I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 117

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I Want A Home – Episode 117
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Vivian knew nothing else until the cloth use to cover her face by the two huge men in the van was taking off, she totally felt weak and the energy in her body drained as she was taken out from the van after few minutes. The men must have injected her during her trial of struggling in the van.

She felt nothing but weak until her weak legs touched the bare cold floor, the van had just opened after a few minutes’ drive and one of the men drag her out before the cloth was taking off her face.

They were now inside the compound of an unknown building, some part of the environment were bushy, and particularly the right angle side but the left were filled with different spoilt pike. The compound and the building itself was extremely large, there were different types of vehicles including motorbikes at the center of the compound, two bikini ladies were seen hanging around one of the motorbikes and two gunmen were seen approaching them. Two other men were standing akimbo with heavy guns at the strategic angle of the building and three more men seen afar, all of them seem to concentrate on the new fish that was just brought in as phrased by their boss.

Vivian was not allowed to see enough when the same man held her hand and began to take her into the building while she walked weakly behind him.

“Inform the boss we are here” one of the men told the other men hanging around.

“He’s been waiting for you” the man answered as they took Vivian inside.

They took her between some rooms and walls until they got to a room particularly, the door was opened and Vivian was taken inside before it was locked.


Steve halt the car immediately the tracker displaying on his laptop stopped moving, he took a look at his wrist watch and brought out his phone. He navigated to the dial pad immediately and dialed the last contact on the screen.

“I have eyes on you boss, I’m trying to hack into the monitoring cams of the building already” the voice of the Chief maid sounded on the phone before Steve could utter any word.

“Good, locate a perfect spot for me to get into the building undetected” Steve ordered and quickly kept the revolver behind his cloth.

“Yeah wait a minute” the chief remarked as a short silence emerged for some seconds before he spoke again.

“The building is heavily guarded Boss, the back and front exit are filled with gun men, you can only get in with hostile engage”

“How many men can you see in total?” Steve asked him

“5 men at the front with 2 women and 4 men at the back exit”

“Can you locate the control room and intercept them?”

“Yes, I can change the live display and change their footage undetected”

“And that’s for how many minutes?”

“Uh! Their control system was easy to hack into, the intercepted clips wouldn’t show until 30 minutes. I think you are dealing with some kind of local thugs here boss”

“And Vivian, do you have eyes on her?”

No, I just checked, I think they had her in a room without cctv but I could see her friends”

“Okay, I’m going in now, I need you to give me directions”

“Be careful boss, you are going to fight yourself in and there are more men inside the building”

“No, I’m only going to cause a distraction” Steve announced and turned to the back seat of the vehicle, he picked up the back bag and brought out two grenade smoke. He dropped the laptop on his laps and dropped from the vehicle instantly.

“Be careful boss” the chief maid voice sounded on his ear.


Flashback, 4 hours ago.

A knock sounded on the door after 10 minutes Steve tried to calm Vivian down, “come in” he announced loudly before the chief maid at the door entered.

He bowed to greet Steve and nodded to Vivian. “You called for me sir”

“Yeah, I need to have some discussion with you and give you some instructions in the control room. Go ahead, we’ll meet you there” he told the chief maid who nodded immediately and head out of the room. He turned to Vivian and held her shoulder as she stared at him, “This is all my fault” she cried.

“We are going to save your friends, come with me” Steve phrased and hold her hands.


The chief maid had gotten into the control room of the mansion when Steve and Viv joined him five minutes later, he was already working on one of the systems and he was looking out for some of the footages around the mansion when they appeared behind him.

He stopped and turned to them as Steve began to talk.

After a long briefing, Vivian looked at Steve as fear was totally written on her face, she turned to the chief maid and heaved a deep sigh, “this is a crazy idea, I could be killed” she voiced out in fear.

“Don’t be scared Viv, it’s the only way to get Charles and Margaret free”

“What about trailing the calls boss?” the chief maid asked.

“We can’t, the caller had hidden his location as well. The only way to do this is to follow his instructions but I’ll be there with you and follow the tracker on your body” Steve told Viv as she heaved another deep sigh, she felt scared but she trusted Steve.



Sunny smiled and picked up the pistol on the only table in the room, he tucked the cigarette on his lips away and turned to the men standing behind him.

“Did you locate any tracker on her body?” he asked them.

“Yes we found and destroy it”

“Do she hesitated any bit as well?”

“She tried to force herself at first”

“Okay, take me to her” Sunny ordered and the men turned to lead the way.


Steve picked up three different stones by the road side as he approached the building, he threw two of the stones inside and the third to hit the gate, making a sound simultaneously.

“What the hell is that?” one of the men on guard phrased and head towards the direction when they heard the sound both on the gate.

All of them got alerted at once and they raised their guns except the two bikini ladies talking to the men on the motor cycles. Two of the men walked towards the gate while the rest stayed on by. They checked out for anything but there was nothing and no one on sight. They also checked the angles where it was bushy as well as the pikes but there was nothing.

“I sure heard the sound”

“Yeah me too” the other man remarked, they check around again but there was nothing.

They were about to turn back and check the other side when suddenly smoke gathered around them. The other men watching wanted to raise an immediate alarm when smoke gathered around them likewise almost immediately gunshots began.


Vivian was taken aback with fear as the door to the room opened up, she was seated on a stool and a sense of fear sprang within her as she stood on her feet instantly. Sunny made a loud smirk and walked into the room with the two men.

He smiled approaching her and clapped on seeing her outfit, he also stared at her as she gazed at him till he pulled a stool and sat on it.

“You don’t seem to remember me do you?” Sunny asked as he revealed the injured part of his face. He widened his eyes for Viv to have a clear look and made a chuckle as she was just looking like a dumb.

“You sure don’t remember do ya? Your baby diaper changer made me this way” he reckoned in a terrible and loud tone as Vivian panicked and instantly leaned against the wall.

“And I’m gonna let him have the worst pain ever, more than the pain I endured” he remarked in a more terrifying tone as Viv tried to escape the two men now walking towards her.

She tried to free herself as they forcefully made her sit but her strength was no match at all. “What do you want from us? Where are my friends?”

“I want your baby diaper changer bit..ch” Sunny shouted back at her and sprang up in anger.

He grabbed her neck instantly and struck his fingers into her flesh, he raised her up immediately as Vivian had the worst terrible shock of her life unexpectedly.

“I know he’s going to look for you or appear soon and I’m gonna make him yell so badly in terrible pain” He mocked and released his fingers as Viv shock and tried to catch her breath almost immediately the door opened and a man stepped inside the room in rush.

“Boss we are been attacked” he announced hurriedly without closing the door.

“Oh yeah he’s here, I guess I didn’t expect him so soon” sunny phrased loudly and clapped like an old mad man, he gave Viv a wicked stares and picked out a cigarrete from the park kept in his pocket. He picked up a gun and turned to the man.

“I want everyman to attack and give a call for reinforcement” he ordered.

“Boss we’d be…”

“You have no idea whom you’re dealing with, so just fuc.king obey my instructions or you’d be dead in minutes” Sunny pat the man’s shoulder and head out of the room as the others followed him quick.


It took less than two minutes Steve got into the building 7 men were already seeing themselves in hell, the smoke had gathered so well now getting into some part of the building and he had gotten into it halfway already as the chief maid gave him directions.

He was about to turn to one of the directions given when two men crossed his path again, they waited no moment on sighting the announced intruder when they rain gunshots at him but Steve had taken cover as they shoot randomly.

He waited a bit till they paused and tried to change directions when he fired two bullets on them, each on their forehead at the very chance.

To be continued…



















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