Just A Friend

Just a Friend – Episode 26

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Just A Friend
Written By Author Bella
Chapter Twenty Six
Kierra’s Pov
Tonight’s dinner was so special we made it as a family should together as one
My cheeks were beginning to hurt from too much laughter that was to be expected since max was in the room
As annoying as my elder brother was he’s extremely fun to be there absolutely no dull moment when he’s around

“I bet I can set the table faster than you… He said when we were done cooking

“You’re on… I said heading to the dinner room as fast as I could setting the plates

“And that’s how you get your little sister to do your work for you… He said grinning behind me as I flared up in Anger

“You sick…

“Language kierra… Dad Warner before I could even start with us as he stuck his tongue at me

“You win this round max but the fight isn’t over… I thought taking a sit across him as we got ready to eat

“So max how’s ever Green treating you

“Oh fine everything’s great

“So that’s why you didn’t attention most classes today nice… I said grabbing my pasta as he started chocking

“Here some water…i said handing him the cup

“You didn’t attend classes today max… Mum said worried

“Tell them mad how you were too busy with…

“Don’t you dare little sis

“Maya… I said smirking

“You skipped class because of a girl

“Not just any girl mum it’s Maya we’re talking about

“Well Maya just made you loose you phone for the rest of this week

“Good parenting mum… I said grinning

“Dad help me out here please

“Sorry son but you shouldn’t skip classes like that

“Kierra… Max said groaning

“Yes big bro

“You’ll pay for this

“Nope we’re even now… I said smiling as we ate in silence


After dinner my parents stayed behind to watch a movie as I headed upstairs to freshen up and then see what max had to say before going straight to bed

I twisted the knob of my door shrieking in fear as I met max sitting on my bed laughing his lungs out

“Scardy cat… He said in between laughs

“How Many times would I have to tell you to stay away from my room

“100 times 100 times 100 times 100 times…..He said chuckling

“Bird brain… I muttered sitting on my Bed

“I really need my beauty sleep

“You got that right you look. Terrible

“Wow if you think I look terrible I should enter a beauty pageant I would win Miss World that’s for sure… I said sarcastically

“Know it all anyways we need to talk

“Yeah sure an listening

“I need you to bring Freya and Xander together….He said simply as I my lips parted in shock


“Yeah Freya is or was his girlfriend right and Xander is your best friend so I think you should do what makes him happy

“Max you know exactly how I feel about Xander

“I know sis but don’t you think Xander deserves a chance we happiness

“Don’t you think the reason he has flings is because of Freya

“Think about it sis don’t you think that maybe Xander still has feelings for her

“Don’t you want him to be happy if you do then you’ll do whatever it takes to get then back together

“She hurt him max why would I ever want her close to him

“Because he loves her… Max said as my heart shrank

“You seem so sure… I said lowly

“We are extremely close kierra I know him So well Xander might think he doesn’t have feelings for Freya but trust me he still does


“Please Kierra at least think about it Xander would finally be happy no more flings and you would have a chance to get to love someone else

“I can’t love someone else only Xander… I said sadly

“kierra you have to be reasonable

“No max I can’t and I won’t if Xander wants Freya he’ll have her by himself I’m sorry max I won’t try to get then together I can’t

“Kierra you can’t let your feelings for him cloud your judgement don’t you want him to he happy

“I do

“Then bring them. Closer

“I can’t max


“No max just leave I want to sleep just go I can’t do that I want him to be happy but if I try to do this I’ll be breaking my own soul in the process I can’t be the reason why he’s with her again I can’t Max I’m sorry I just can’t

“Think about what I said kierra I’m sure you’ll see reasons why it’s the best thing for the both of you… He said as I covered myself

“Good night little sis…He said turning off the lights shutting the door as he words echoed in my mind nonstop


Waking up to meet a severe migraine max words kept ringing in my ears as I got ready for school waiting for Xander to pick Me up

Grabbing my school things and getting dressed In a simple floral gown I headed downstairs with no appetite at all

“Morning mum… I said as I sighted max eating silently staring at me

“Baby are you sure you’re okay you seem a bit down

“Yeah yeah mum I have to go now… I said thankful I heard Xander’s car outside

I walked to the car tiredly and frustrated because max’s words were starting to make sense to me and I couldn’t bring myself to accept the fact that he was right about Freya and xander being together and like always I would be the third wheel in their relationship so maybe I should actually listen to Max and bring them together after all

“Hey morning… Xander said cheerily

“Yeah… I simply replied placing my headsets letting the music fill my ears as he drove off deciding not to ask questions

The car came to a halt at the parking lot as I tried to open up the door but it seemed like it was Jamed with the central lock

“Open up Xander… I said facing him

“What’s wring with you

“Nothing I just need to leave open up

“Back to been cold

“I guess you can say that open up Xander please

“I’ll break those words..
He whispered close to me as I shuddered

“There you go… He added dangerously close as the lock clicked while I opened up the door rushing out trying to steady my breathing


Xander’s Pov
Kierra is really making things extremely difficult for me lately I can’t control myself when I’m around her anymore

Instead of being furious at her first missing my practice I was actually trying to use it to get closer to her
I mean how stupid would it be to use my dare to make her go on a date with me
That’s exactly what went through my mind when I made her agree that she owed me one

It’s officially I’m. Lossing my mind

She’s back to been cold to me and I’m. A hundred percent sure something is bothering her but she won’t even talk to me about so helping her would not even be an option I just hope whatever it is it doesn’t make is drift apart more


Classes went past like a blur till it was recess which meant I would get a little bit of rest but sadly max had other Plans as During recess max made it known that he needed to talk to Me and that was extremely suspicious because usually max is the playful type who doesn’t even take anything seriously but now he decided to want to talk to me all off a sudden now that’s extremely strange

“Hey dude… I said as we sat down in the lab

“Hey Xander we need to talk and it’s serious

“Yeah yeah am listening… I said chuckling

“I need your help badly man

“Anything name it


“Anything at all dude

“Good I need you to help me bring Chase and kierra back together… He said as the air in my lungs dried up

“You’re kidding right

“I’m. Dead serious man chase really liked her and from the looks of things kierra seems to have feelings for him to I mean don’t you want her to be happy

“Of course I do I love…..

“I love it when she’s happy… I changed my sentence as my brain registered what I almost said

“Good then you have to do whatever it takes to get them. Together Xander

“They’re already together


“She said they’re dating

“That’s even better now all we need to do is make sure they bond..
He added grinning

“I can’t max

“What why

“I just can’t I’m. Not helping chase with anything I can’t stand seeing the both of them together he doesn’t deserve her so I won’t help you

“You have no idea what you mean Xander chase is perfect for her

“Sadly he was right… I thought inwardly

“In that case fate would bring them. Together not the both of us I have to go now… I said walking off as the bell was rung for lunch break


I got to our usual table getting sited as the guys ordered lunch for me but kierra was no where in sight and neither was Freya

“Hey Xander… Maya said smiling taking a sit beside me

“Oh hey Maya have you seen kierra

“Didn’t you know

“Know what

“She has cleaning duties

“That’s impossible Kierra would never do anything wrong..
I said getting annoyed

“Principal didn’t think so… She said smirking

“What restroom

“Boys… She said simply as I stood up bumping into Freya on the way

“Xander wait… She called out

“Not now Freya please..
I said walking away hurriedly heading for the rest room


I got to the restroom as I silently pushed the door open to meet her looking extremely tired as she still tried to mop the floors

I couldn’t help but stare at her in admiration as she looked really cute in that floral dress even if she was simply cleaning restrooms

“Didn’t I tell you it’s not nice to stay in places alone… I said making my presence noticed

“Go away Xander I have work to do…She said obviously stressed out

“That’s where you have it all wrong Bes you see we have work to do… I said grabbing a mop stick folding my sleeves do they won’t get stained

To be continued

All rights reserved

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