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I want A Home- Episode 116

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I Want A Home – Episode 116
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Steve felt clumsy for a moment as Vivian wrapped him in a tight and long embrace. He held her the same way and patted her shoulders as she lurked unto him tightly.

She was holding onto him and she doesn’t seem like letting go any moments as a series of thoughts ran through Steve.

He wanted to break the hug which was now lasting for a moment but couldn’t when she looked at his face.

She looked deep into his eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, she drew him close and placed a kiss on his lips then broke the long hug.

She stepped backwards from the door to let him enter fully and head back to the bed.

“I hope you were treated well?” Steve asked and stepped towards the bed.

“Yeah. I had everything I wanted” She answered and looked directly into his eyes. She sat on the bed and made a deep breath.

“Everything alright?” Steve also sat on the bed and asked as she stared at him. The long hug at the door took more than four minutes and he quickly deduced something wrong from her reactions.

“There’s a problem Steve” She answered him and made a very deep breath repeatedly when Steve turned to her in a sharp gaze.

“What’s the problem?” Steve sounded aback with the question, he squinted and turned to her.

She looked at him with a worried face and carried the pillow placed on the bed up, she picked the phone under it and raised it to show him when Steve raised his brow.

“You weren’t supposed to be with that” Steve complained instantly.

“Yeah but I’m sorry Steve, I needed to speak with someone, especially Margaret and I contacted her”

There was an immediate silence between them as Steve stared at her. He had told her repeatedly not to contact anyone yet for her safety. He made a sigh and glanced at the door, he adjusted himself on the bed and watched as Vivian made the face of a guilty eight years old girl judged by her own conscience.

“Where did you get the phone?” he asked her.

“One of the maids gave me on my request”

“And” !

“She’s been kidnapped”

“Kidnapped! Who’s been kidnapped?”


“What” Steve exclaimed!!

“He wants me to come down or he’s going to kill Margaret”

“What the heck are you talking about? Who wants you to come?” Steve shouted, trying to digest her words.

“I don’t know!! He called me and threatened to kill Margaret if I don’t come to the address he sent”

“What!! Can I have the phone?”

Steve wasted no time and grabbed the phone from her, he tapped it to display its screen but it was switched off. He reached for the boot button immediately and turned it on.

“I switched it off when he won’t stop calling, I’m sorry Steve, please save my friend ple…ase” Vivian cried out and stammered in guilt.

The phone turned on in no time and Steve navigated to the dial call since the device wasn’t password.

He scrolled through the history and located the last received contact, a private number was displayed.

“When does he start calling?” he turned to ask Vivian.

“Three days ago”

“And when he called, do you confirm Margaret was really kidnapped?”

Fortunately Steve was asking again when the phone began to ring almost before Vivian could respond.

The same private number was displayed on the screen. Steve looked at the device and stretched the phone to Vivian who looked at him with confusion and shock, she was reluctant and couldn’t receive the phone till Steve told her what to say.

“Answer it and ask him to give you confirmation he has Margaret, if he gave it, tell him you’d meet with him” he instructed as Vivian answered the call and nodded to follow his instructions.

“It’s a pity you aren’t following instructions Lad” the caller on the other end said as Vivian put him on speaker immediately.

“You got me pissed off and its seems you love the death of your friends by elapsing the hours I gave you”

“I want confirmation you have my friend and she’s alive” Vivian interjected before he could continue speaking. She looked at Steve’s face and she sounded confident to cause a brief motion between the callers.

“Oh!! Confirmation, of course I’ll give you that” the caller said with a smirk and less than a minute, a sound was heard, like a struggle.

Margaret voice came through the phone loudly and she let out a terrible yell as a slap landed on her face.

“Speak to your friend bit..ch” the caller yelled from the other end.

Vivian closed her eyes immediately in fear, the confident tone she had dropped immediately she heard the familiar voice of the person most closely to her.

He felt Steve hold unto her shoulder as her heart beat speed than the usual and opened her eyes.

“Vivian do not listen to him, go to the police and make a report. He’s going to kill you if you come, he also had Charles kidna…” Margaret shouted as the caller held unto her neck from the other end. He landed another slap on her face and placed the phone back on his ear.

“What!! Charles?” Vivian exclaimed with shock and extreme fear. He stared at Steve’s face as he made a signal for her to calm down.

“I have your old colleague as well, say hello to him too” the caller enjoined and Charles voice sounded on the phone almost the same seconds but he wasn’t allowed to speak rather than the hello he uttered.

“Go to the police and I will kill them, you have until three hours to show up at the address” the caller remarked and the line went off before she could respond.

“You have to calm down Viv, you’d meet him at the address just as he wanted”

“What”!! She exclaimed in more fear.

“You won’t be going alone, we’d go together” Steve smiled and assured her.


Lord Nathaniel smiled cheaply while watching the flashes of camera lights on the faces of Valentine by reporters in the TV. He was just getting out from his trial when different questions were directed at him continuously.

He was seen ignoring the journalists and began to head into a jeep parked very close around his normal body guards while the reporters gathered around him.

He was about to get into the private jeep without a response to any of the question when one of the reporters asked a question that triggers his attention.

“Would it be the end for Xpress if you’re guilty of the charges against you?” and he turned to answer when one of his guards opened the car door for him to get into the jeep.

“The reports against me were false and this trial is injustice, I will adherently stand strong to protect what is mine and stand protected by our law”

“There were evidences presented at the cause of this trial, do you think those evidences were made up?” the same reporter asked as different flashes of lights rain on Val.

“Absolutely yes. The evidences presented were main predictions and I stand against it with pure intentions to justify my claims”

“There were claims that Harrison Williams renounce your involvement in the Assassination of his Family and claimed you were after him because he wanted to make confessions about what you’ve done together, were his claims false as well?”

“I have nothing much to say about that, if Harrison William’s claims are true, I expect him to give evidences against it and dropped it for the authorities for action. Thank you” Val answered and opt into the car, the guard closed the door as the reporters bombarded the air with several questions but the jeep moved along the guards in no time.


Val heaved a deep breath and swallowed his saliva as the jeep moved, he unzip the buttons of his shirt and turned to the man seated at the passenger side of the car.

“Do you get what I asked?’ he asked as the man along the driver glanced at him from the front seats.

The man nodded and draw out the dashboard immediately, he picked out an envelope inside and handed it over to Val who collected the envelope and began to pierced it, he brought out the wrapped phone inside and turned it on.

He navigated to the dial pad instantly and dial the only contact stored on the small device.


“My lord, he has called” Khora inform Lord Nathaniel and stand up where he was seated to the chair the drug lord was watching the TV. He handed a phone to him and stepped backwards when the drug lord answered the call.

“What do you want?” Val’s voice sounded sharply and straight on the phone.

“Oh you could now give me listening hears Val, how are you enjoying your current situation?’ Lord Nathaniel mocked loudly.

“If it is war you want, I’ll give you Nathaniel”

“We already at one and let’s see who losses Val” Lord Nathaniel remarked.

“What I want is quite simple, give me the data”

“What data?’ Val asked.


Location: Secret Location

07:02 pm 3 hours later.

Vivian dropped off on a black sport motorbike at the spot she was told to stop on her arrival, she was putting on a black jacket on a silky black trouser that match her black tenner’s, she was also putting on a black hat and a black shade.

She turned off the motorbike in no time and turned to look around, there was no lights or minimal lights around except some streets lights and bright reflection of light from a building afar.

She turned to look around her accurately for signs of anyone but there was nobody in sight. She looked at her wristwatch to check if she was late but she was even a minute early. She walked back to her motorbike and sat on it.

The instruction of the caller was to stay there for further instructions, hence she took the chance to take her breath as she knew the abductor would be aware of her presence already.

She made a deep sigh repeatedly and stared at the dark sky as her mind drifted some memories of her foster mother, the woman used to be caring and over-protective even though they provided everything she ever needed. She seem to be lost in thoughts of the memories they shared together and was obliterate of her environment till she heard footsteps behind her.

She turned immediately towards the direction only to meet a young boy about 10 years old fast approaching her, he was dressed casually and had on a face cap. She stood and face the boy who handed out a phone to her immediately.

She took the phone from him almost the same seconds it began to ring as she looked startled and answered the phone, an unsaved contact appeared on it screen. She looked at the boy and answered the call.

“Follow him and obey his instructions” the caller said and the phone went off almost immediately the boy requested the phone from Vivian.

“Follow me” he ordered Vivian and turned towards the direction he came from while she hesitated a bit before she began to follow him as he walked away.

“Don’t be scared Viv, follow whatever instructions he gave you. I am with you” Steve broad voice sounded into her hear through a wireless comm. She heaved a deep breath and nodded.

The walk with the boy took more than three minutes before they get to their destination, a van was parked by the road side and it opened before the boy could get to it entrance. Two huge men were seating inside and one of them dropped down immediately they were sighted.

He walked towards Vivian and stopped her from walking, he began to search her body immediately for guns or weapons or mostly trackers and wireless comm, and he took his time to search every part of her body. Unfortunately like it seems he knew where Steve kept the wireless comm on her body, he took it out and smiled to show Vivian as fear struck her instantly.

He smashed the tiny comm with his foot and pushed her forward and forcefully into the van as Vivian tried to hesitate.


Steve dropped the earphone connected into his ear as the connection of both tracker and audio lost from the car he was seated. He had expected that the tracker would be found easily if the abductors are intelligent and it would make them feel they had stop communication with whoever was following or tracking her.

He carried the laptop placed on the passenger side and navigated back to the previous app he opened, he input some keypads and a navigated map shown immediately. He kicked the car engine to life and picked out a gun from the car dashboard.

To be continued…










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