A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Episode 50(Finale)

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A Fight For You
(The Black Girl)

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)

Chapter 50
(Final Chapter)


Me: what?
Anibe: Unugwa let’s go
Me: leave me alone!

Nurse: I’m sorry but we would have to leave the premises

She tried to wheel me away but I began to struggle

Me: I want to see Daniel! I came here to see Daniel! I have to see him!

The doctor was shaking his head before he left.

Me: please let me see Daniel
I didn’t know that I was already crying. Tears were falling freely like my face was a waterfall.

Anibe: Unugwa stop creating a scene. Let’s get out of here. Now!

He began to wheel me away despite my struggles and screams. I looked back and saw that a stretcher was being wheeled into the room.

I kept screaming Daniel because I couldn’t accept that he was gone


As we approached the ward, I looked through the glass and saw something that struck me like lightning. The nurses were covering the head of the patient with covers. I understood what had happened and I didn’t want Unugwa to realize it at that instance but the doctor came out and said it. Daniel had lost his life.

The nurses sedated Unugwa so she could stop crying and screaming. She was now sleeping soundly on her hospital bed. Dad had left because he got a call from someone who was working on the case at hand.

I walked into Andy’s ward and met him with his parents.

Me: good evening
Lewis: good evening. How is Unugwa?
Me: she’s sleeping. She was sedated

He heaved a sigh
Lewis: I believe this wouldn’t be easy for her
Me: it wouldn’t be.

I faced Andy whose mom was holding his hand

Me: how are you doing Andy?
He managed to crack a smile

Andy’s mom : Andy can’t speak anymore

Me: what!
She had a sad face

Andy’s mom: the doctor said the cardiac attack he had hours ago had affected his vocal chords. It’s shifted and can’t produce any sounds

Me: oh my God!
Lewis: but we have hope. He can undergo surgery after he has healed up from his injuries and dislocation

Me: I’m so sorry Andy. You shouldn’t go through all these. But you have to be strong. You have to be strong for your mom and Unugwa, you’re all they’ve got now.

Andy’s mom : I believe my sweet boy would be fine. He’s a strong boy

She caressed his hand and smiled at him. Andy returned the smile and I smiled too.

Me: let me go and check on Unugwa again.

They nodded and I left the room. I went back to Unugwa’s room and stayed there for hours before dad came back in

Me: dad
Dad: Anibe, how is she?
Me: well, thank God for sleeping pills

Dad: how did she take the news?
Me: like I said, thank God for sedatives

He shook his head and looked at her face

Dad: she was really close to that guy. I even thought they were dating until I saw her and Andy

Me: you saw her and Andy?

Dad: yes. In a restaurant. It was a date

Me: and when was that?
Dad: four months ago

Me: whoah whoah. You knew Unugwa and Andy are dating for about four months now?

Dad: she’s eighteen years already. And I already thought her all the things she should know. She should know what she wants by now

Me: wait.. Wait… Dad you’re cool with it?

Dad: yeah

Me: he’s a white boy. A white Filipino

Dad: she’s happy. And Andy doesn’t seem like he’s ready to hurt her

Me: dad…. This isn’t you

He heaved a sigh

Dad: Andy’s mom and I were once lovers, you know that. If it couldn’t work out between us, why stop our kids. For me, I think it’s fate. Let them love each other. Grand kids who are half caste are the cutest

Me: I can’t believe this

Dad: are you against them or what?

Me: no. It ain’t that. I just can’t believe you didn’t kill her

He chuckled
Dad: I might be African, but I mustn’t follow all our ways. I’ve done enough, let’s do things differently now

He looked at her face and smiled

Me: wow. She’d be so glad to hear this

Dad: don’t tell her I know

Me: finally, a secret we bought are gonna keep. I can’t believe we never had a father-son bond

Dad: don’t bring that topic up

I laughed and brought out my phone


I woke up and saw Daniel sitting on a wheelchair beside my bed.

Me: Daniel
Daniel : wake up
Me: but I’m not sleeping
Daniel : you’re right. You’re not sleeping. You’re in coma

Me: no I’m not. I’m I not the one speaking to you now?

Daniel : wake up Unugwa. Your mother is worried about you, your dad is developing hypertension, Andy has refused to go for his surgery except you wake up

Me: I don’t get it. Why I’m I in coma?

Daniel : it’s because of me. You think I’m dead. It’s affected you psychologically and your body couldn’t cope so it shut down

Me: are you really dead?

Daniel : just wake up Unugwa

I heaved a deep sigh and nodded.

My eyes opened and I was in an empty hospital room. I looked around and nothing seemed familiar about the room. I didn’t know how and why I was there. It didn’t look like the room I was in before, this room is way bigger.

I sat up and for the next ten minutes, I only listened to the sounds produced by the machines and the sound of dripping water from my drip.

After about an hour of being alone, my drip finished and I gently detached the tiny pipe but left the needle in my skin. I got up and walked to the bright window, I looked down at so many buildings and I realized I was at the top of a very large hospital.

I left the window and moved to the bathroom. I felt pressed and I had to ease myself.
When I came back to the room, I met a frightened Anibe who looked like a lady he brought to the hotel room vanished right before him

Me: Anibe
He screamed and jerked backwards. He looked at me for several seconds, blinking his eyes repeatedly

Me: are you okay?
Anibe : oh my God! Oh my God! Unugwa!

And he hugged me. The hug was too tight that I thought I was gonna slump in his arms for lack of respiration.

He finally released me after a few seconds which seemed like hours.

Me: what’s come over you? Why do you look like you’ve seen something unbelievable?

Anibe: you woke up! Oh my God! Wait here… I’m coming… Sit on the bed, I’m coming

He left and I wondered what was going on. Then I suddenly remembered the dream. The dream I had about Daniel.

Me: was I really in coma?
I sat on the bed and waited for Anibe. He later came with a doctor and two nurses

Doctor: thank God. You’re awake… How do you feel?

Me: I’m fine

Doctor: any headache or weakness in any part of your body?

Me: no. I’m fine
Doctor: that’s strange. Let’s run some tests

Me: but what happened to me?

Anibe: you’ve been in coma for over a month

Me: what? Why?

Doctor: it was shock. You’re so lucky because such shock can lead to instant death or total and partial paralysis.

Me: why the shock?

No one answered me this time.

Anibe: I’ve called dad and mom, they’re on their way here

Me: Andy… How is Andy?

Anibe: well…. He’s fine. I’ll call his parents now

He brought out his phone and walked out. I didn’t care about what the doctor and nurses were doing to me. They were just asking me to do things for them to be able to conduct their tests and I did them absentmindedly.

I just wanted to hear that Daniel is fine too. He was so real in my dream, he is alive. He’s not dead. But why was he in a wheelchair?

I came back from my thoughts when I sighted my family. My mom and brother were so glad to see me. My dad was so glad.
After everything, I asked about Andy first. They said he had refused to go for his surgery unless I wake up. He was dumb for over a month
What a stubborn boyfriend!

Then I finally asked, about Daniel and they each kept quiet.

After five minutes of silence
Anibe: Unugwa, Daniel is fine.
Me: I want to see him
Anibe: he’s gone out of the country. He too needed surgeries

I heaved a sigh and tried not to cry then get another panic attack. It dawned on me fully that Daniel was truly dead.

His father however was behind bars in the USA, he was caught trying to escape from the country and he had illegal drugs in his luggages. He was taken to court and found guilty for lots of crimes, including causing the accident that took Daniel’s life. Since he was a wanted criminal in more than ten Asian countries, an international anti-drug agency had taken him for imprisonment.

After about two weeks, I was discharged from the hospital and Andy finally agreed to the surgery.

Dad broke the news of our relocation one evening. He said we were going back to USA. I didn’t know whether I was to rejoice or not.

I broke the news to Andy after he had recovered and was speaking again

Me: Andy, we’re leaving the Philippines
Andy: what? You’re leaving?
Me: that’s what my dad says
Andy: to where?
Me: back to USA
Andy: please, convince him to let you stay. At least, complete your high school here. It’s just a semester to complete it now. Please

Me: I don’t know if he’d let me
Andy: Loretta wouldn’t take this news likely
Me: I’m going to miss you
Andy: you’re not leaving yet. Please beg your dad. Maybe after that I’ll also come to the USA to attend college there.

Me: let’s pray he let’s me stay then
Andy : he would.

I heaved a sigh and drank a bottle of water to the middle. I was thirsty.

I looked back at Andy and saw him smiling sheepishly at me.

Me: and what’s that smile for?
Andy: I have news for you
Me: what news?
Andy: Daniel’s not dead

Me: today’s not April Fools Day Andy.
I dropped my bottle of water and took a book to read. We were actually hanging out at Goodwill’s.

Andy: look at this picture
He handed me his phone and I saw a picture of Daniel in a wheelchair, he was shirtless and was eating a Korean dish with chop sticks

Me: how did you get this?
Andy: his cousin sent it to me. He is not dead. He was taken to South Korea by his mother’s sister who knew Eden Alberto was going to order for him to be killed. She wanted to protect him and the only way she could actualize her plan was to paint him dead, so the father would think his plan worked.

Me: you’re joking with me Andy and I don’t like it.

Andy: I didn’t believe it when David told me too. But I’ve spoken with him, it’s true

Me: you mean Daniel isn’t dead?
Andy: he isn’t. But you have to keep this a secret. I only told you because I was asked to

Me: I want to see him
Andy: I know. But you have to convince your dad to let you stay first

Me: I’ll try

I looked at the picture again and sighed.
I hope this isn’t a dream. Daniel has to be alive
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  1. You shouldn't have end it there since Daniel is still alive. You should have make it for the three of them to reunited again.

  2. When will the epilogue be fully loaded,I really need to know because I expected the three main characters to be united. The story can't just end like this

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