my brother about that encounter when he came around later.

Kofi Ansah: Captain so you mean you swept the pant story under the carpet?

Captain Adjei: Truly so my brother, even though the pant was an exact size of my wife, I knew in our family we had taste for heavy backside so never bothered to confront my brother about that issue again. I had an invitation to go on a short ammunition course in the jungle at Oda-Akyease, when I returned home I came to meet my brother and my wife in a happy mood back home and I was glad they had ironed out their differences in a matured way without involving a third party into the matter. My mother then started mounting pressure on us to start bringing forth children since we were all not getting any younger. I remember I told her bringing forth children is a gift from God and that giving birth was not a kaba style that would pass so she should let us enjoy our marriage in peace and rather not set my house ablaze with fire. My mother left my house a day to valentine and I went to drop her at the station, on my way home I again saw that same guy “alleged mechanic” cruising in my wife’s car and playing loud music in the car. This time I decided to follow him and throw questions at him as his actions never depicted that of a mechanic.

Kofi Ansah: How should a mechanic behave when driving his client or customer’s car Captain?

Captain Adjei: My brother you know we security personnels are trained in a way that we easily suspect people who are imposters or criminals. Further more I had cautioned my wife not to send her car to that guy again because my mechanic was always available to service our cars and his work rate and finishing was top notch. Unfortunately for me my front right tyre burst when I fell in a pothole as I was pursuing him. I lost track of him because of my burst tyre, thankfully I had a spare tyre so I changed my tyre and after fixing it, I realised my car was not starting again, my fan belt had gotten torn and it seems the car engine had also developed overheating when I opened my bonette. Because I was in my military uniform, I managed to get some boys to help me push the car to a nearby fueling station where I obtained permission from the station master to pack the car there, I locked it and boarded a taxi home. I was so furious that I decided not to step out of the house for the rest of that day, she came back about two hours later and upon seeing me in the porch drinking whiskey she knew all was not well. She greeted and I didn’t respond so she went in, changed and cooked something for us to eat, I chose not to eat and went to bed straightaway without even taking my bath, my wife knew that when I sleep, I don’t like to be bothered with food issues or things that were not pressing so she allowed me to sleep. At the early hours of the day I woke up and rushed to the bathroom, cleaned myself up and immediately dressed up, apparently I was suppose to present a travelling list to my commanding officer but because I was carried away by my emotions the previous day, I forgot to submit the list. Getting out of the main house, I realised my car didn’t sleep with me in the same compound so I went back to the house and went to the hanger we hanged our car keys, the third car had a break problem so I had no option than to use my wife’s car because I was so much in a hurry just to submit the list for approval from my commanding officer. I drove out of the house and straight I went to my commading officer’s mess to submit the list. He was shocked to see me early at his house but after telling him my mission he told me, I was so lucky I got to his house early if not I would find myself in a hot soup. He signed and endorsed it and requested me to submit it at the HQ because he was not going to step out of his house that day. I left his end and threw the docket which had the names of the junior officers who will embark on that journey into the back seat of the car and drove immediately to the HQ.

Kofi Ansah: Captain please what do you mean by the word HQ?

Captain Adjei: Kofi, HQ means headquarters, we in the security services like to use abbreviations to qualify some words or expressions.

Kofi Ansah: Okay I understand.

Captain Adjei: So as I was saying, when I got to HQ I opened the backdoor of the car to get the docket and that was when I came across something I least expected to see.

Kofi Ansah: Listeners and cherished followers across all social media handles, the tension here is getting heated by the second, I am taking a quick commercial break and will be right back. Please don’t touch the dial because you wouldn’t like to miss a line of the narration my special guest in person of Captain Kwame Adjei is giving. We have dubbed today’s narration as NARROW ESCAPE on your number program evening program “BITTER TRUTH”. I will be right back


To be continued…

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