The Diamonds

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💫THE DIÃMÔNDS By Faith Lucky💎


The diamonds?
Who are the Diamonds?
And where do you belong?

The White diamonds?
Or the Black Diamonds?

Okay…a little introduction.

The diamonds are a unique set of people in the country discovered to have special powers. Once their powers are discovered, they’re taken to the special school – THE DIAMONDS INSTITUTE – where they’re being taught to control and make use of their powers. Its a school attended by people from all over the world -as long as they posses special abilities, of course – and it becomes like their new home because they get to live there and survive.

Its a school filled with spoilt brats who can do the unthinkable, but Its been signed by the government that anyone discovered with special abilities must be taken to the Diamonds Institute. So, its inevitable.

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Meet Cali Jenner.

A young pretty, but stubborn girl who’s always wanted to explore the world and have fun. But what happens when she wakes up one morning and discovers she has special abilities?

What happens when she’s forced to go to the Diamond’s institute even tho she hated it since it’d restrict her life?

She finds it annoying coping with her new world because the school’s filled with spoilt brats who cared less
She’s so angry at it and vowed to leave. But what happens when she meets the most handsome boy she’s ever met?😋

Meet Miquel
Yeah…just Miquel. You don’t need to know his surname for now.

He’s the most powerful in the Diamond’s Institute and as a result, he was made president over the rest of the students.

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He’s the most charming, handsome and coolest guy in the institute. Just a stare from him can melt you to liquid and yeah – He’s an introvert.

He hardly speaks – even during training, his ‘special guards’ do the talking. He only watches but never speaks.

You hardly see him around as he’s always in his room and only comes out during training and rare occasions.

There in the institute, he’s considered a god.

He’s the most powerful yet, no background. I mean, nobody knows a thing about him and why he’s always so quiet.

Yeah – he’s quiet. But never mess with him because he kills within the blink of an eye.

He’s calm, yet violent.

Just a slight anger, he bleeds from his eyes and nostrils and anyone around him at that moment is likely to die.

What happens when stubborn Cali meets the god-like Miquel and picks interest in him? He seemed to be the only one to really interest in her in the school, but unfortunately, he’s weird and wouldn’t associate with anyone.

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Many at times, at night, she’d take the risk of climbing up to his window just to watch him sleep. And as she did, she felt it – there was something mysterious about him.

The most powerful, handsome, charming, yet cold and quiet.

Cali’s warned to stay away from him but she turned deaf ears and finally, she fell into his trap…
*The Diamonds by Faith
Who’s ready for a sweet round of romance, suspense and mystery?

This is one of my best stories and trust me – you wouldn’t wanna miss it.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky
Love you all💋💋💋

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