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Masked Mr Popular – Episode 16

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{Celebrity’s Secret Girlfriend}









“I do not want to perform with you anymore Ryan, just how many times do I have to repeat that to your ear over and over again? I’m getting married to Zayn and he’s the one that I’m going to perform with.”

I yell at him before grabbing my bag and proceeding to walk out of the room. When he had grabbed my hand and pull me back to himself.

“You do not tell me that Nora. You do not leave me do that you can be with that f****ng D*** of a Zayn.”

He says and I look down at his hand that’s wrapped tightly around my wrist.

“Let go of me Ryan, you’re hurting me.”

I groan as I struggle to remove his hand from mine but he isn’t having it and in the process, my bag falls off my hand.

“Not until you tell me that you’re not leaving me for Zayn!”

He groans before pushing me to step back and my back hits against the wall which hurts terribly as the pain shoots through my entire body.

“I do not want you anymore! I’ve told you that, let go of me Ryan!”

I yell and he suddenly started chuckling, I raise my head to look at him and his eyes are a deep shade of red while I let out a small gasp, knowing how he is and what he’s capable of doing.

“Please, Ryan. You have to let me go, I can’t do this with you anymore. I don’t belong to you anymore.”

I shake my head and he chuckles once again before moving closer to me in such a way that his breath feels my entire face and I close my eyes to calm down my breathing and stop my heart from beating so fast.

What the hell is he doing? What the hell is he thinking of doing right now?

“Oh Nora, if only you know. You’re only mine and mine only, no other guy will be able to have their way with you, no one else but only me alone because you’re mine and you belong to me!”

He yells before he forcefully moves his hips against mine pinning me to the wall in such a way that it hurts so damn terribly.

I feel the corners of my eyes stings and I feel a tear rolls down my cheeks.

“You’re hurting me Ryan…”

I whisper and he grabs my hands before spinning me to face the wall and he holds my hand above my head, kissing down my neck while I whisper loudly.

“Ryan, please don’t..”

I shake my head repeatedly as I struggle to get out if his grip but he didn’t listen as he grabs my breasts through the fabric of my clothes and I whimper even more, closing my eyes as the tears rolls down my cheeks and I know that there’s no escape for me.

I got myself into this mess in the first place, now I’m facing the consequences.

I should have ended this a lot time ago but I was so greedy not to let him go because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get Zayn to be with me and I didn’t want to loose both ends.

Now, I’m suffering the consequences now and there’s no escape for me.

I gasp out as he tore the gown down to my waist and he tears my bra before grabbing my boobs in his hands and squeezing them tight.

“Ryan. No please,I beg you. You can’t do this.”

I couldn’t help but to beg pathetically but that only makes him even more eager as he pushes up my gown and tears my pant and what I feel next is him pushing into me.


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