A Fight For You

A Fight For You – Epilogue

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A Fight For You
(The Black Girl)

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)



Me: I can’t believe it. It’s really you

He squeezed my hands and chuckled

Daniel: I guess it is
Me: you’ve changed. You’re just… Different now
Daniel: a lot has changed Unugwa. My mom’s death changed me in so many ways

Me: I’m glad it did. And I’m glad you also survived

Daniel : I already apologized to Andy, but I haven’t apologized to you. Unugwa, I’m sorry for my character. I was selfish, greedy and full of hatred. I’m sorry I hit you. I’m sorry I wanted to hurt Andy. I’m sorry about my father’s deeds. Please forgive me

I felt so emotional because his eyes were really apologizing. It was sincere

Me: Daniel, I forgive you. I can’t hold a grudge against you

It was when he released my hands and wiped my tears that I knew I was crying. I don’t know why I’m so vulnerable.

Daniel: thanks Unugwa
I hugged him on his wheelchair. He had a temporary paralysis so he had to use a wheelchair for some time

Daniel : will you eat dinner here, or at the hotel? I actually cooked
Me: you cooked?
Daniel : yes. David’s mom has been teaching me how to cook and I’m getting better at it

Me: okay, I’ll tell Andy we’re having dinner here

Daniel : let’s go inside then. It’s getting chilly out here

Me: I’ll wheel you in
Daniel : I can drive it Unugwa
Me: I’m wheeling you in Daniel, whether the wheelchair’s drive-able or not

I got behind him and wheeled him in.

Actually, I told my dad I was going for a camp with Loretta and Claire for the weekend. He was at first, too overprotective and wouldn’t let me go but he later released me. He agreed for us to stay in the Philippines till I’m done with high school too.

Andy and I took a flight to South Korea and lodged in a hotel apartment with two rooms. We then went to see Daniel.
I was so glad he was alive and well. I told my parents he was alive but I didn’t tell them I was going to visit him, only Anibe knew.

A year later, I got into University of California Los Angeles mostly known as UCLA. Of course Andy was with me.

We still loved each other dearly and I was really glad he was the one I fell in love with. Though we had issues and misunderstandings at some point in our relationship. There was a time a Filipino girl came between us. She was beautiful and was always hovering around him. She laughed even when what he said was clearly not funny and the worst thing was that she preferred speaking their language whenever I was around. She would have unlawful body contact with him and stupid Andy wouldn’t say anything. I got really angry with him and while we were arguing, I said I wish it was Daniel I was dating. I said Daniel would never make me feel jealous and would be able to stay away from other girls and even scold them if they cross boundaries.

I actually regretted what I said because Andy’s face changed totally. It was as if he was going to cry. He was speechless and kept staring at me for long minutes.
I apologized for what I said but he just nodded, took his bag and said that he needed to go.. He left and I didn’t see him for that whole day again.
I later saw him sitting in a subway station. He wasn’t entering the buses but he just sat, staring into nothingness.

Me: Andy
I had called out to him. He gently looked at me
Andy: hmm

I sat beside him
Me: what are you doing here?
He shrugged
Andy : nothing

I placed my hand on his shoulder
Me: Andy are you okay?
He didn’t answer

Me: baby
Andy: Ugwa I’m sorry
Me: for what?

He looked at me
Andy: for hurting you. I didn’t think I’d do that but I did. I’m sorry

Me: is that it? That’s not a big deal
Andy : I’m sorry I didn’t send the girls away from me. I just didn’t want to get a bad image and I didn’t know it was hurting you. I’m sorry

Me: but why did you leave my place like that, yesterday.

Andy : because I didn’t know what to say.

Me: sweet… I love you. I’m sorry I compared you to Daniel. I’m sorry

Andy : it’s okay. I learnt my lesson from that. I just don’t want to hurt you again

Me: you’re so cute when you’re having that pathetic face look

He chuckled and took my hand
Andy : I love you, you know that right?

I kissed him and ruffled his hair
Me: I know that

He smiled and nodded.

Andy: it’s hot today. Want ice-cream?
Me: yeah. Strawberry flavor
Andy: banana flavor for me. Banana forever…

We laughed and walked hand in hand out of the subway station.

During my stay in the Philippines, I learnt a lot, I got new amazing friends (Loretta included) and I got the best lover ever.

Even with the fights I went through, I still learnt things.

I guess the reason God made us relocate was to actualize his will in our lives, mine most especially. And I thank God for that.
The End

The moral lessons I wanted to portray through this story are two

Your character matters a lot, if you don’t change it for good it will damage you.

Secondly, it’s about love. If you love someone, make sure you never hurt that person
Even if the person doesn’t return the feelings. And please don’t run after material things, you can never have a perfect love life if money is the center of your love. Love the person despite their flaws and weaknesses.

And my own personal advice, love someone with 80% of your heart just in case all the things portrayed in this story doesn’t happen to you. Because if you give your whole heart to a human being, one word can break it into tiny pieces that you can’t bring them back together.
Be careful with your heart

Thanks for reading my fictional story.

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