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As his car drove into the Dalvetti’s mansion,Kabir came outside to see what he came for after ruining his relationship with Ayesha,who still refused to see him. Khaleed walked towards Kabir with Leonise trailing behind.


“What do you want this time?” Kabir asked. “You’ve done enough damage to this family what are you here for again?”


“Calm down bro,i came with peace” Khaleed said.


“Peace? The last time you came into this house,you ruined the peace of this family” Kabir said.


“Look Kabir,i’m sorry for everything i did. It wasn’t even my fault,you should blame dad. Anyways,i’m here to make things right,can you call dad and your mum out?”


“Make things right?” Kabir said not knowing what Khaleed was talking about.


“Okay,i will give you a chance” Kabir said.


He called one of the manservant to get his parent. Not less than five minutes ,Mason and Dora were with them. They were surprised to see Leonise.


“Leonise” Mason gasped.


Kabir was also surprised when he heard the name. He knew Leonise was Khaleed’s mother,but she’s supposed to be dead.


Leonise took slow strides towards Dora and went on her knees. They were all surprised by her action including Khaleed.


“You slut,are you here to snatch my husband away from me the same way your son took what is rightfully for my son? Aren’t you supposed to be dead? I thought i told you to stay away from my family? Dora said with tear filled eyes.


“I know i’m supposed to be dead and not to be seen again. I know i’m supposed to stay away from your family and never return again,but here am i on my knees begging you for forgiveness. I have offended you so much. I wasn’t meant to sleep with your husband not to talk of bearing him a child. After today i and Khaleed will never step foot in your house unless you ask us to. But please forgive me”


Leonise said while still on her knees while Dora watch her in surprise. She hadn’t expected her to apologize.


Khaleed handed his resignation letter to Mason. “I’m sorry i have to resign. I’m not capable of handling the company,being a doctor is my calling. You should give the company to the rightful owner” Khaleed said as he bowed to his father and went to lift his mother up from her kneeling position.


“Let’s go,mum” He said as he and his mother headed for the car while the Dalvetti’s just stood dumpfounded.


“You should at least have a drink before leaving” Dora said to everyone’s amazement. Leonise and Khaleed stopped as the both turned to be sure of what they heard.


“Mum,are you sure?” Kabir asked his mother.


“Yes i am. And Leonise,we could catch up on old times” Dora said as she went inside and every one else followed her.


Leonise,Dora and Mason sat together sipping their drink,they were in deep conversations. Khaleed walked up to Kabir who was still surprised by all the happenings. “I thought she was dead” Kabir said finally breaking the silence between them.


“I also thought so,but that doesn’t matter anymore. She’s alive now and i’m going to give her what she never had” Khaleed said. “So are we real brothers now?”


“Nah” Kabir replied.


“Come on,your mother accepted mine already,so why are you still holding grudges. And i didn’t even want to do this,mum asked me to” Khaleed said.


“I’m still holding grudges because you took away my woman from me”


“Listen,i never took Aysh from you,me being her fiance is only a charade. I only saved her and if i didn’t save her i’m sure you won’t be here sulking. And to tell you the truth,she wanted to avenge you but i stopped her” Khaleed said.




“To be honest with you,what you did to her was totally wrong and you don’t deserve to be forgiven. How could you dupe__”


“It’s okay Khaleed. I admit i was wrong but at that time i was left with no other choice. Disguising as a P.A was the only option left. I didn’t know i was going to fall for her talkless of impregnating her. And now i want her back,for goodness sake she’s carrying my child. Look Khaleed,i’m willing to return everything i took from her,but she doesn’t even want to see me. Anytime i visit her she tells her maid to inform me she’s having menstrual cramps,i wonder if pregnant women menstruate” Kabir said while Khaleed started laughing. “It’s not funny” Kabir said pissed.


“Of course it is” Khaleed said between laughter.


“Okay,does her parent know you’re responsible for the baby?” He asked when he finally stopped laughing.


“Yes,they do. Even mum and dad knows already,i explained everything to them. Mum was so excited about the baby,but they told me to keep trying my best. They hope that one day she will surely forgive me”


“Of course she will. Listen,she loves you. I can help you talk to her you know” Khaleed offered.


“You? But you love her too” Kabir said.


“She turned me down,guess because she still loves you. I got over her pretty fast and mum said she wasn’t meant for me” Khaleed explained.


“I’m starting to love your mum. Thanks bro” Kabir said.


“I can’t believe you called me that”


“I actually did”


“So,brothers?” Khaleed said opening his arm for a hug.


“Sure” Kabir said receiving the hug.


They heard a clap from behind and turned to see their parents. “I’m glad you guys are getting along well now” Mason said.


“So am i” Dora said as she hugged Khaleed,taking him by surprise. “You’re so cute” She said pulling away from the hug. “So Khaleed now i guess you can call me your small mum and Kabir,” She said facing Kabir. “You can call Leonise your big mum” Dora said making everyone in the room laugh. Kabir was glad she’s back to her normal cheerful self.


“I’m not joking”


“Mum,we know you’re not,it’s just weird” Kabir said still laughing.


“Whatever” Dora said.


After the small reconciliation,Khaleed and Kabir decided to meet with Ayesha at her mansion the next day while Khaleed and Leonise went back home.



Great right? It’s finally coming to an end and I apologize for posting late.


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