His First Love

His first love (Mine). Episode 25

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The rescue


I watched in tears as the fire men battled with the fire, I was seriously scared.
“If anything happens to her, I won’t be able to forgive myself.
I could not save the one I love. I felt like a fool..
“ don’t loose hope”. A cops said patting me..
The building was seriously burnt, it was already a crime scene…
In less than an hour the fire was put out and several cops trooped in to begin the search.
I went with them and helped in searching..
I was just thinking of one person Efua
“Over here”, an officer called.
We all ran to the scene and there were traces of explosives…
“I think it is a bomb”. The leader of the squad said…
“Let us keep searching , we might get a lead….
We kept on searching, it was quite a big house
“Help me”.
Did you hear that. I shouted
“Help me”,the voice called again. It was so faint..
We followed the voice and it lead to an underground exit..
“Help me”, the voice became clearer..
We walked down a little and saw a man, he was fairly burnt . He was trying to lift his leg but he couldn’t, I guessed the fire damaged his legs so he managed to crawl outside..
We ran towards him and I recognised him as the kidnapper who took off with the ransom money.
He was hiding something under his jacket and when I looked closer I realised it was the money, part of it was burnt…..
I grabbed him by the collar
“Where is Efua”. I asked
He was in pain
“She is fine”. He said
I signed in relief
“Then where is she “. I roared
“There”. He pointed at a trail.. I told her to run towards that direction, I don’t know how far she could have gone…..
I went down the trail with three officers, the trail led down to a forest. We searched the forest …
“Efua”. I shouted, please come out, it is Troy.
We kept on walking when I heard a faint noise..
I looked towards the direction the noise was coming from and i saw someone walking towards me..
“Troy “. She called as she ran towards me
I could not believe my eyes, my Efua is right in front of me . I caught her in a warm embrace..
She kept on crying….
“It is alright “. I kept on saying as the officers watched us
She was very weak so I carried her in a bridal style as we walked towards home……
“I thought I will never see you again”, she said..
“I can’t allow that to happen”. I said as tears flowed down from both our eyes……..

Efua POV

I laid on the hospital bed thinking about all what happened..
I told them I was totally fine but Troy insisted on me staying here until the doctor said I could go.
I really hate hospital
Troy was sleeping on the couch, he was awake all night watching me. I looked towards him and smiled. If he knows I was awake I am sure he won’t be sleeping….. so I decided to remain quiet and let him sleep.
I thought about yesterday, I prayed for a miracle and I got one ..
I was really scared, I was stuck in one place and could not do anything..
Just then the bomb began ticking, I sobbed silently having lost hope, then the door opened…
I wondered who was that when the person Walked towards me and removed my blindfold. It was the slim man who packed my plates..
“ I promised you that I will let you go as soon as the deal is done “. He said as he untied my hands and leg. He continued
“ I can’t let a young girl die, I am not a murderer”. I agreed to kidnap you because of the money. My sister is dying and she needs money for Surgery, I won’t be at peace if you die. Be careful and don’t ever believe a text from an unknown number .. he said pulling me up…
“Thanks”. I muttered gratefully
“ we need to hurry “. He said . We have limited time.
He led me through an underground exit when he suddenly stopped
“Damn the money”. He cursed. I need to get it
I nodded
“Just walk down the trail , it leads to the country side”. He said as he headed back to the building
I followed the trail and kept on running till I heard a loud thud. The bomb exploded…..
I arrived home and my parent threw me a surprise welcome party. My friends were all there . I felt grateful to God
I looked around for Troy, I guessed he was not around.
“He must be really busy”. I thought
“Hey baby”. Betty called. You really scared the hell out of us.
I smiled at her
“ I am sorry girl”. I apologised
Philo joined us and hugged me
“I wonder who is behind this “. Betty continued, the person must rot in jail… I heard the man the cops caught is out from hospital..
“Yes”. I smiled thinking about the man.
“He saved me”. I said
“So”. Betty asked. He is a kidnapper and must pay for his crime…
I kept quiet, I kind of pity the man. He did it for his sister, I planned on talking to Troy about the man, I want him to get a light sentence……………….

Unknown POV

This girl must be so lucky, I can’t believe she is alive..
“What?”. Philip was caught
I hit my fist on the table and began scattering things…..
I need to be sure that the idiot won’t implicate me. I can’t go to jail a looser
I dialled a number
“What the hell happened?”. I asked as soon as he picked
“ I am sorry boss”, I have no idea that Philip had soft spot for her, I never knew he would go help her…
“So you mean you hired someone you can’t trust?”.I asked disgustedly
“ I thought he would do anything for money, his sister needed the money for surgery. I instructed him to take the money and wait for me at the country side so we can flee together “. He explained
I listened to his explanation but I was still worried
“ did he know anything about me”. I asked
“Not at all”. He replied. None of my boys knows you are behind all this except me..
“Good”. I exclaimed
I will send you money this evening, you need to lie low for the main time. I will call you when I need you …..
“ ok boss”. He said as I ended the call
I paced around the room thinking
“If I can’t have what is mine, then no one else can have it”… I said loudly…………

Troy POV

I stared at the man , I was so angry. I am grateful to him he saved Efua but I can’t help he has no clue who ordered them….
I went to the station immediately I heard he was being interrogated. I had to miss Efua welcome party . I was allowed into the interrogation room because of my fame……
I listened to the man as he told his sorry and I must say I kinda feel sorry for him but justice must prevail….
He gave us his boss name and the police were already looking into it
I walked towards him
“ I promise to help with your sister surgery”, I told him..
He looked at me , he was clearly surprised
“Why?”. He asked as I tears
“ you saved my girl and I am very grateful”. I replied. I can see you are a victim here also and I promise you when the case is all cleared , I will help you with a lighter sentence”. I completed patting his arm…
“ I am sorry I could not be of any help to you”. He said but I am sure if you can catch Alonzo, that is my boss nickname. He will give you a lead…
I nodded and turned to leave when he said
I turned to look at him
“ I don’t know who the boss it but I think she is a woman , I over heard her telling my boss that Efua took something which is hers
“What?”. I asked
“ that is all I know”. He replied
I left the police station thinking
“Who is this woman? What does she have with Efua “…………..

ThankGod Efua is save
Who the hell is the boss

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