I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 118

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I Want A Home – Episode 118
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Steve proceed into each of the rooms as the chief maid gave him directions while he engaged in more heavy gunshots. He had crossed into another section of the building and he was heading straight for the room Margaret and Charles were kept.

He crossed four more men when he navigated to the new room and another gun fire began. He shot two quick bullets and hide behind the door as the men charged towards him and he began to hear and wait as well as the men shot at his direction.

He tried to peep but he was lucky slightly from been hit when a bullet pierced the door almost directly to his face, he took cover immediately and leaned against the wall as the bullets pierced the entrance to pieces. He took a look at his wrist watch and made a sigh.

“There should be another way to the room” he shouted into his comm piece as he leaned down from being hit by the heavy gunshots.

“There is no other way except you head out again, you have to proceed on from there, you are just about four rooms away” the chief maid responded as Steve took another look at his wristwatch.

He waited a bit and was about to opt out when he began to hear loud footsteps distance away. More men were fast approaching and he could hear loud sounds very close even though he tried to count how many were heading his way from their steps.

Getting directly into the room would be difficult with the men inside, he wouldn’t have a chance than to get himself killed but he had to get inside before it’s too late. He quickly rolled up his cloth and pulled out his belt, he wrapped it and made a sharp step towards the entrance as the men were watching adherently, he threw the belt almost halfway into the room and opt inside as the men fired their shot towards the object threw inside when Steve opt inside and fired at them, the first man he shot died on the spot and the second as well as the fourth except the third man who seemed to have seen it coming and took cover. He fired at Steve to stop him from getting towards the other entrance but he met his death when he tried to fire sporadically.

Steve proceeded into the room and got to another hall way, the wall were painted colorfully even though there were different sorts of tattoos on the wall. He proceed quickly and head for the fourth room instantly.

He opened the door and met Margaret and Charles tied on a stool with their hands behind them. Their mouth were gaped hence they couldn’t make a sound as the door opened even though they were scared as a result of the gunshots they seemed to be hearing.

Steve moved closer to Charles who vibrated fearfully immediately he touched him, he removed the gape on his lips as Charles cried out terribly and tried to struggle when he began to lose the rope on his hands.

He quickly grab him and lift up his head to reveal his face just as Margaret tried to mumbled out a sound as she saw Steve Jones.

“It’s me Steve” she mumbled out more sounds as Charles stared at him dumbolfolded and scared.


“Boss, the surveillance cam isn’t working properly. I think we’ve been hacked” a voice sounded on Sunny phone as seven men marched behind him.

“You need to intercept and get it back online”

“How do I do that boss?”

“I can’t answer right now, you were careless to have been hacked easily and I’ve always told you to strengthen your cam security, get you’re a..ss down here and inform the other men, we must capture this bas.tard now” Sunny ordered and put down the phone as he and the others made hefty sounds.


Charles was now on his feet even though his left leg almost failed him when Steve helped him up, he managed to stand straight and stepped back as Steve also untied Margaret along the gape.

He had felt so scared when Steve grabbed him earlier, thinking one of the men had come to take him away to be killed but he nevertheless was scared as he stared at his childhood friend untying them with a gun on his hand.

What scared him the most was Steve killing a man without remorse, he had known Steve Jones for decades and he had known him as a fearful man who despised trouble and never get in a fight. He had known him as a brilliant man and one who is as calm as ever, even at the company they both worked together, Steve had placed himself a responsible and sensible man and he was respected by everyone at the company, how he had involved into drugs with powerful mafia lords still remain a mystery to him and the fact that Steve kept his real identity perfectly from everyone made him more scared of the young man.

He was so lost in thought and didn’t hear anyone talking to him until Steve tapped his shoulder, he had untied Margaret quickly.

“You okay? I need to get you out of here and find Vivian as well” He asked Charles.

“What?” Maggie exclaimed with shock.

“She’s been kidnapped as well”

“How? Where? I told her to go inform the police” Margaret let out in a frustrated tone.

“she can’t report to the police, she’s a missing person and the cops can’t help you out of here even if they tried” Steve answered and picked up the guns he had placed on the floor. He looked at Charles again who was still staring at him with disbelief when he walked towards the door and opened it.

“You guys need to follow me” he told them and stepped out first to see if anyone was on sight.

“Have you located Viv?”

“Not yet boss, I am trying to locate all the rooms with cams and study the ones without cam but you have incoming men approaching your position fast”

“How many are they?” Steve asked and hurry out of the hall way back into the previous room as Margaret and Charles stayed by the door.

“8 men approaching from the other hallway and 6 more men from the control room”

“Sh..it, I would have to get these two to safety first and come back for Viv” Steve said and turned to wave at the duos from the door.

“Let’s go”


Sunny fired a bullet towards the edge of the building where surveillance cam were placed to destroy the cams as he and 7 men marched on, he fired another to destroy and fired another when they got to the hallway, destroying three quick cams at once as the men followed, wondering why he shot the cams.

“Destroy all the cctv cams in the building, if we can’t have eyes here then no one should” he ordered them as three men head on straight to shoot all cams both at the hallway and the previous rooms they’ve passed.


“Boss, they are destroying the cctv cams, I won’t be able to give you directions once all is destroyed”

“Shi.t… I need to get these two to safety, what’s the situation outside?” Steve cursed and asked as he beckoned on Charles and Margaret to level up the distance between them.

“If they are quick, they should be out of the building safely”

The chief maid remarked and heaved a deep breath.

“Boss, should I contact the cops? You can’t survive if you stay any moment on” he asked.

“Do not contact the cops, I repeat do not contact the cops. I’ll find a way to get Vivian out once I get this lad out safely” Steve instructed.


Two different hummer jeeps halted from a high speed across the road as the tires screech, the doors opened instantly and four gun men dropped down from each jeep. They looked across the road and turned to face the building.

They were dressed in all black and each of them had a black hat on as they take different route of the road. “There should be no mistake” the man who seemed to be their leader had instructed and nodded as they all listened before he told them to move.


“Where the heck do you say Vivian is? Are we leaving without her?” Margaret voiced out in fear as they walk along the hall seeing different dead bodies in a pool of blood on the floor. She was walking behind Steve who was trying to peep into each of the rooms for anyone.

“I am not leaving without her but I need to get you both out for safety” Steve answered without turning around, he proceed on carefully as he could now here voices and loud thud of footsteps away.

Charles on the way round was so shocked and more scared with the sight of blood and dead bodies on the floor, he tried to count how many men Steve had killed but the sight terrified him and he couldn’t take a longer look. He managed to close and open his eyes, made a deep breath and decided to walk on as his heart skipped and froze with fear.

“Then where are you taking us?” Margaret asked

“There is a car parked across the road, here is the key, take it and get out of here immediately” Steve answered and brought out a car key, he handed it on Margaret hands and took a sharp look behind them.

“You need to hurry” he told them and head out of the building just as they followed him quickly even when Margaret wanted to object.

They were getting closer towards the gate of the compound when Steve heard some footsteps on the other side, he stopped the lads from talking instantly and told them to stay down silently.

He hide quickly behind the gate and raised his gun, waiting for it to be opened.

Just as expected, he fired a bullet into the skull of the first man that stepped inside as the others backed down.

To be continued…







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