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Narrow Escape – Episode 2

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Episode Two


3rd Prison Officer: Now that you have received your blanket, mattress, towel, bowls and new dress, please change yourself and wear your new uniform so I escort you to your cell. On the logbook I saw in it that you on death roll and you are serving a death sentence, what was your crime and who are you?

Captain Adjei: My name is Kwame Adjei and I am here because I was accused of murdering someone.

3rd Prison Officer: You mean you were charged with murder which was not true? How did this murder case take place? Was it through a fight, gunshot, assault, robbery, being at the wrong place at the wrong time or what?

Captain Adjei: Amongst all the things you listed, you left self defense out. Already you guys here have a conviction for people who are brought here and you tag all of us as criminals right?

3rd Prison Officer: I am sorry but please forgive me if that is how my statement sounded. I would love to hear your story if you don’t mind?

Captin Adjei: My story is a long story which can’t be narrated as we stand here because it has a lot of phases.

3rd Prison Officer: Well if you can’t narrate your story today, I know we have a lot of days for us to spend here so we can meet and talk as the days pass by. You have a persona which depicts a touch of a gentleman and gentleness. I was rude to you earlier on as I raised my voice at you but you kept your composure and still spoke softly to me.

Captain Adjei: Corporal in this life I have learnt that you don’t have to tackle every problem with aggression and violence. If I also replied you in a rude manner, will won’t be having this kind of conversation?

3rd Prison Officer: Mmmm the police officer who brought you was addressing you with the title “Captian”, why was he addressing you that way? Were you a service man?

Captain Adjei: Precisely so corporal. I was a Captain in the Army awaiting my promotion to become a Major before this tragedy befell me.

3rd Prison Officer: (knocks on the condemn cells door) I am bringing in a condemn prisoner.

4th Prison Officer: (spies through the spy hole) Corporal Adiku you have brought a new bird to us for future execution huh?

3rd Prison Officer: Regrettably so my brother, Captain I am leaving you in the hands of my brother, we will surely meet again to continue our discussion. Cheer up for everything that happens, it happens for as reason.

4th Prison Officer: Corporal what is his prison serial number?

3rd Prison Officer: Mmmm his serial number is 1578/A3 and he is 28years of age.

4th Prison Officer: That will be all, Mr man welcome to the condemn cells also known as “country no vex”, follow me as I lead you to your cell.

3rd Prison Officer: Captain Adjei sir, as discussed I will see you some other time so continue our discussion. Merry Christmas to you.

Captain Adjei: Thank you so much for this my brother. Certainly we will do our discussion at the appropriate time.

3rd Prison Officer: Okay sir, permission to carry on sir.

Captain Adjei: Permission granted and you can carry on.

4th Prison Officer: (leads captain to his cell) Mr Man this is where you are going to leave until the day you run out of luck and order comes from above for you to be taken to the shooting range for your execution. A piece of advice for you, don’t ever in your life greet anyone here good morning if you love your life. If you want to be polite and greet someone, just say “day break again” and pass by or just pass without greeting anyone because if your morning was good, you wouldn’t find yourself here waiting for the day you will be killed. Cell leader come for a new bird and show him where he will be sleeping for the rest of his life here in this your country.

Cell Leader: (walks to them) Officer you have brought me a fowl to take care of till the time you come for him to kill right?

4th Prison Officer: You know the drill my man, I will see you later.

Cell Leader: (leads the way into the cell) You are welcome to our side of the world where everyday is a blessing to our miserable lives. This is the room you will be living till you are transferred to the shooting range the day you run out of luck. Put your mattress and things there at that side and after that make yourself comfortable. Later on in the night when the doors are locked, you will tell us your story that gave you the ticket to this place. The other inmates will then introduce themselves to you as you also tell us how the other side of the walls is and why you decided to come join us here.

Later in the Evening:

Cell Leader: (screams) Now let this place be quite all of you. As you can see, there is a new face in our midst, you guys should keep quite as he narrates his story which brought him here. I don’t want to hear any voice apart from his, I want to hear the sound of a pin when it drops and I will be cutting in if I don’t understand what he is saying, for you guys until he is done talking no one will ask him any question, you can ask your questions when the floor is given to you, you introduce yourself to him before your ask your question. Mr man my name is Ibrahim Tanko and I am the cell leader for this whole block, the floor is yours now.

Captain Adjei: Thank you very much Mr Tanko. I am Captain Kwame Adjei, former Adjutant and Commanding Officer of the 64th Battalion Infantry and I am here because I was allegedly accused of murdering a man who I met screwing my wife on my matrimonial bed.

Cell Leader: (cuts in) My brother here we don’t deal with lies because if you lie or not, you are already here with us. It is only the law court which has the motto that, “the truth shall set you free”, here if you lie or not you are still behind bars and nothing will change that fact. Continue your narration solider man as your colleague solider is also listening to you attentively.

Lt. Lee: Leader please he is my senior man ooo.

Cell Leader: Oh okay, senior solider man please continue your story.

Fast Forward into the Current Day:

Kofi Ansah: Welcome back my lovely listeners both home and abroad after that musical interlude. We are also streaming live across all social media handles, if you just tuned in you are fortunate because you have only missed the first phase of this special interview we are having with my special guest for today’s program. You can also follow us live on KINGLEXISCITY MEDIA across all social media handles so you get live videos of what is going on in the studio. Captain before we went on the music break you said you were accused of murder, can you please give us that account of the story?

Captain Adjei: Thank you very much once again my brother for having me here in your august studio. Mmmm I before I completed university I came across a very pretty damsel whom I fell in love with. That lady never gave me a listening ear so I could profess my love for her till we left school because I wasn’t in her league by then and I wasn’t good with words when it came to women matters. Infact I was a virgin all throughout my university days, I did my National Service in a remote village and that was where the village chief’s daughter helped me deflower my virginty to become a full grown man, I returned home after my service and started facing the realities of life very well, I now came to understand the old adage which said “to be a man; is not a childs play”. Job was not forth coming and the ones I was previewed to was not paying well. My younger siblings needed help but my mum couldn’t do it all after she had strived to see me through the university all alone, I decided to take the bull by the horn and put my destiny in my own hands before it was too late. Joining the Army was never in my plan but because all my childhood days, I was bullied by this guy in our neighbourhood, I decided to join the Army so I get paid well for me assist my mum and siblings. Also I wanted to be given the best treatment accorded to men in uniform by the citizens of our country and then also teach that guy who used to bullied me some hard lessons as I got to know he was now a drug peddler. When I heard it was time for officers enlistment, I quickly left the house because I knew my mum will kick against my idea of joining the Army. To her, her first child and son was to be a big time petroleum engineer or biochemist and not another job that won’t fetch much money into my pocket because she had to sell virtually every valuable thing on her so she could see me through the university. Lo and behold my application was granted, I went through medicals successfully and I was enlisted into the military training academy as an officer. With my determination and zeal to be the first person in my nuclear and extended family to wear the camouflage uniform, I passed through the rigorous training and was commissioned as a junior rank officer into the Ghana Armed Forces. Actually I was adjudged the overall best officer amongst my mate and because of my educational background I was stationed in the 64th Battalion Infantry Regiment. My mum who would have hated for me to join the Army was now my number one fan who paraded me anywhere she went and in no time her real name faded out and she was now been addressed as mama solider. Few months after I had been posted to my regiment, I and my boys were doing a night duty patrol in the Tema Municipality when I came across that same lady who stole my heart and never gave me the opportunity to express my love to her. Actually the President by then was to commission a new factory in that area the following morning so we took charge of that area and later mounted a security checkpoint to inspect cars and people who plied that route. Apparently she was driving an unregistered car late in the night and my boys didn’t want her to drive through our checkpoint. Hearing the exchange of words from my boys and the said lady, I had to step in because the lady was the I know my rights type so she argued for some time with my boys, I jump out from the armoured car I was relaxing in to see who was making the work of my boys tough. Fortunately for me, the checkpoint was right under a street light so I saw the face of the stubborn I know my rights citizen very well and immediately I lost balance. My brother come and see solider man in uniform battling with common words just to speak with a lady, the officer in charge of duty was fumbling with words until my 2IC, I mean my second in command came to my rescue. He ordered for the lady to park in a corner as they run a thorough check in her car and that was when I calmed myself down and introduced myself to the lady.

Kofi Ansah: Captain so you mean with your gallantry and all this rigours training you feared women?

Captin Adjei: My brother love has a way of getting a hard man to his knees in tears. Sampson story in the bible will bail me out. Love had nothing to do with your work or your persona and if you are to see this lady in question, you would understand my dumbfoundness and tight sealed mouth that day. Well I managed to take charge of the issue and introduced myself to the lady so she could calm down. My approach did the magic and she tamed down immediately, I told my boys to leave the matter for me to settle and that was where I threw my luck at the lady and I succeed with a date with her the following day. One thing led to the other and in no time we had built a solid and inseparable bond together, we took the thing to the next level and I walked her to the aisle since I didn’t want any man born of a woman to cross my path. She was a banker and branch manager for the Ghana Commercial bank. She started to complain about us living in the barracks shortly after we got married, for her the rooms were small and close and she couldn’t express herself well at night when men decided to go to work. With the money in my accounts then and a little loan she helped me secure in her bank, I bought a land and in no time completed my 6bedroom house and moved in with her. I had to drive quite a distance before I get to work but I was so okay with that because my wife was now giving me the quality sound I wanted to hear when we were doing our own thing at night. My kid brother moved in with us as he completed teacher training college and awaiting his posting. I don’t know but the two of them(wife and brother) all of a sudden were not getting along, the once close paddies all of a sudden were behaving so cold towards each other and anytime I asked my wife she would cook a story up and dish it out to me.

Kofi Ansah: And did your brother also tell you something?

Captain Adjei: Hmmmmm my brother deserved to work with the National Security or BNI because he was someone who never opens up to people about what he knows on what he has seen. Up till now it baffles me why he chose to go to the teacher training college instead of the university to read law or pshycology. The nature of my job saw me out of my house most at times, peacekeeping missions and special undercover assignment got me out of the country at least twice a year but I never made my wife lack anything a woman will think of. One time I drove to town and was coming back home and all of a sudden it started raining heavily, I had to pack my then car because the rain had flooded the road. From nowhere I saw a guy drive my wife’s car pass me splashing the flooded water on my car, I swear if my glass was a bit down the guy would have soaked me with rain water. Getting home I confronted my wife and she told me the guy was a mechanic who was trying his car after servicing it. I wasn’t convinced for two reason, the first one is I had a personal mechanic who worked on all the cars in my house and the second one was the guy was so neatly dressed for a mechanic work but since I didn’t want to raise any qualms that night, I allowed sleeping dogs to lie. A month later I decided to wash my car one weekend and what I came by in the car was extremely shocking my brother.



To be continued………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………#Yeb3toaso


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