His First Love

His first love (Mine) Episode 28

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* Efua POV
I was in cloud nine, I am engaged to Troy. I was on the roof top with Betty .
She decided to follow me wherever I go because of the rape incident….
“I am happy for you friend”. She said smiling.
I smiled at her and continued staring at my ring..
“What will you do about philo?”. She asked
“I don’t know”. I replied shrugging my shoulder.
I was really hurt by what philo did, she betrayed me twice ..
“ I will go see her today “. I said
Betty gazed at me
“Are you kidding me?”. She asked, Efua that girl almost destroyed you and you still care about her…let her serve her punishment…
“I just want to see her, I did not say anything about letting her go free”. I replied her
“Okay then , I will go with you “. She said
I smiled at her , she is my only true friend………..::.:
I went to Troy office, he was arranging his books..
I stood there admiring him,
“He is mine, he is mine”. I thought
“Are you done drooling?”. He asked
I walked towards him and pecked him…
“This is an office miss”.He said
“And since when have you cared”. I asked
He looked up at me and caressed my face..
“ I need to get to the station”. He suddenly said
“Why?”. I asked
I need to see Philip, I need to tell him his sister is alright. Her surgery was successful
“Really”. I exclaimed
I want to go with you
“No”, you don’t need to”. He replied. You are not done with you lectures
“I can skip that, I want to go with you please”. I pleaded
“Fine”. He said
“Let us go now”. He said as we headed towards the car park……
We got to the police station and Troy asked to see Philip …
He soon came out accompanied by two police men..
“Hi”. He greeted as soon as he got to us
I smiled
“Thanks so much for Saving me” . I thanked him
He just smiled
“Your sister is alright , her surgery is successful”. Troy said
“Thanks so much”. Philip said with tears flowing down his eyes
I patted him
“ you will be fine, as soon as everything is settled”. I promised him
“Thank you “. He said and he was taken back to the cell..
I looked at Troy , he seem to be lost in thought
“ Troy”. I called softly
He turned to look at me
“Efua , I need to see philo “. He said. I want to to stay here
I studied him for a while and he looked tensed
“Troy , what is the problem?” . I asked him
“Efua, I am just worried”. He said
“Worried about what?”. I asked
“ I think whoever is behind this kidnap is a woman and I think it is connected to us, I mean our relationship. I have tried thinking and I could not really think of any clue”. I know lot of ladies wants me but I have not gotten attached to anyone”.. he Said panting..
“So you suspecting philo”. I asked
“Kind of”. He said. I just want to threaten her a little with the help of the police , we might get a clue from her….
I nodded
“ I will come with you “. I said
“ will you be alright?”. He asked
I nodded……….

*. *. *. *
I stared at Philo, she bent her head in shame. I could not believe that the same girl who laughed with me is actually my enemy..
“Philo”. Troy called
She looked at me
“ I just want the truth from you , who is your accomplice in the kidnap?”. Troy asked…
She stared at him in shock
“I know nothing about that”. She said , believe me I am not that evil
Troy scoffed
“ you are not evil right, is that what you think?”. Troy asked
She remained quiet
“ you are more than evil”. He said
You planned on ruining your friend because of me.
“Please I don’t have the mind to murder Efua “. She pleaded
“Efua , please forgive me”. She said facing me…..
I looked away
“How would you feel if I arrange three guys to rape you?”. Troy suddenly asked
She was frightened
“Please”. She muttered
“ I know nothing about the kidnap” she pleaded….
“ it is better you confess now, because if I find out your know something about it, I will destroy you “. Troy said
Philo was clearly scared..
“Take this trash out of here”. Troy roared
And philo was soon taken away….

Philo POV
I saw down in the cell crying, I regretted everything I did… I have come to realise that Troy can never love me….
I betrayed my friends, I disappointed my family and I am stuck in this cell…..
If only I can get out of here, I will take new step…
I wish Efua can forgive me…….

Unknown PoV
Troy and Efua engagement was trending everywhere..
The more they faced obstacle , the more they waxed stronger
I laid on my bed feeling really ill….
“Is it a crime to love?”. I asked myself
Is it a crime to love……..

Is love a crime?
Can you force some one to love ?


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