I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 114

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I Want A Home – Episode 114
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NOTE: My apologies for the late post, I’ve been extremely Busy Lately. Thanks for reading through and having patience with me, you guys are the best. I love you all

It was terror for both staffs and the management of Zee Xpress when Detective Cougar, Prosecutor Colan and some agents matched into the multi billion dollar company.

All staffs were made to vacate the 10 story building and everyone else gently without taking anything away just like it had happened to Jc firm, Harrison William company.

The prosecutor and the detective were watching as everyone found in the company were made to leave through the front exit as directed by the other agents with them.

“This is getting more interesting” Detective Cougar remarked. He pocketed his hands and glanced at the prosecutor who nodded to him.

“Common men, we are locking this entire place in 10” The prosecutor shouted out to some of the agents handling the job as he clapped to make them hurry up.

“I have to take my leave now” Frank said in a stern voice facing Valentine, the minister and Michael Mill. He stood up at once and picked up his phone.

“This is a distraction. You have to stay focus and know how to handle it personally” Michael Mill said to obstruct him when he was about to leave.

“This is getting beyond control and I can’t fold and watch. I need to do something”

“You need to calm down Frank” Minister Albert interjected.

“We did nothing to save Harry or find him Val. I can’t let a piece of dirt destroy all my works of life in years” Frank still complained. He looked at Val who was staring at him like he wasn’t troubled and back to Michael Mill who had brought out another cigar to smoke.

“You still need to stay put and calm down” Minister Albert repeated to stop his rush. He was seated beside Michael Mill and he was directly opposite Valentine who rested his head on the sofa. He’s eyes were closed and his hands wrapped around his wrist.

“You want me to stay and not do anything about this?”

“No, I want you to calm down and let’s see how to tackle it, allow me make few calls and I contact the president”

A chuckle forced out from Frank immediately, he nodded to show his disagreement and made a smirk and another repeatedly. He stood at a point for awhile as the smoke from Michael Mill cigar filled the entire room.

He walked back to his previous seat reluctantly as he stared at Valentine foolishly. He looked at Michael who stared him in the eye and Albert who had relaxed and was already working on his phone.

The Stephen’s apartment.

The family was just gathering up from their various positions in the building for dinner just as Mr Stephen took his seat beside Mr. Kruger while Aunty Rhoda made a brief prayer to bless their meal.

Everyone echoed Amen to her prayer and she began to serve the food appropriately.

In less than 2 minutes she was done as her two kids were eating already. She sat down too and began to eat while everyone stayed silent.

Mr. Kruger who was the last to be served cleared his throat and took a spoon. He made a sigh and chop in a mouthful just as everyone had began to eat.

He chew the food and made for a glass of water immediately.

He glanced at everyone’s face as each person were busy with their meal. He looked at Mr. Stephen and their eyes met.

“You okay?” Mr. Stephen asked him.

“I said you okay?”
“Yeah… Sure I am” the old man nodded and glance at Aunty Rhoda who looked at him. He turned to the food and nodded again at Mr. Stephen who was still staring at him.

“Dad is anything wrong?”

“No.. Nothing”
“You looked worried sir, I’ve been looking at you for a while and I see you’re bothered”

“I am okay son, there’s nothing” The old remarked and took in another tablespoon of the meal. He adjust himself to seat properly and began to eat.

Mr. Stephen looked at his wife face and nodded, their eyes met before she turn to her food and began to eat as well not till a moment watch at the old man.

“I know when you lie dad. You can tell us whatever is going on. Is this about Vivian?” Aunty Rhoda suddenly stop eating to ask him.

The rest of the family as well as her two kids stares up at the mention of Vivian while the old man stopped eating. The mention or remembrance of Vivian was always a sad tone for the family, her disappearance was odd and they had all agreed that she was murdered by the man who abducted her that very day.

Even though the police didn’t confirm her death, it was best to have accepted that she died along the criminal.

Mr. Kruger heaved a deep breath as the whole family stopped eating to look at him. He sighed and glance at their faces one after the other while they waited for him to speak.

“May I ask what you know about Vivian’s disappearance?” he suddenly turned to Mr. Stephen and asked.

For a moment, everyone in the room went dumb, to Mr Stephen, he reckoned with the question but its seem crazy to others.

“Nothing else apart the ones we know together” the man answered with an innocent shrug. He met his wife’s face and turned to the old man.

“you sure?”
“Yeah sure”

“I met with Vivian’s friend and a colleague of hers today at the mall. We chatted and it seems they know something we don’t know, including you”

“And what is it you chatted? Did they tell you I know something?” Mr. Stephen asked the old man with a sigh. He looked at his wife and his kids, then made a chuckle.

“No but one of them told me to ask you about Vivian, he said you know where and how she’s doing”

“Are you been serious here?” Mr. Stephen questioned, his smiling face turned to confusion as well as his wife and kids.

“Why would I know about that?” he turned back to the old man.

“Everybody saw what happened that unfaithful day. The cops could not find her body and no one knows if she’s dead or not” He added in high tone without waiting for the old man’s response.

Inspector Kelvin felt gladden looking at the document on his table. He nodded and smiled like a victorious warrior, then turned to Agent Mary who was halfway seated on his office desk at the left side.

“This is interesting.. Why didn’t we figure this out first in our jurisdiction?” he smiled cheaply and relax himself on the chair.

“We didn’t check it out inspector, we are on a different case that doesn’t relate to this” the agent answered him.

“You’re right but it somehow relate to this too, everything we’ve been working on actually linked”

“Yeah I believe but we have no clue yet on the case and new cases are coming up real high, the crime rate in past few months is totally alarming”

“I thought you said the boys found something from the clips” the inspector asked.

“Yes but I checked it out and it’s nothing related to this, its another crime committed by some hooligans”

Inspector Kelvin heaved a sigh and dropped the document on the table, he touched his forehead and felt a slight headache. He couldn’t believe all the clips and phone conversations they had as evidence led to nothing. He adjust his tie and ran his fingers across the desk while agent Mary watched.

“We have new cases coming up” the agent remarked with a sigh.

“You handle it, I have to make a possibility on this case. I’d meet the agents in charge of this and I think I need to visit The Stephen’s again” Inspector Kelvin injected.

Detective Cougar and prosecutor Colan were standing in an arranged meeting immediately after they returned from their jurisdiction.

Among the people in the room were the Chairman of Financial/fraudulent crime, two federal agents and two agents from the Cia.

Everyone of them were suited including the prosecutor and the detective as they engaged in serious conversations.

“We have evidences of each transactions made every year. As at 10 years ago to the very moment, even transactions that weren’t online were also found. We’ve got pictures, videos, documents and different written agreements” Detective Cougar remarked as they talked.

“What kind of agreements?” The chairman asked. He was the only one seated at the main office chair in the room while the others were seated on different sofas placed behind the office desk after the chair.

“Agreements that relates to shares from the parties involved. Our source gave us full details, including the ones we thought had disappeared” Detective Cougar answered him.

“And who is your source?” one of the federal agents asked them.

“We’re sorry but we can’t disclose the identity of our source. We adhere to an agreement for total disclosure” Prosecutor Colan answered the agent.

“What you’ve given us here says taxes, government suppose properties, amenities and funds for public use goes into the account of these men” the chairman interjected.

“Yeah. It does” the detective answered straight up.

“We can’t let that go into public, it’ll cause a great havoc from the people” The chairman remarked and stand up immediately. He stepped out behind the desk while they all listened to him.

“Mr. Chairman I need to know exactly why this meeting was arranged. Are you telling us to cover the whole thing up?” Prosecutor Colan didn’t wait for him to finish speaking before he interrupted and flared up.

“Mr. Colan would you please be mindful of your statement? I never said its should be covered up, I only said what just happened cannot go into the public”

“Then could you please clarify what you meant by it not getting out?”

“This is the government we’ve stand to protect, all of us right here in this office works for this government. What do you think the people would do if it was discovered that the taxes and every penny they’ve paid for in years goes hugely into the personal account of this business men and some greedy politicians? Don’t you think of any possibilities of an uproar?”

“Not if there’s justice to the crimes been committed” the prosecutor remarked.

“And what reputation do we give ourselves in the world? We’ll be mocked and ridiculed, we’ll lose the respect of our people and we lead ourselves to another uproar”

To be continued…

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  1. I didn't start from the beginning, dear, but this is suspense-filled. I can't wait to see what happens next. Good job.

  2. Hmmmmm.
    Why did they not think if it in the first place. Now they're in sh*t and they're suddenly thinking of the public eye

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