His First Love

His first love (Mine) Episode 27

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Philo plan

Efua POV

I was very excited about the pregnancy, I am going to have Troy baby , I am going to be a mother
Troy became more caring and dot on me all the time. He forbade me from doing hard task. I was his baby and he pampered me greatly…
My parents were happy for us, Troy told them he would marry me once the issue on ground got settled , they gave us their blessings.
I can’t wait to be Mrs Adams…

I told Betty and philo the good news when I got to school the next day, they were very happy, they were my friends and were sure to keep it as secret until Troy decide to let the country knows.Betty was against me telling philo but I waved it off saying philo is now a true friend…

I was like the queen of the school, most of the girls wanted to be my friend to get close to Troy and I was highly respected in school. Who won’t want to respect Troy girlfriend…..

#. #. #. #

It was time for literature class and we were all waiting for the lecture teacher. Miss Mira walked into the class, she looked pale….
“Hey class”. She greeted
The class became quiet
“ I won’t be able to lecture today, I am ill. She said. Read chapter 4 of His first love ( Mine) we will discuss it in our next class. She said and walked out of the class.
Her gaze met mine and she smiled
“What, she just smiled at me”. I muttered to myself
What a change……….

Philo POV
I was really jealous of Efua, she was really lucky…
Efua is pregnant… I really need to hatch my plan now..
I will make sure Troy Hates Efua completely. I never had change of mind, I just wanted Troy to forgive me and I guess I was good at acting….:

I studied Efua for some time and I noticed she goes to the rooftop alone during the free periods, Betty will be with her Micheal then… it will be perfect…

It was soon time for free period, i watched Efua as she headed to the rooftop alone and Betty was in the cafe with Michael.perfect…
I dialled a number
“Hey”. I said immediately the call was picked. She is on the rooftop now, make sure you do a clean job. I want you to rape her and take a video making it look as if she loves it, make sure you hide your voice. I said rushing my words
Yeah, you can trust us
I will send you the money , make sure you leave the town as soon as you are done, I said as I hanged the call…..
I grinned wickedly as I pray all will go as planned…

Efua POV
It was soon time for free period, I do have a quiet time everyday during the free period. I missed Troy, he stopped coming there because he was always busy nowadays…
I missed both of us being together and seeing things together from a high place , I decided to persuade him coming with me today..
I went to his office
“Hey”. I greeted
“Hey Princess , how are you?”. He greeted
I remained quiet and just pouted
He laughed
“What is it?”. He asked
“our baby needs a favour from you”. I said
“What is that?”. He asked with a concerned look
I almost burst out laughing
“Our baby wants you to come with me to the rooftop”. I said
He looked at me and said
“You know I am very busy”
“It is not my request, it is our baby request”. I said pleadingly
I know once he hears “our baby”, he will listen to me
“Fine”, I will join you there”. He said
I went out of his office laughing

#. #. #

I sat down waiting for Troy when I heard a footstep
“You came quite early “. I said without turning back
There was no response and I noticed the footstep does not belong to a person , but more than one..
I turned around and my eyes widen in surprise. I saw three men staring at me, I have never seen them before
“What do you want?”. I asked
They did not reply , they just smiled wickedly
“You are not a student or staff of the school”. I said, who are you ?
“Baby, we came because of you”. They said
“Because of me”. I muttered and in a flash they walked towards me and pinned me down
“Please, let me go”. I pleaded
“Baby, we won’t hurt you, I just want a taste of you “. He said as he grinned
He started tearing my clothes while the remaining two pinned me down. I tried screaming but one of the men covered my mouth
“ I am stuck, I closed my eyes defeated
When I suddenly heard my Troy voice
“What the hell are you doing to my wife”. He said
He walked towards them and I swear I have never seen him this angry..
I never knew Troy could fight, I watched him as he beat those men to a pump. He eyes were cold
“Who sent you “. He asked them
“Please , don’t kill us”
He scoffed
“ I will kill you if you don’t tell me”. He roared
“Philo, her name is Philo”. They said
I was shocked , philo . She betrayed me twice…..
He looked at me and his gaze softens
“Are you okay “. He asked
I nodded
He called the securities, and they came bundling the men
One of the security came to me
“Are you okay”,”can you walk”. He asked
I was just whimpering
He wanted to carry me when Troy came towards me
“I will handle her”. He said

He carried me down and the whole school was in uproar.
Philo was handcuffed with the men and they were being led to the station
I was dazed, I could not believe it
“Efua”. Betty called running towards me
“Are you alright?”does it hurt?” She asked rushing the questions
Philo is a monster, I saw her look of jealousy that is why I never trusted her again. Betty said
She patted me, she is my only true friend…………

Troy POV

I watched Efua as she slept , she was sleeping peacefully
“She is getting into too much trouble”. I thought and it is all because of me..
“Is it a crime to love?”. I asked myself, i never knew a girl can go to the extent of doing this
“What could have happen if I did not go there on time”, aargh! Some idiots could have raped her….:
I will make sure those idiot rot in prison and as for Philo, I will make sure she suffers….
I will make sure I deal with all the enemies. ……

#. #. #

I took Efua on a date in one of my hotel, she looked beautiful as usual. She has gotten over philo betrayal ..
After we ate our meal
I knelt down and brought out a ring
She stared in surprise
“Troy”. She called
“Will you marry me Efua?”. I asked
“Yes yes yes”. She replied screaming
She was crying, I stood up and hug her….
People around started taking pictures even the reporters were around
I wanted the whole world to know that I am engaged to my heart throb
I knew there would be up and down but I am ready to tackle it all
I whispered into her ears
“You are my first love, you are mine”…..

Philo has finally being caught
A big congratulations to Efua


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