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The Boy Next Door – Episode 8

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© Authoress Adesewa
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I’m so mad at Alexa for coming between Oliver and I.

I know we are not the greatest couple but we still have our special moments, but ever since the little b***h arrived it’s like she used some charms on Oliver as he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

I’ve got to do everything in my power to see to it that they don’t get close.

I never lose and I won’t start now.

I believe everyone has a skeleton in their cupboards and it’s my duty to find hers and expose it to the world.

She’s not gonna know what hit her by the time I’m through with her.


I’ve been trying to find answers but my brain is malfunctioning at the moment.

Why did Alexa got mad when I apologised to her?

It doesn’t make sense to me.
How I wish I have an elder sister or a very close female friend to ask.

Asking mom is totally out of the question as she has more important things to worry about.

I still can’t get Alexa’s sad face from my head.
I don’t know why it’s getting to me this much.

Sure, it’s partly my fault that she’s sad though I can’t say what I did wrong exactly.

I apologised and I expect her to forgive me. I wasn’t expecting that sad face.

I went to the kitchen to get water and I was surprised to see mom sobbing gently as she washed the dishes.
She hasn’t noticed my presence.

I hugged her from behind and she felt startled.

” Mom, what’s the matter?” I asked her.

She sniffed back her tears and tried to smile but it came out as a grimace.

” Nothing, I was just thinking about something” she said but I know she’s hiding something from me.

” Mom, please. I’m not a kid anymore so just tell me” I said already hoping for the worst.

” The doctor said there’s no hope at all, that we just have to wait. ..” she left the remaining words unsaid but I understood anyway so I nod sadly to her words.

My worst fear is coming to pass.
I know it might come to this so I tried to deal but it’s hard.

I hugged mom more tightly as we both needed the comfort.


I have headache from crying too much.
I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

I don’t know why I’m hurt this much.
I guess I was expecting him to tell me how the kiss was the best he’s had in his life.

I don’t have any other one to compare it with as it was my first kiss so it felt truly unique to me and he called it a mistake😢.

Aunt Kate came to call me for dinner.
I’d have loved to skip dinner again but that would make it two days in a row so I managed to hurl my sorry self to the dining room.

” Oh my! What happened to you?” Aunt Kate screamed in concern, making uncle Evan and Hunter to look up.

Uncle Evan held out a chair for me to sit on and I obliged.

” You’re burning up” he said when he felt my temperature.
I didn’t say anything as I stared at the food on the table.

It’s one thing to talk to that bas***d without going nuts.
It’s another thing to talk to my own family.

I don’t think I have the courage to talk to them yet.
I’m not ready to face the world right now.
What happened earlier was just a spur-of -the -moment kind of thing.

Written by Authoress Adesewa

I tried holding the fork but my hands were shaking badly that Aunt Kate had to feed me like a kid.

She gave me some aspirin after and even followed me to my room to make sure I didn’t collapse before I get there.

I lay in bed thinking about Aunt Kate’s kindness.
It made me long for my mom.

I’m so sorry mom. I’m truly sorry.


I’m the most confused person on earth at present.

I have an intuition that Oliver has something to do with Alexa’s sudden sickness.

I don’t know exactly what happened after Oliver ran after Alexa but minutes later he came in looking sad but I didn’t question him.

I wonder what they said to each other because this drama ain’t funny at all.

Alexa was looking so pale at dinner that I wonder if they swapped her with someone else cos she was lively in the morning.

I feel like calling Oliver to demand some answers but I decide against it since we have first class together tomorrow.



I wake up feeling lesser pain in my body while the pain in my heart persisted.

I did my morning rituals and I chose a black cotton blouse and a black office skirt.

I went to join everyone for breakfast.
I sent a thank you text to uncle Evan and Aunt Kate already so I just hugged them.
I smiled at Hunter who gave me a quizzical stare before returning the smile.

I sat down and forced myself to eat breakfast even though I have no appetite.
I don’t want aunt Kate and uncle Evan to start fretting over me this morning.

“Goodbye mom, dad” Hunter said as he finished his meal.
I got up and hugged my aunt and uncle before joining Hunter in his car.

Hunter and I didn’t talk till we got to school.

We both went to the locker room and I dropped my bag in my locker.

I took an empty note and my phone out of my bag so Hunter won’t be suspicious.

I don’t know exactly where I’m heading to but I don’t intend to attend class today.

I want to clear my head for today and the classes can’t do me any good.

I walked in the direction of the school farm and I saw an uncompleted building in the opposite direction with a signboard hanged overhead saying “Construction in progress, out of bounds to students”.

I went there ignoring the signboard.
This is the kind of place I need presently.

I sat down on a pavement and placed my phone and the notebook down.

I created a to-do list for lack of a better thing to do.


1) Focus on schoolwork.

2) Stay AWAY from Oliver.

3) Topic for History Day Project (Due WHEN?)

4) Try to solve arithmetics problem more 😒

5) Find a new series to binge on. Probably Google search what everyone’s watching this days.

6) Find a time to go back to New York and visit mom’s grave.

7) No more Internet/ Netflix/ Facebook until ALL assignments are done. BE A TOOL. Making a to-do list is a total tool move. On my way, yo!

8) Join an athletic team?

9) or maybe not?

10) ?? Ugh I’m so bored and sad, nothing to do about it.

I heard a loud thud and a soft cry from someone not far from where I’m sitting.

Who is here with me?

I have to go help the person though cos it seems the person is in danger.


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© Authoress Adesewa ✍ ✍

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