Just A Friend

Just a Friend – Episode 24

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Just A Friend
Written By Author Bella
Chapter Twenty Four
Kierra’s Pov

How can I be so Fricking stupid
Xander please don’t do anything stupid please don’t do anything at all
He looked extremely hurt and mad at me how do I even begin to explain he kissed me how do I even begin to explain that I never even wanted to get close to him

“Xander please am so sorry …I thought

All I wanted was to act cold to him and forget about my feelings for him but instead this ass hole ends up kissing me making things so complicated for me

“Arggg…. I hate you chase… I screamed facing him

“You dumb idiotic moron….I added screaming out my frustration

“What’s wrong aren’t we dating… He said as my anger turner to rage immediately before landing him a resounding slap across the cheeks

“We were a one night fricking stand Chase get that through your head we are not dating I might have said that to Xander but we’re are not you hear me Chase

“That’s where you have it all wrong beautiful like I said I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back… He said firmly as I made sure to hit him once more so what I’ll say would stick to his bird Brain

“I’ll say this once and only once stay the hell away from me Chase just stay far away… I said as he held his cheeks in shock before grabbing my books running out of class as the only thing I could think of was how Xander was feeling right now


I guess it was true when people say time is slow when you wait right now it was almost recess and I really can’t wait for that time first I have to look for Xander then I have to make sure he’s alright because right now I can’t even concentrate it’s been two classes yet I haven’t grabbed a thing from what the teachers keep saying

I won’t be able to concentrate until I’m sure he’s alright

“Just please be okay please… I thought sadly as the bell was rang while I dashed out of class

I headed off to the parking lot trying to see if maybe he was at least near his car but he wasn’t I guess next would be the boy’s locker room but it’s recess which means most of them might still be in there and if I were to go in now they would definitely make fun of me

“I just need to see if he’s there… I thought heading to the locker room

I twisted the door knob before opening it up careful not to alert anyone as I walked in trying to see if he was anywhere in sight

“Xander.. I said softly calling out to him

“Well well well what do we have hear… One of Xander’s teammates said walking out

“Haven’t you heard its bad luck to come into the boys locker room… He said coming closer

“God why do I always seem to get into trouble… I thought trying to get away from him

“Stay back

“Or else what you know I’ve always wondered what it feels like to have you

“You’re are am as***ole a bird brain an idiotic moron… I said laying all the cursed I could think off as he hands raised up to hit me

My eyes shut automatically waiting for the pain to come but it never did as they fluttered up again out of curiosity

“Beat it… Xander seethed angrily

“Sorry Thompson I had no idea she was yours

“Beat… It…. Xander repeated as his eyes held rage in Them

“Alright I will… He said grinning off shutting the door behind him as Xander placed his hands on the walk looking down at me

“Never go into the locker room alone… He said simply before heading to the showers leaving me stunned


I took a sit on the bench trying to calm myself down as I still couldn’t believe what just happened
I could not figure out if Xander was mad at me or he simply refused to talk to me but never the less he still helped me when I needed him

“Gosh I love him so much… I thought as the door opened up revealing a clean Xander

He acted like I wasn’t there at all and simply changed into a sweat shirt and that was when it hit me that he had football practice today
Usually I would wait behind and cheer him up as he practiced but with all that happened today and chase and freya I really don’t know if to wait or to simply head home

After he was fully dressed he took a sit beside me on his bench before grabbing his phone as he worked on it

My phone beeped as a message came through Facebook,looking up to see who it was


I looked at him strangely wondering why he couldn’t just talk to me instead he had to send me a message deciding not to dwell on it I sent him a quick reply

Me:Uhm hey

Bes: You’ve gone crazy you know what if he dared touch you then i would have to kill Him Huh

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:Who cares anyway right

Bes๐Ÿ˜:I do

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:You don’t you’re mad at me right

Bes๐Ÿ˜:Well you’ve been acting cold to me technically what do you expect

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:You hurt me

Bes๐Ÿ˜:You hurt me more kierra

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:You hurt me morer

Bes๐Ÿ˜:You hurt me morest it’s unarguable

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:I’m. Sorry… I replied drawing closer to him

Bes๐Ÿ˜:Not accepted

Me๐Ÿ˜‡:Am sorry for acting cold you just hurt my feelings I’m sorryyy… I replied placing my head on his shoulders


“I’m sorry… I said without using my phone

“I’m sorry too Bes… He added smirking

“You do realise we could have just said all that to each other

“Hmmm we could have right…he said as I chuckled smiling at him

“This is how we ought to be you know

“I need you to stay with me during practice today

“Of course I’ll wait

“Promise me….

“I promise Xander… I said as we Remained there in silence simply enjoying the company of each other not saying at work either

RULE NO 5:Always remember the ones you love… I thought as my eyes shut for a moment already tired as a result of all that happened today


“Hmm xander wake up… I said as the bell was rung

“Hmm… He moaned cutely in his sleep as I wondered how he could possibly sleep in such a small time

“Wake up already… I said staring at him

“Make me… He muttered in his sleep

Feeling a little but mischievous I decided to do something I wouldn’t usually do on a normal day

“I really don’t have time for this bird brain see you whenever…i said pecking his cheeks letting my lips linger on his cheeks more than it should have as his eyes grew wide

“Bye bye now… I said walking out feeling extremely confident


I could not stop smiling all the way to class I just had two more than I’ll support Xander during practice and finally well go home together nothing and absolutely nothing could ruin this day

“Kierra Leah to the principal office… The PA system said as I groaned

“Arggg…. I spoke too soon..
I thought heading to his office

“Why would I be called to the principals office I really haven’t done anything wrong……


“Miss Leah you can go in now… The secretary said as I sat in the waiting room tapping my fingers on my clothes

“I really hope it’s not that serious I have to get to Xander practice I already promised I would….I thought twisting the knob as my lips parted in shock at the sight in Front of me

Jennifer was crying profusely in Kate’s arms as Kate whispered words in her ears which only made her cry more

Usually I would happy that she’s in pain but right now I can’t help but feel bad because she looks extremely sad and I can’t help but wonder what could be making her cry so hard

“Miss Leah could you take a sit… Principal Bradford said as I sat down confused

“In all my years of experience never have I dealt with a case like this much less from a star student like you I have to say am extremely disappointed miss Leah

“Am confused sir

“What’s there to be confused at I can’t believe you would do this to me… Jennifer said sobbing

“What could I have possibly done to you Jennifer… I said confused

“All don’t act all innocent it doesn’t fool us first you embarrass me with my wig and now you embarrassed Jennifer seriously how could you stoop that low

“Sir I assure you I have done no such thing to Jennifer I have no idea what’s she talking as bout but I assure you I haven’t laid a finger on her

“It’s really not my fault I dated xander we broke up right so just leave me alone why did you do this to me Huh… She said as her tears flowed freely


“Don’t utter another word miss Leah you are a girl you should understand her feelings and yet you defaced saying she is a whore a b***h that’s low miss Leah

“Sir they have no proof

“Explain this then… He said handing me a piece of paper

“I didn’t write this… I said staring at it

“But it’s exactly your handwriting isn’t it

“Well it is but…

“And didn’t you disgrace Kate this morning

“Yes but sir

“No buts miss Leah I’m extremely disappointed usually I would have to call your parents but since it’s a first mistake I’ll place You on cleaning duties starting now for the next one week

“But sir I didn’t do….

“sh*t it I was dare when she got the note it’s your handwriting isn’t it… Kate added

“I promise you I didn’t do it sir

“No buts and no promises miss Leah leave now I have no idea how to pacify miss Jennifer here above that in disappointed in you so leave miss Leah… He said as my eyes watered

“Why won’t you just…

“Out now… He said raising his voice as i shrieked

“Head to the closet you’ll be cleaning the restrooms first…He said as I walked out my tears threatening to spill


I knew I couldn’t defy his orders so even though I was innocent I had to wah the girls restroom I used my last two classes to clean it and thankfully I could make it to Xander’s practice

“Heaving a sigh of relief immediately dropped my cleaning items before washing my hands ready to leave as the knob twisted

“Don’t you even dare try to leave… Kate said smirking

“I told you it wouldn’t be good if you messed with us… Jennifer added

“Is this your water… Kate sad holding the bucket

“Kate don’t you dare…

“Ooops…she said spilling it

“I’m so so sorry I guess you have to clean it up… She said spilling soap all over making it foamy

“Stop…. I said as she made sure to get soap all over

“Okay… She said opening it pouring it all on my hair

“That’s for this morning I’m just getting started… She added before walking away

“Happy cleaning… Jennifer said walking after her as the tears spilled out like rain drops as I slumped to the floor sobbing hard.

Who missed cold kierra?

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