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Masked Mr Popular – Episode 24

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{Celebrity’s Secret Girlfriend}









Who the f**k is this girl here and what the actual hell does she think she’s doing?
What the hell is happening right now?

I came here to finalize my marriage with the man of my dreams. The one that I’ve always wanted to be with, only to come here and then his father was saying some things that made absolutely no sense and which I think and hoped would not be true, only to see him walk in with a girl by his side.

And not also any other girl, the girl that he was rumored to be with. What the actual hell is happening right now?

I whisper softly as I turn to look at my dad who shakes his head at me in a way to tell me to keep quiet and say nothing but I don’t really think I can say nothing when everything is shattering right in front of me.

The b***h dares to look at me before she immediately removes her gaze from mine once again and walks closer to me before taking a seat across the chair with Zayn right beside her.

“Like I was saying The engagement and the wedding can’t take place because unfortunately he happens to be just in love with another girl and I’m not the one that forces my son or any other child to do what they don’t want. So I’m very sorry but you would have to leave…”

I start, standing up but dad is quick to hold me back down and keep his hands on my shoulder.

“I understand but I just wished that you had told me this sooner Samuel. My daughter is very much in love with your son and you know by doing this, you’re just breaking her heart.”

Dad says, shaking his head while my gaze remains on Zayn and the girl that’s fixed right next to him like a glue.

He isn’t even saying anything to what’s going on as if he has no business with it and boy, if that didn’t get me angry then I have no idea what else would.

“I know. I know which is why I’m very sorry to do this but my son isn’t in love with your daughter like you see, he had another one”

I couldn’t take anything anymore.

Everything was just too much all of a sudden.
The rape from Ryan, the cries. Everything. The threats. This happening, everything was too much all of a sudden and it made me so angry that I almost want to pull my own hair out.

“That’s it! I can’t take this anymore! I just can’t! You can’t do this to me! Everyone knows that I’m supposed to get married to him! He’s supposed to be mine! You were the one that asked for my hand in marriage in the first place so can you please tell me why the hell you’re going back on your own words right now?”

“As you can see.. he already has a..”

“He has a girlfriend? Are you f****ng sh*tting me right now? You didn’t think that he had a girlfriend before you came to ask for my hand in marriage? All these time, you didn’t think about the fact that he could be in love with someone else and now… Now you”
I shake my head as the tears rolls down my cheeks.


Dad calls from behind and I hold my hand before shaking my head and heading out of the room.

Bit one thing is for sure, there’s no way that I could ever accept the fact that I just lost him.

He’s either mine or no one else’s.

TBC 伐.

Very sorry, for the delay in the story guys but now I’m back.

So where are those comments?
Lemme read them and smile

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  1. Nora take it easy because it is now obvious that he is not in love with you, imagine him leaving you for a mute girl.

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