Just A Friend

Just a Friend – Episode 27

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Just A Friend
Written By Author Bella
Chapter Twenty Seven
Kierra’s Pov
My chest suddenly began to hurt my eyes were dizzy I felt nauseous I suddenly felt the need to sleep this day off
This was gonna turn out badly what ever was gonna happen was gonna be terrible I just can’t pinpoint what it is I couldn’t put my finger around it but I was sure something terrible was gonna happen today
it was like a really bad omen something I hadn’t felt in a really long time and somehow I hope that I had access to a time machine to reverse whatever was gonna happen today
I silently prayed that whatever it was it wouldn’t be drastic and it won’t affect any of my loved ones

“Kierra… Xander screamed beside me


“I’ve been screaming your name are you okay or something you’ve been acting strange since this morning you know you can talk to me about anything

“It’s nothing xander let’s just get to cleaning….I said trying to shrug it off

“How’s Chase


“How’s chase you know your boyfriend

“He’s not my….

“Oh Chase right he’s cool… I said remembering max’s words

“I’ll only do this because I love you and I want you to be happy even though it isn’t with me… I thought sadly

“You two look good together I guess

“We do

“Yeah you two make an amazing couple

“Yeah so do you and Freya

“were not dating… He said firmly

“Well you should… I said even though I meant the exact opposite

“You think I should go back to her do you have any idea how much she hurt me

“That’s the whole point Xander I think you should just forgive her

He stared at me puzzled as I myself was pretty surprised at the words coming out of my mouth but never the less this was Max’s wish and they were beginning to make alot sense

“I’ll think about it… He said simply as we continued cleaning


I simply Adored Tuesday why because it was the one day of the week we had gym practice

The girls in sport shorts and the girls in jerseys as usual

So after cleaning duties which was extremely awkward after my little suggestion I made my way to the girls restroom. To change into my gym clothes enthusiastic for today’s sports


I headed straight to the gym and as always everyone would have arrived before me …..

“You all look like whimps… Mr Solomon our gym teacher said walking in

“Down now and give me ten… He said before blowing his whistle as we our fell flat trying to do at least one push up

“He’s so dreamy

“God those abs…

“I just want his lips on mine

Bla bla bla those were the typical comments I received when xander those his push-ups

He flexes his muscles like its nothing and am pretty sure he could do at least 50 without breaking a sweat

“Thank you Mr Thompson I seen you’ve been in shape… Mr Solomon commended as the girls blush

“Now everyone let’s take this outside I wanna see you all sweating…. He added as his whistle made a loud noise while we took to our hills

The school was really really long and it had a much bigger field so running around it was a herculean task but that was what we were made to do since apparently we aren’t in shape

By the time I had gotten to my 2 out of 5 laps I was soaked in sweats and my legs hurt like hell I could barely even move myself not to even discuss running around there more times

“Hey slugger..Maya said beside me

“You’re almost done right after this we hit the showers.. She said grinning

“Oh really now sounds like a plan but I’m still in my 2nd lap

“Here have my tracker am in my last I’ll do yours for you… She said as we exchanged trackers

“Thanks alot Maya

“Yeah yeah what are friends for just wait for me by the showers I’ll finish up here… She said before running off

I showed Mr Solomon my tracker after which he verified that I actually completed my five laps

This was actually a really good way to monitor our performance since we were each given a tracker to monitor our movements after which Mr Solomon would let us get some rest or for those who were too sweat they could hit the showers

It’s been a while since I took a shower in school mostly because I hated gym practice but for some reason lately o began to look forward to it…

I twisted the knob of the door to find it pretty empty enough so taking off my clothes first before my undergarments after which I entered the cubicle to take quick shower stepping into the tub before anyone gets here as the water fell on my face


Freya’s Pov
I really can’t help but wonder what makes her so so special her hair it really can’t be or is it her carriage why does Xander seem so infatuated by her or something
He bolted out of lunch earlier this morning and that annoying Maya made sure to rub it in my face that it was because of no other than miss kierra

She just made a very big mistake because now I’ll make sure Maya pays just as much as kierra for daring to even talk to me like that


This school is really so so stupid I mean do they really expect me to run around this f****ng field five freaking times I’ll get sweaty my nails would hurt I’m not doing this I’m definitely not doing this

My eyes met with Xander as he did his push ups

I really have no idea why God took special tine to make him

His abs

His muscle gosh I just want to kiss him already

His lips haven’t change a bit they still taste like mint  I could seriously kiss him all day none stop and maybe if he would let him I wouldn’t mind having sex with him

My smile was washed off my face when I caught kierra staring intently at him she might fool everyone but definitely not me she can’t be more obvious of the fact that she likes Xander


Arggggg finally I’m done well I’m really not done I had to promised an ugly dude to run for me while I rest because this body is not gonna run 5 laps and get sweaty for some stupid gym class

Sitting beside a tree I let my eyes wander as I saw kierra and that stupid friend of her’s exchange tracking devices just like I did and Kierra heading off to the showers as she ran off and that gave me a really good idea

Maya it’s tine for you to pay …. I thought standing up

“Sadly ever green high would have to close down because old maya is gonna die… I said aloud

Don’t be scared this isn’t the first time I’ve killed for Xander and it won’t be the last Maya thinks she can get in my way but she has no idea at all what I’m ready to do when it comes to xander and for starters I’ll just have to get her out of my way

To whom I killed before I’m extremely sorry it’s just that you were a pain in the ass and you had to go Xandrr is mine and mine alone I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him including killing for him


I hid behind the fence as I watched Maya complete her last lap this is just great the perfect time to stroke she passed for a moment before taking off her tracker and she laid down to catch her breath before getting out heading to where me Solomon was handing him the tracker as she headed to the showers


It wasn’t uncommon for people to drown right … I thought as I carefully opened up the door following her behind

Max’s Pov
Tuesdays weren’t really my thing but this particular Tuesday decided to favour me because it was gym class which means the guys would have all the time to stare at girls why I would use my time to stare at Maya

I really hope out plans works and I really hope what we did won’t drift them apart though it seems to be working pretty well playing them against each other but I hope it last for good and soon they’ll finally be able to stop been chicken and admit that they love each other because even a blind man can see that they’re meant to be

The gym teacher whose name o could not remember ordered us to go 5 laps around the field and I couldn’t be any more angrier it’s not like I couldn’t do it just that I would get sweaty afterwards and I was in no mood to take a shower at all

Taking my last lap around the field already feeling extremely tired I sighted Maya from afar as she took her 10th lap

“Is it just me or do you love running… I said catching up to her

“I’m helping your sister idiot… She replied as I chuckled

“I haven’t kissed you today that’s why you’re so jumpy… I said flirting as she gasped

“I’m extremely thankful for that

“Like you really don’t want me to kiss you.. I replied shocked


“I’m just kidding… She added when she noticed my expressions

“Meet me by the shower when you’re done..She said firmly as she ran off


Freya’s Pov
I heard the water running as my eyes met with a body in the shower thinking of ways to kill maya enveloped my brain as I tried to do it in the least possible way to get caught

“Bingo… I nearly screamed as it hit me

“Since obviously drowning won’t work I’ll. Just have to electrocute her I mean it’s faster and there’s even less evidence

Now I just have to find a source of electricity

“My hair drier it’s in my locker I could go get in and be back in five minutes… I thought running off hoping she’ll still be showering my the time I got back

Kierra’s Pov
I finished showering a couple of minutes earlier and my hair was a wet mess but still I had to wait up for Maya as I sighted her getting in the shower after me but I could swear someone else got out again but that wouldn’t be possible right

“You done yet… I said when she got out

“Yeah but you go I’ll follow you suitly……


Umm nothing…

You’re nervous.. I replied when she ran a finger through her hair

I am not

Are too

What’s wrong

“OK I’m. Waiting for max

“Shower sex have fun… I said winking as she blushed

“It’s really not

“Bla bla bla see you…. I said not wanting to hear the details

“Wait you’re kierra it’s not…

Stay back… I screamed running off as she pursed me

Max’s Pov
I twisted the knob of the shower meeting it empty but the cubicle look like it had just been used because water was still dripping from the shower itself

“Maybe she went to get something… I thought as I took off my clothes before stepping in letting the water wash all the sweat off me


Freya’s Pov
Change of plans because how could I be that stupid an electric hair drier would only point to female so I decided to use something that wouldn’t bring that much suspicions towards me

“Two wires would work perfectly… I thought deviously as I stepped on the shower room quietly

“Good she’s still in… I thought when the shower was still on

“All I need to do now is to put this in then Good bye maya….I thought as I stepped towards the shower

“I promise I’ll say nice things at your funeral though… I thought as I careful opened up the curtins as the cubicle was left open


Kierra’s Pov
Maya you’ve gone freaking crazy your boyfriends waiting

“I’ll kill you… She screamed running after me

“You’ve really lost it Kierra

“What he’s waiting for you oh I get it now you want me to follow you there OK let’s go

“Kierra I don’t

“Shh she shh… Let’s go…I said smirking as she groaned


Freya’s Pov
Good bye Maya… I thought before dumping the wire into the water not caring to check if it worked before running off as I heard a scream which sounded not like a guy’s scream

“Who the hell was in there… I thought

“Should I check or run

“If I go in there everyone would know it’s me… I thought as the scream came a bit louder

“Arrggg save yourself first I thought running off…


Kierra’s Pov
There it is again the pain in my chest it’s happening again something strange is about to happen I can feel it Oh God what the hell is this

“Kierra you okay……

“Umm yeah I guess… I thought chuckling lightly

“You know you can….

“Argggg… We heard a scream and it seems like it was coming from the showers

“Maxxxx…. I screamed as my heart raced before rushing in bursting the doors open

He was shaking badly by the time we got there

“Kierra kierra careful… Maya screamed behind me as I tried to find the source of the electricity

“Get me something dry nowww… I screamed at her as hot tears ran down my cheeks

“Here my clothes use it… She screamed taking off her jacket

I tried to search through the water using the jacket as my hands felt a wire before yanking it off from the water as he slumped to the floor

“Max max Max… We screamed as I checked his pulse

“He’s not breathing Maya he’s not breathing go get help nowww… I screamed as she ran off

“Please God please max please just breath please… I screamed and I yanked the curtains to cover him off tears trailing down my cheeks as I held my elder brother in my arms.

“Please just breath… I mutter silently waiting for help
To be continued

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