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With much love for all youngicee fans


You promised me a life

When our love was young and strong

To create a paradise out of the fires of hell

Your Angel to live on earthly heaven

And to be together for all eternity.


You promised me a life

When we walked in the fields of beautiful flowers

Stooped down and plucked one for me

And with a smile you had promised

All the world for me to live in happiness

All the days of my life.


You promised me a life

When we sat on the green grass

Admiring the beauties of nature

Forever shall I be yours

All the best things in life for free


You promised me a life

When we walked by the ocean

Watching the sun go by

All the peace in the world for me

Like a lone island surrounded by vast waters

Which touch the sky.


Together we shall be

You promised

Never to make me cry

You promised

And after all these many wonderful years

Hope you still remember

All the promises you made to me

When our love still burned brightly.





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